New screen works but image is distorted or discoloured

Occasionally after the installation the display works, but with pink hue or image is distorted.
This symptom indicates video socket pin was damaged or bent during installation, as shown in the picture below.

One of the socket's pins was bent and lost connection due to the inaccurate installation of the video(data) cable. Data port (video socket) pins are very fragile and can be easily bent if you bluntly force the cable connector into the socket. You need to take a very close look inside the socket and find the bent pin. See the picture below:

Use a magnifying glass to find the bent pin.
The pin can be easily fixed using tweezers or you can put a small flat object between the pin and the socket metal frame and make the pin standing straight in the row to fit the data connector at time of insertion.

, last updated July 06, 2018