This is a general LCD replacement tutorial made by Not your specific model? Click here to search our video library for a model specific guide.

1 Before you start make sure to disconnect the power adapter from your laptop.

2 The battery can't be easily removed on this model. Leave it inside and be careful not to turn the machine on during the installation.

3 Start by removing 4 rubber screw covers in each corner of the bezel.

4 Proceed with removing 4 bezel screws located under the screw covers.

5 Note that this model comes with a transparent plastic layer covering the LCD which is part of the bezel.

6 Remove the bezel along with the plastic cover by unsnapping it at the top and the sides.

7 Once you reach the bottom, open the back cover wide. With a help of a flat pick or a screw driver release the hinge covers and set the plastic cover aside.

8 Now we can remove the 4 frame screws holding the LCD.

9 After all 4 screws are removed make sure to separate out the overlapping frame rails.

10 Gently put the screen down on the keyboard.

11 Separate the video cable from its channel to allow more flexibility for the cable.

12 Before disconnecting the video cable, remove yellow adhesive tape securing the video connector and place it on the back cover so that you won't lose it.

13 Peel up another tape covering video connector and disconnect the cable by pulling on the tape. Be very gentle with the connector, since it's very fragile. Discard the old screen.

14 Take the new screen out of the package and place it on the keyboard face down.

15 Reconnect the video cable. Make sure it's fully plugged in but remember that it's very fragile. Secure the connector with its tape and reapply the yellow adhesive tape on top.

16 Bring the LCD up back to it's original position. Make sure the frame rails are overlying on top of the LCD and remove the protective film.

17 Secure the screen with 4 frame screws.

18 It is the best time to test the newly installed LCD. Connect the power adapter and press the start button. Once the boot up graphics appear - the screen is installed correctly.
Turn off the laptop and disconnect the power.

19 Before putting the plastic cover back clean it from dust and fingerprints on both sides.

20 Insert the hinge covers first then snap the bezel back in going around the perimeter.
The plastic tabs make a distinct click when snapped in properly.

21 Reinstall the 4 bezel screws.

22 Replace the screw covers. And you are done!