Tracking your package

Please note that the tracking number that corresponds to your order will be sent out to you automatically within a day from when the parcel leaves our warehouse, usually by the end of the same business day.

In addition the tracking number and the order status can be accessed at any time in customer's account:

1. Log in into your account from any page of our website.
2. Navigate to Orders section.
3. Click on tracking number link and you'll be redirected to the tracking info page. Alternatively, you can enter your tracking number in Google, MSN or Yahoo! search, and they should automatically recognize your tracking number and provide you with the appropriate details.

Please note! The page with tracking info is updated manually and, as a result, updates for your shipment are not real-time.

In certain cases it has been noticed that tracking information for "3 Day Service" displays unreasonably long estimates; we recommend checking for exceptions in the tracking information, and if none showing, the parcel will most likely be delivered on-time, and the tracking information will update accordingly in the second or third day of shipment.

, last updated June 14, 2018