Why are our prices so low?

Here is an email from one of our customers, asking how are we able to maintain our rock-bottom prices (customer's name has been changed for privacy reasons):
I have a 13" Macbook that I bought in July 2007. The screen cracked earlier this week and I took it to an Apple Store where I was told it would be $800 to replace. I was doing some research and I found your website and I'm struck that you are offering Macbook LCD screens at such a low cost. Right now I'm just looking for information so I can make an intelligent decision - I don't want to pay Apple $800 to fix the screen.

How come you are able to offer such a reduced price? Is it possible that you will not have a screen model that is compatible with my Macbook? What are the risks of buying a screen from a place like yours as opposed to getting one directly from Apple?

This is a bit of a time sensitive matter because I need to get my computer back quickly in order to complete my school work. If you can get back to me as soon as possible I would appreciate it!


First, the LCD screens sold by our company are identical to the ones used by laptop manufacturer's during the laptop assembly. LCD laptop screen is not something that is easy to manufacture, and, as a result, there shouldn't be any types of fake, after-market screens available on the market.

Why do laptop manufacturers charge so much? Technical information about laptop screens compatibility is not publicly available. As a result, it is very complicated to derive which screen models are compatible with any given notebook model. Laptop manufacturers are the only ones who possess this information and they try to conceal this data as hard as they can. As a result, they can charge people as much as they want.

Besides, years ago laptop screens were indeed quite expensive due to high production costs.

Today, things have changed, production cost for LCD display has been significantly reduced. Compatibility information has been collected and put together by third-party companies. Ultimately, this resulted in the availability of laptop screens from sources other than laptop manufacturers.

Today, there are many third-party companies on the market that are selling laptop screens. All these companies offer more or less same prices. However, our prices are still among the lowest, but with much higher service quality, including Lifetime Warranty, Free Returns for selected countries!

Here is what we do as we strive to keep our prices the lowest on the market:
1. Everything, including ordering, processing, payment and customer support, is done over the internet. This results in fewer employees involved in the process, fewer human errors, and lower overhead cost.
2. We use cost effective packaging, which at the same times gives incredible 0.032% damage rate.
3. We are always searching for better suppliers. We always will. Currently we are buying directly from manufacturers.

On a side note, we specialize in laptops, tablets and smartphones only. We've been in this business for over 10 years, and that's the reason why we know which screen model is compatible with your laptop.

To conclude:
Yes, notebook manufacturers quote unreasonably high prices for replacement screens while our prices are among the lowest on the market, and we will always strive to keep it that way!

, last updated January 21, 2019