This is a guide on replacing an LCD screen on the Lenovo Y50 laptop.

To begin, make sure the laptop is off and disconnect the AC power.

Begin separating the bezel, starting from the top inner edge, and continue pulling the plastic bezel away from the screen by its inner edge, set the bezel aside.

Using the one phillips screw driver, remove four LCD mounting screws, one in each of the corners. All of the LCD mounting screws are identical to each other.

Pull the old LCD down onto the keyboard.

Peel the video connector’s protective film, and using both hands gently slide out the video connector away from the LCD, set the old panel aside.

At this point the new LCD can be installed, place the new screen face down on the keyboard and align the video connector with the cable.

Gently, using both hands slide in the video connector, making sure it is not slanted or twisted; secure the clear tape.

Lift the LCD up and align it with the pins in the back cover, remove the protective film.

Replace the four LCD mounting screws, one in each of the corners.

Replace the plastic bezel, starting from the bottom edge.

Turn the laptop on, and you’re done!