This is a guide on replacing the LCD on an Asus X551M

The tools required for this repair are a flat screwdriver and a phillips screwdriver.

To begin make sure the laptop is turned off.

Proceed on removing two square plastic covers at the bottom corners using a flat screwdriver.

Remove the two phillips screws under the covers, one on each side.

Begin separating the bezel starting from the inner side of the top edge.

Move on to the left, then the right inner edges unsnapping the bezel from the back cover.

Take extra care at the bottom edge near the hinge covers. Set the bezel aside.

The LCD is mounted with four phillips screws, two on each side.

Once the screws have been removed, gently place the LCD down on the keyboard.

Peel the clear tape securing the video cable to the video connector on the LCD and using both hands gently slide the cable out. Set the old LCD aside.

At this point the new LCD can be installed. Place the screen on the keyboard, align the video connector with the video cable and using both hands gently slide the connector into the jack.

Make sure the video cable is not twisted or slanted, it must be straight when plugging it in.

Bend out the protective film tabs, lift the LCD up and set it in the back cover, remove the protective film.

Replace the four phillips screws - two on each side.

At this point the new screen can be tested, turn the laptop ON and if the start up graphics appear - the screen is installed properly.

Hold the power button to cancel the boot up.

Replace the bezel, starting from the hinge covers, which need to be snapped together with the back cover.

Proceed around the perimeter of the bezel snapping it to the back cover.

Replace the two phillips screws, one in each bottom corner of the bezel.

Replace the two plastic covers over the screws. Turn the laptop On and you’re done!