Paying via PayPal

Steps for submitting payment through PayPal:

A. Find the screen you need and click ADD TO CART button.
B. Select PayPal as a payment method and click PLACE ORDER button.
C. On the next page click PAYPAL LOGO to be redirected to PayPal website and complete the payment.

IMPORTANT! You will need to send payment in the same currency as you have selected during checkout. Currently, we accept USD, CAD, EUR, and GBP.

If, for some reason, the connection between your computer and PayPal server has been lost:
1. Check the status of your payment in your PayPal account page. Instructions
2. If payment was not submitted, you will need to complete payment. Instructions

IMPORTANT! We accept eChecks, but, be aware, it is a time-consuming method of payment, and it will take up to 7 business days for the parcel to be shipped out since it takes time for the eCheck to get cleared. Paypal does not allow us to ship the parcel out earlier.

last updated February 05, 2021