This is a guide on replacing an LCD on the Acer Aspire E 15.

To begin shut down the computer by holding the power button and disconnect the AC power.

Proceed on removing the bezel, in certain cases it is held down with 2 or 4 screws in each corner that can be hidden behind either plastic or rubber covers; in this case there are no bezel screws.

Loosen 3 screws on each side where the LCD mounting bracket is attached to the hinge to expose the LCD mounting screws. One or two turns of each screw on the bottom of the LCD mounting bracket should provide sufficient access to the tiny LCD side screws

Remove two top LCD mounting bracket screws, one on each side at the top of the bracket.

Remove the LCD side mounting screws 3 on each side.

Place the LCD panel on the keyboard.
Peel the clear tape securing the video cable. Gently disconnect the video cable. Discard the old panel.

Place the new LCD panel face down on the keyboard. Reconnect the video cable and secure it with clear tape.

CAUTION! It is very important not to force any connectors. All connectors are very fragile. You must not slant or twist the video connector when plugging it in.

Lift the screen up aligning it with the back cover and remove the protective film.

Replace the left and the right side mounting screws.

At this point we can test the new screen. Reconnect the power cable, turn the laptop on, and if the start graphics appear - the screen is installed correctly. Hold the power button to cancel the boot up.

Tighten the LCD mounting screws at the bottom near each hinge.

Replace two top bracket screws. One on each bracket.

Replace the bezel. Start at the bottom hinge covers and go around the perimeter snapping its tabs in place.

Turn on the laptop.

And you are done!