IPS screens vs. TN screens

The LCD technology continues to move forward and more and more laptops are now equipped with IPS screens.

IPS screens typically have wider viewing angles and suffer less color washout as the traditional TN panels.

If your laptop came with an IPS screen it is recommended to replace it with another IPS screen.

Certain models of laptops shipped with both IPS and non-IPS screens, it is recommended to search the LCD model number of your broken screen on our site and order a replacement which matches that specific LCD model number.

Below is a table of comparison of viewing angles and color gamut between a typical TN display, IPS display and AHVA display (*AHVA is an AUO branded term for IPS)

Please note: The purple hue visible for the AHVA screen is because the graphics driver is not calibrated to display the correct color range for the screen's ability. High Gamut screens display an increased range of colors at an incredible accuracy which is a must for graphics design artists and print shops; high gamut screens must be calibrated after installation and re-calibrated regularly to maintain the perfect color accuracy.

last updated June 14, 2018