Screen connector

There are several different types of video connectors used in laptops screens. For the most part the connectors are not interchangeable. Here are the most common types of video connectors that are in use today:

30-pin eDP - the main modern connector.
It is used on screens with resolutions up to 1920 x 1080. If your laptop was manufactured after 2014 and features screen resolution up to 1080p it is likely using this type of connector.

40-pin Narrow Connector
40-pin touch interface and eDP video connector used on some Lenovo laptops starting from 2020.

Narrow 40pin - pitch 0.4mm (found in Lenovo OnCell touch)
Regular 40pin - pitch 0.5mm

40-pin same physical connector standard but 3 different and incompatible signals

40-pin eDP Touch - used on newer laptops after 2015, the additional pins over the 30-pin eDP connector are needed for a built-in (on-cell) touchscreen functionality.

40-pin eDP QHD+ - used on newer laptops after 2015, the additional pins over the 30-pin eDP connector are needed for higher resolution options such as QHD (2560 x 1440) and even higher (4 channel eDP).

"40-pin eDP Touch" LCDs are not interchangeable with "40-pin eDP QHD+" screens. Even though the connectors are the same, plugging a "40-pin eDP Touch" LCD in-place of a "40-pin eDP QHD+" screen will not provide the touch functionality, and vice-versa, plugging a QHD screen in place of a 40-pin touchscreen will not provide higher resolution.

40-pin LVDS (old)

Used on most LED back-lit laptops prior to 2014. It was the most common standard at the time and allowed resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p.
Screens fitted with 40-pin LVDS connector are not interchangeable with screens fitted with 40-pin eDP because of the two different signalling technologies, even-though the connectors follow identical physical standards.


120Hz+ LVDS (gaming) screens used a 50-pin connector
CCFL screens (obsolete) used 20-pin LVDS and 30-pin LVDS connectors.
MacBooks use their own proprietary LVDS and eDP connector types.

last updated January 19, 2021