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Quick fix tips for simple screen issues

The screen displayed is the most common type of CCFL LCD laptop screen. the unit has an inverter attached.


A: Video signal connector receives "the image" from a laptop's video card via a ribbon video cable.

B: Backlight connector connected to the inverter (not all laptop screens come with an inverter attached) or
hanging disconnected if the screen comes with no inverter attached.

C: Inverter power input connector.
There two common variations of faulty screens:

1. Screens with faulty backlight.
2. Screens with faulty image display.

Issues with the image being displayed on the LCD of a laptop can be a result of various causes, ranging from having faulty video card, loose cables, bad motherboard, to having a faulty screen. In this case, one can usually see the screen lit up, but it does so with a distorted image. NOTE! Pull out the battery and unplug AC adapter from the laptop prior to a new screen installation! This is needed to reset a video card to recognize your new screen. A video issue may also occur if a battery or a power adapter were connected during an installation.

Backlight issue may be caused by either a bad or loose cable, defective inverter, non-functioning backlight CCFL bulb or lack of power supply from the motherboard to an inverter.

One can do this simple backlight check:

First, plug connector B into the inverter. Connector C must be connected to the ribbon cable going from the video card. Connector A must be disconnected. Power up the laptop. If the backlight is OK, you will see white screen with no picture (see pictures below).

If there is no white screen, there may be one of the following issues:
- inverter is not powered up by the motherboard
- bad ribbon cable
- faulty inverter
- dead screen backlight bulb

The following pictures display different image issues caused by faulty motherboard (video card), cables, bad connections, bad screen etc.

If one of these pictures depicts an image that is very similar to the one you are observing on your laptop screen, do not jump to conclusions because only a professional diagnostic is able to determine the cause with accuracy.
Bad screen or bad cables or faulty motherboard.

Bad motherboard.

Bad screen.

Bad screen.

Bad screen (usually physically damaged).

Bad screen.

Bad screen or bad cables or faulty motherboard.

Faulty video card.

Faulty screen.

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