cables_and_adapters_1Besides the LCD screens, we also stock a variety of extension cables, adapters and pin converters for LCDs (available here).

It is very unlikely the need for these cables will arise; however, we do cater to our customers’ needs, and we like to be there when you need us.

Sometimes, if your screen has a bottom-left connector, and the screen you have bought has a right-side connector, you will need an extension cable to cover for the difference in length. Typically, some HP computers with 8.9″, 10.1″, 14.0″, 15.6″ and 17.3″ screens may require this cable. We carry two kinds of ribbon extension cables:

This cable will fit in the laptop with the screen size ranging from 8.9″ up to 15.6″ (item 153941).

A very similar cable (item 455868) is available right below. This cable is to be used in the 17.3″ screens only.

The two items below are CCFL backlight cable extensions. Some Toshiba laptops, depending on the year and the market, may have been assembled with the screens with different backlight cable length from the factory. There is no exact rule as to which laptops have which screens, as specifications-wise they are the same; so it always is a good idea to remove the screen to get the model number prior to ordering a replacement.

These cables are available in 3-inch (item 706765) and 5-inch (item 200616).


The last two items are pin adapters for the LCD’s.

For example, take a look at the the 30 to 20 pin adapter (such as item 609711). LG made an LCD model number LP133WX1. The last part of the model number, (TL)(xx) denotes the number of pins. Sometimes, if you do not order by the full model of the LCD, you may get a screen with the pin alignment different from what is needed. This 30 to 20 pin adapter (or vice-versa) will help you get the screen plugged in properly (most commonly used to convert 30-pin Dell LCDs to 20-pin Apple LCDs). See the difference between LP133WX1(TL)(A1) and LP133WX1(TL)(B1).

The item 567177 is used to convert from Sony-style 20-pin (like on LQ133K1LA4A to Apple-style 20-pin LP133WX1(TL)(A1).

If you are unsure which LCD to order, or if you have ordered an LCD (from either us, or a competitor), feel free to contact us to get help on choosing the correct adapter or an extension cable. Call us toll-free at +1-855-630-1111 (US and Canada), contact us via Live Chat or via support tickets.


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  1. Paul Menard

    LCD screen ribbon extension cable for 17.3 screen. The screen connector is on the left and the connector for the computer is on the right(40 pin).
    Need it A..S.A.P.

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