What can be done if the new screen is not working?

The new screen received and was installed following our Installation Instructions but it is not operational? If that's the case, first try our Troubleshooting steps.

*ATTENTION* Disconnect the battery and AC adapter from the laptop prior to commencing installation of the new screen. By doing so, you will reset the video card so that it can recognize the new screen.

If you still have no success getting the display to work, it needs to be sent back to our warehouse to be inspected and tested. We will test the screen and either send you a replacement or offer you a refund.

Please Log In into your account, find your order at Orders section and follow instructions to return the LCD.

Please keep in mind that our merchandise includes solely brand new screens and, as a result, they are all in perfect cosmetic and operational condition. If the display is not operational, the problem in 99% of the instances is in the laptop-to-screen connections or somewhere else in the laptop.

last updated June 14, 2018