Le istruzioni sul rimpiazzamento dello schermo per Apple MacBookPro 15

This is a general LCD replacement tutorial made by LaptopScreen.com. Not your specific model? Click here to search our video library for a model specific guide.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to replace LCD screen on Apple MacBookPro 15. Please watch the video above or follow these steps below:

1 Before you start make sure to unplug the power from your laptop.

2 Then remove the battery.

In order to access the LCD panel the main body of the laptop needs to be separated from it first.

3 Start by removing 2 short screws on the back side.

4 Next remove 4 long bottom screws.

5 Move on to the 4 bottom screws on the left and the right sides.

6 Remove 2 screws in the battery compartment wall.

7 Next remove 3 memory compartment screws. Take out the compartment cover and set it aside.

8 There are 2 torx screws located under the compartment cover. Remove the 2 torx screws with a torx screwdriver.

9 Now we can remove the palm rest. Flip the laptop over, open it and carefully separate the palm rest starting at the rear and moving towards the front. Gently lift up the side that is closer to you to get a clear view of the connection to the logic board.

10 Disconnect the ribbon cable from the logic board and set the palm rest aside.

11 Gently disconnect the video cable on the right side, and remember, it's very fragile.

12 Move on to the left side and disconnect wi-fi antenna cables, inverter power cable and iSight camera cables.

13 Once you're done remove all the hinge screws. These are torx screws.

14 Separate the screen from the main body and set the main body aside.

15 Remove 2 bezel screws at the bottom of the screen panel.

16 Next, separate the top cover from the screen panel. Use a spudger or a flat screwdriver to pry open the display assembly.

17 Carefully remove the LCD from the aluminum back cover. Set the back cover aside.

18 Place the display face down and separate a green tape.

19 Pull out the backlight power form the inverter.

20 Turn the LCD around and disconnect the iSight cable. Lift a tiny latch first and then pull the cable out.

21 Lift the adhesive tape securing the video connector and pull the video cable out. Kepp the adhesive tape handy, you will need to reuse it later.

22 Remove 4 small frame screws securing the LCD on the right and left sides. Flip the screen over.

23 The bezel is glued to the screen on the top and the bottom edges. Use an exacto knife and a paper towel to separate the bezel from the screen. Very carefully cut through the glue sliding the knife with the paper towel. Then repeat the same operation on the bottom side of the bezel. Please be very very careful not to cut yourself, exacto knife is very sharp.
Separate the bezel from the LCD and set the old screen aside.

24 Take out the new screen. Bend out the protective film tabs on the back of the screen and remove the protective film.

25 Place the new LCD into the bezel minding any cables.

26 Secure 4 screws on the right and the left sides.

27 Reconnect the iSight cable. Make sure the latch is up when connecting the cable.

28 Reconnect the video cable and secure it with the adhesive tape.

29 Reconnect the backlight power.

30 Place the LCD into the back cover.

31 Snap the LCD firmly into the back cover around the perimeter.

32 Replace 2 bezel screws at the bottom.

33 Align the back cover with the main body and refasten the hinge screws while supporting the display assembly.

34 Reconnect the iSight cable, the inverter power cables and the wi-fi antenna cables.

35 Reattach the video connector.

36 Line up the palm rest with the main body and reattach the ribbon cable.

37 Put the palm rest panel down and snap it in to the main body starting from the outer edge.

38 Flip the laptop over and replace the 4 short screws on both sides of the laptop.

39 Next replace the 2 short screws on the back side.

40 Replace 2 torx screws in the memory compartment.

41 Reinstall the 2 final short screws on the inside wall of the battery compartment.

42 Replace the memory compartment cover and secure it with 3 screws.

43 Finally, replace the 4 long screws on the bottom side of the laptop.

44 Place the battery back in.

45 Now place the laptop into the usual position and turn it on. If the Apple logo appears the screen is installed correctly and you're done!