How to remove laptop screen brackets

Mounting brackets are not necessary to secure the screen within the plastic enclosure and are not used anymore in newly designed laptop models. Laptop manufacturers have made the screen bezels thinner and thinner and LCD screen manufacturers discontinued manufacturing new screens with brackets altogether. Some screens from older laptops still have brackets on top and at the bottom, which need to be removed. Mounting the screen to the side brackets and than attaching the front bezel will provide more than adequate support for the LCD screen.

Below is the illustration that illuminates how to remove the mounting brackets:
<i>Step 1</i>
Step 1
<i>Step 2</i>
Step 2
<i>Step 3</i>
Step 3
<i>Step 4</i>
Step 4
<i>Step 5</i>
Step 5
<i>Step 6</i>
Step 6

, last updated June 14, 2018