What is the condition and quality of LCD screens sold? What comes with the new screen?

Our company distributes brand new laptop LCD screens, just the way they come from the manufacturer. No plastic frames, bezels, video cables, hinges, web cams etc are typically included with the bare LCD modules. Those are separate parts and have nothing to do with the screen panel itself. One can swap and reuse the original parts with the new screen. Old outdated screens with CCFL backlights required inverters, those were not usually included, but some screen models had an inverter attached. If included, it was stated in the screen model description. CCFL technology is now obsolete and has been replaced by LED. LED screens do not require inverters. Laptop's built-in web camera is a separate device from the display, it is not usually a part of the LCD screen and is not typically included. You can reuse your old camera with your new screen.

Some of our listed items like full assemblies, partial assemblies and digitizers may include some additional parts, carefully read the description of the listed item. In some cases there maybe full assembly and a bare LCD options available for any specific laptop model. Assemblies are typically easier to install, but will also cost more.

Replacement screen which you will receive may contain surface protective film on it, which can be easily removed after installation. Some laptops have a clear cover on the LCD screen to make the screen look seamless with the laptop lid - it is not included with your new LCD screen unless the description specifies otherwise. For such laptops glass-cover can be sold as a separate part if available.

Please note:
At the moment we sell not only LCD screens but also some LCD related products like cables, connectors, digitizers, frames, mid-frames, buttons, cleaning supplies etc. Such products are of great quality approved by us, but are not OEM products.
We make no representation that these products were made by any specific OEM manufacturer and don't guarantee authenticity.

, last updated June 20, 2018