Accidental Damage Protection

Additional accidental damage protection plan may be offered during the check-out on-top of the lifetime manufacturer's defects warranty, subject to item-specific availability.

This optional plan provides customer with an on-demand single-time replacement free of charge during the plan's active period in-case of physical damage to the protected item, return of the original item is required. Damage protection plan is separate from the life-time warranty and will remain active for the duration of the initially agreed term in cases when the protected item has been exchanged under the lifetime warranty claim.

We reserve the right to refund the plan's initial cost at our discretion in-connection with a claim under the plan in case a replacement screen is no longer available from our suppliers and we are unable to supply a replacement from the open market. All shipping costs in connection with accidental damage claims are included with-in continental USA & Canada.

last updated September 28, 2023