Webcam not turning on after assembly install

On rare occasions a webcam may not turn on after a whole display assembly has been replaced.

Full display assembly (aka hinge up) is the entire top part of the computer. It contains the LCD and other various devices depending on computer configuration and may include a Webcam, Wi-Fi antennae, and microphone.

Webcam can often be a complex self-contained device and may require initialization to function properly.

On PC computers it may require resetting BIOS defaults by entering set up at power-on by pressing the set up key (commonly F2, F10, Del), and "Loading Optimized defaults".

On Mac the SMC may need to be reset by holding a combination of keys while the computer is off:
Control + Option (Alt) + Shift (Right or Left) + Power Button

More on resetting SMC from Apple:
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More on troubleshooting Web Cam from Apple:
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last updated May 18, 2021