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What to expect from new screen? What does it come with?

The laptop LCD screens that we sell include only bare brand new laptop screens, in exactly the same condition and state as they left the factory. We do not include screen top shells, plastic frames, bezels, video cables, hinges, web cams, etc. Those are separate parts, which collectively can be referred to as "display assembly" and are separate from the screen panel itself.

When you receive the screen that you ordered from us you would take the old screen out and install the new one. All the parts except the old screen should end up exactly where they were before. In most cases, the CCFL inverter is not included, but some screen models do have that inverter attached it should stay there during and after installation.

Laptop's built-in Web camera is a separate device and is not part of the LCD display but a part of screen assembly as mentioned above. Therefore, it is not included with the new screen purchase. The old webcam can be easily re-used with the new screen.

Screen surface usually has a protective film on it, as seen on pictures below, which can be easily removed after installation.
Screen in the box

Front side

Back side

Laptop screen pulled out of the plastic bag

Protective film on top of the new screen

Protective film must be removed after the installation

To learn how to replace a laptop screen, please, see our Installation Instructions
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