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IDEAPAD 100 (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 100 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 100 80MH SERIES IDEAPAD 100 80MH000XUS IDEAPAD 100 80MH000YUS IDEAPAD 100 80MH0011CF IDEAPAD 100 80MH0012US IDEAPAD 100 80MH005HUS IDEAPAD 100 80MH005JCF IDEAPAD 100 80MH005KUS IDEAPAD 100 80MH005LUS IDEAPAD 100 80MH005MCF IDEAPAD 100 80MH005NCF IDEAPAD 100 80MJ SERIES IDEAPAD 100 80MJ0015CF IDEAPAD 100 80MJ0016CF IDEAPAD 100 80MJ0017US IDEAPAD 100 80MJ0018US IDEAPAD 100 80MJ0019US IDEAPAD 100 80MJ001AUS IDEAPAD 100 80QQ SERIES IDEAPAD 100 80QQ001XIH IDEAPAD 100 80QQ003BGE IDEAPAD 100 80QQ0060US IDEAPAD 100 80QQ009LGE IDEAPAD 100 80QQ00BMPB IDEAPAD 100 80QQ00BQPB IDEAPAD 100 80QQ00JGUS IDEAPAD 100-14IBY IDEAPAD 100-15IBD IDEAPAD 100-15IBY IDEAPAD 100S (11 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 100S (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 100S 80QN SERIES IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0000US IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0001US IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0002US IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0006CF IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0007CF IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0008CF IDEAPAD 100S 80QN0009US IDEAPAD 100S 80R2 SERIES IDEAPAD 100S 80R2001FUS IDEAPAD 100S 80R2001WMJ IDEAPAD 100S 80R2003UUS IDEAPAD 100S 80R2003WUS IDEAPAD 100S 80R2003XUS IDEAPAD 100S 80R20040US IDEAPAD 100S 80R9 SERIES IDEAPAD 100S 80R9005KUS IDEAPAD 100S 80R90073US IDEAPAD 100S 80R90074US IDEAPAD 100S 80R900BYCF IDEAPAD 100S 80R900C0CF IDEAPAD 100S 80R900EQCF IDEAPAD 100S 80R900FYUS IDEAPAD 100S CHROMEBOOK SERIES IDEAPAD 100S-11IBR IDEAPAD 100S-11IBY IDEAPAD 100S-14IBR IDEAPAD 110 (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 110 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 110 (17 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80T6 SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80T6000WUS IDEAPAD 110 80T6000XUS IDEAPAD 110 80T60020CF IDEAPAD 110 80T60021CF IDEAPAD 110 80T600ANUS IDEAPAD 110 80T600APUS IDEAPAD 110 80T7 SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80T7000HUS IDEAPAD 110 80T70011US IDEAPAD 110 80T70012US IDEAPAD 110 80T7002NCF IDEAPAD 110 80T7002PCF IDEAPAD 110 80T700ABUS IDEAPAD 110 80T700ACUS IDEAPAD 110 80T700LDUS IDEAPAD 110 80TJ SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80TJ001PUK IDEAPAD 110 80TJ0023IX IDEAPAD 110 80TJ0028IX IDEAPAD 110 80TJ002CUS IDEAPAD 110 80TJ002EUS IDEAPAD 110 80TJ004QMH IDEAPAD 110 80TJ006ERK IDEAPAD 110 80TJ00BDIH IDEAPAD 110 80TR SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80TR0004US IDEAPAD 110 80TR0005US IDEAPAD 110 80UD SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80UD001TUS IDEAPAD 110 80UD00V1US IDEAPAD 110 80UD019YCF IDEAPAD 110 80UM SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80UM000CUS IDEAPAD 110 80UM000DUS IDEAPAD 110 80V7 SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80V70000US IDEAPAD 110 80V70009US IDEAPAD 110 80V7000EUS IDEAPAD 110 80VK SERIES IDEAPAD 110 80VK000CUS IDEAPAD 110 80VK000DUS IDEAPAD 110 80VK000EUS IDEAPAD 110-14IBR IDEAPAD 110-15ACL IDEAPAD 110-15AST IDEAPAD 110-15IBR IDEAPAD 110-15ISK IDEAPAD 110-17ACL IDEAPAD 110-17IKB IDEAPAD 110S (11 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 110S 80WG SERIES IDEAPAD 110S 80WG0001US IDEAPAD 110S 80WG000VMH IDEAPAD 110S 80WG005MFR IDEAPAD 110S 80WG005XGE IDEAPAD 110S 80WG008ECK IDEAPAD 110S 80WG008FCK IDEAPAD 110S 80WG00E6US IDEAPAD 110S 80WG00E7US IDEAPAD 110S 80WG00E9CF IDEAPAD 110S 80WG00EACF IDEAPAD 110S-11IBR IDEAPAD 120S (11inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 120S (14inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 120S 81A4 SERIES IDEAPAD 120S 81A40025US IDEAPAD 120S 81A4005PUK IDEAPAD 120S 81A400BFUS IDEAPAD 120S 81A400BGUS IDEAPAD 120S 81A400BVCF IDEAPAD 120S 81A400C6UK IDEAPAD 120S 81A5 SERIES IDEAPAD 120S 81A5002VUK IDEAPAD 120S 81A5002WUK IDEAPAD 120S 81A5003NCK IDEAPAD 120S 81A5006SUS IDEAPAD 120S 81A50070CF IDEAPAD 120S-11IAP IDEAPAD 120S-14IAP IDEAPAD 2565 SERIES IDEAPAD 300 (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 300 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 300 (17inch) IDEAPAD 300 80M3 SERIES IDEAPAD 300 80M30009RK IDEAPAD 300 80M30013RK IDEAPAD 300 80M30014JP IDEAPAD 300 80M3001DGE IDEAPAD 300 80M3001TUK IDEAPAD 300 80M3002DFR IDEAPAD 300 80M3003UCK IDEAPAD 300 80M3005CGE IDEAPAD 300 80M3005SUA IDEAPAD 300 80M300B1CK IDEAPAD 300 80M300B2CK IDEAPAD 300 80M300HYNX IDEAPAD 300 80Q6 SERIES IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002AUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002BUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002CUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002DUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002EUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002FUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002HCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002JCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002LCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q6002MCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q7 SERIES IDEAPAD 300 80Q70020US IDEAPAD 300 80Q70021US IDEAPAD 300 80Q7004YUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q70050US IDEAPAD 300 80Q70055US IDEAPAD 300 80Q70058CF IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005DUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005FUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005HUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005JUS IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005KCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005PCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005SCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q7005UCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q700ADCF IDEAPAD 300 80Q7011HUS IDEAPAD 300 80QH SERIES IDEAPAD 300 80QH0079US IDEAPAD 300 80QH0088US IDEAPAD 300 80QH0089US IDEAPAD 300 80QH008AUS IDEAPAD 300 80QH008CUS IDEAPAD 300 80QH008DCF IDEAPAD 300 80QH008FCF IDEAPAD 300 80QH008MUS IDEAPAD 300-14ISK SERIES IDEAPAD 300-15IBR IDEAPAD 300-15ISK IDEAPAD 300-17ISK IDEAPAD 300S (11 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 300S (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 300S 80KU SERIES IDEAPAD 300S 80KU0034 IDEAPAD 300S 80KU0034GE IDEAPAD 300S 80KU005Q IDEAPAD 300S 80KU005QPB IDEAPAD 300S 80KU0086 IDEAPAD 300S 80KU0086PB IDEAPAD 300S 80KU00BT IDEAPAD 300S 80KU00BTCK IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4 SERIES IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000DUS IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000EUS IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000FUS IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000KUS IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000MUS IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000RCF IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000VCF IDEAPAD 300S 80Q4000XCF IDEAPAD 300S-11IBR IDEAPAD 300S-14ISK IDEAPAD 305 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 305 80NL SERIES IDEAPAD 305 80NL000AGE IDEAPAD 305-15ABM IDEAPAD 310 (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 310 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80SM SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80SM003SUS IDEAPAD 310 80SM0047US IDEAPAD 310 80SM0048US IDEAPAD 310 80SM0058US IDEAPAD 310 80SM007MCF IDEAPAD 310 80SM007NCF IDEAPAD 310 80SM007PCF IDEAPAD 310 80SN SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80SN0000US IDEAPAD 310 80SN0002US IDEAPAD 310 80SN0003US IDEAPAD 310 80SN0005US IDEAPAD 310 80SN0006US IDEAPAD 310 80ST SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80ST0005US IDEAPAD 310 80ST000JUK IDEAPAD 310 80ST0025US IDEAPAD 310 80SX SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80SX002KUS IDEAPAD 310 80TU SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80TU0036 IDEAPAD 310 80TU0036MJ IDEAPAD 310 80TV SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80TV00BGUS IDEAPAD 310 80TV00BHUS IDEAPAD 310 80TV00BJUS IDEAPAD 310 80TV00BKUS IDEAPAD 310 80TV00Q3US IDEAPAD 310 80TV01T8US IDEAPAD 310 80TW SERIES IDEAPAD 310 80TW0003US IDEAPAD 310 80TW0007US IDEAPAD 310 TOUCH (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 310 TOUCH-15IKB IDEAPAD 310 TOUCH-15ISK IDEAPAD 310-14AST IDEAPAD 310-14IKB IDEAPAD 310-14ISK IDEAPAD 310-15ABR IDEAPAD 310-15IKB IDEAPAD 310-15ISK IDEAPAD 310S (11 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 310S 80U4 SERIES IDEAPAD 310S 80U40005 IDEAPAD 310S 80U40005JP IDEAPAD 310S-11IAP IDEAPAD 320 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 320 (17 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80SX SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XH SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XH00KEUK IDEAPAD 320 80XL SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XL035SUS IDEAPAD 320 80XL035UUS IDEAPAD 320 80XL035WUS IDEAPAD 320 80XL039HCF IDEAPAD 320 80XL039JCF IDEAPAD 320 80XL039KCF IDEAPAD 320 80XL03RKUS IDEAPAD 320 80XM SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XM007NUK IDEAPAD 320 80XM0080UK IDEAPAD 320 80XM00CAUS IDEAPAD 320 80XM00CECF IDEAPAD 320 80XM00E6US IDEAPAD 320 80XM00F0US IDEAPAD 320 80XM00F2CF IDEAPAD 320 80XM00JJUS IDEAPAD 320 80XM00JLUS IDEAPAD 320 80XN SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XN0002US IDEAPAD 320 80XN0003US IDEAPAD 320 80XN0004US IDEAPAD 320 80XR SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XR00A7US IDEAPAD 320 80XR00ALUS IDEAPAD 320 80XR00AMUS IDEAPAD 320 80XR00ANUS IDEAPAD 320 80XR017DUS IDEAPAD 320 80XR017EUS IDEAPAD 320 80XR017FUS IDEAPAD 320 80XS SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XS0024US IDEAPAD 320 80XS007DUS IDEAPAD 320 80XS007VCF IDEAPAD 320 80XS0095US IDEAPAD 320 80XS009ACF IDEAPAD 320 80XV SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XV009BUS IDEAPAD 320 80XV009CUS IDEAPAD 320 80XV00A7US IDEAPAD 320 80XV00A8US IDEAPAD 320 80XV00A9US IDEAPAD 320 80XV00KXUS IDEAPAD 320 80XV00M3CF IDEAPAD 320 80XV00P9US IDEAPAD 320 80XV00PLCF IDEAPAD 320 80XW SERIES IDEAPAD 320 80XW0064UK IDEAPAD 320 80XW0065UK IDEAPAD 320 81BJ SERIES IDEAPAD 320 81BJ003BUK IDEAPAD 320-15ABR IDEAPAD 320-15AST IDEAPAD 320-15IAP IDEAPAD 320-15IKB IDEAPAD 320-15ISK IDEAPAD 320-17AST IDEAPAD 320-17IKB IDEAPAD 320S (13 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 320S (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 320S (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 320S 80X4 SERIES IDEAPAD 320S 80X4000WUS IDEAPAD 320S 80X40016UK IDEAPAD 320S 80X4001TUK IDEAPAD 320S 80X4001UUK IDEAPAD 320S 80X4002SUK IDEAPAD 320S 80X400DKUK IDEAPAD 320S 80X400EHUS IDEAPAD 320S 80X400EJUS IDEAPAD 320S 80X400EYUK IDEAPAD 320S 80X400F6CF IDEAPAD 320S 80X5 SERIES IDEAPAD 320S 80X5005DUS IDEAPAD 320S 80X5005EUS IDEAPAD 320S 80X5005KCF IDEAPAD 320S 81AK SERIES IDEAPAD 320S 81AK002UUK IDEAPAD 320S 81BN SERIES IDEAPAD 320S 81BN000GUK IDEAPAD 320S 81BN005EUK IDEAPAD 320S 81BQ SERIES IDEAPAD 320S 81BQ0016UK IDEAPAD 320S-13IKB IDEAPAD 320S-14IKB IDEAPAD 320S-15IKB IDEAPAD 500 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 500 80K4 SERIES IDEAPAD 500 80K40012US IDEAPAD 500 80K40013US IDEAPAD 500 80K40015US IDEAPAD 500 80K40016US IDEAPAD 500 80K40017CF IDEAPAD 500 80K40018CF IDEAPAD 500 80K40019CF IDEAPAD 500 80K4001ACF IDEAPAD 500 80NT SERIES IDEAPAD 500 80NT007HUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007JUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007KCF IDEAPAD 500 80NT007LUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007NUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007PUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007QUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007RUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007SUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT007TUS IDEAPAD 500 80NT0082CF IDEAPAD 500 80NT0083CF IDEAPAD 500 80NT0084CF IDEAPAD 500 80NT0085CF IDEAPAD 500-15ACZ IDEAPAD 500-15ISK IDEAPAD 500S (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3 SERIES IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009TUS IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009UUS IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009VUS IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009WUS IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009XCF IDEAPAD 500S 80Q3009YCF IDEAPAD 500S 80Q300A0CF IDEAPAD 500S 80Q300A1CF IDEAPAD 500S-14ISK IDEAPAD 510 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 510 80SR SERIES IDEAPAD 510 80SR001FUS IDEAPAD 510 80SR001GUS IDEAPAD 510 80SR002SUS IDEAPAD 510 80SR002TUS IDEAPAD 510 80SR004QUS IDEAPAD 510 80SR0054CF IDEAPAD 510 80SR0055CF IDEAPAD 510 80SR0056CF IDEAPAD 510 80SV SERIES IDEAPAD 510 80SV0056US IDEAPAD 510 80SV0057US IDEAPAD 510 80SV0059US IDEAPAD 510 80SV005BUS IDEAPAD 510 80SV00XJUS IDEAPAD 510-15IKB IDEAPAD 510-15ISK IDEAPAD 510S (13 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 510S (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 510S 80TK SERIES IDEAPAD 510S 80TK001DUS IDEAPAD 510S 80TK002GUS IDEAPAD 510S 80TK002JUS IDEAPAD 510S 80TK002PUS IDEAPAD 510S 80TK002QUS IDEAPAD 510S 80TK002RUS IDEAPAD 510S 80TK004XCF IDEAPAD 510S 80TK004YCF IDEAPAD 510S 80TK0050CF IDEAPAD 510S 80TK0051CF IDEAPAD 510S 80UV SERIES IDEAPAD 510S 80UV001AUS IDEAPAD 510S 80UV001BUS IDEAPAD 510S 80UV001CUS IDEAPAD 510S 80V0 SERIES IDEAPAD 510S 80V00010 IDEAPAD 510S 80V00010GE IDEAPAD 510S 80V00026 IDEAPAD 510S 80V00026GE IDEAPAD 510S 80V00035 IDEAPAD 510S 80V00035MJ IDEAPAD 510S-13IKB IDEAPAD 510S-14IKB IDEAPAD 510S-14ISK IDEAPAD 520 80YL SERIES IDEAPAD 520 80YL00P7US IDEAPAD 520 80YL00P8US IDEAPAD 520 80YL00QBCF IDEAPAD 520 80YL00QCCF IDEAPAD 520 80YL00SWCF IDEAPAD 520 80YL00U9US IDEAPAD 520-15IKB IDEAPAD 520S 80X2 SERIES IDEAPAD 520S 80X20070MX IDEAPAD 520S 80X200C1GE IDEAPAD 520S 81BL SERIES IDEAPAD 520S 81BL009EUS IDEAPAD 520S 81BL009FUS IDEAPAD 520S 81BL009GUS IDEAPAD 520S 81BL009HCF IDEAPAD 520S SERIES IDEAPAD 520S-14IKB IDEAPAD 700 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 700 (17 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 700 80RU SERIES IDEAPAD 700 80RU00APUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00AQUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00ARUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00ASCF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00ATCF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00AUCF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00CWUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00CXUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00CYUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00D8US IDEAPAD 700 80RU00DYUS IDEAPAD 700 80RU00E0CF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00E1CF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00E2CF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00E4CF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00E5CF IDEAPAD 700 80RU00FEUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV SERIES IDEAPAD 700 80RV0022US IDEAPAD 700 80RV0023US IDEAPAD 700 80RV0024US IDEAPAD 700 80RV002NUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV002TUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV002UUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV002VUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV002WUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV003DCF IDEAPAD 700 80RV003ECF IDEAPAD 700 80RV003FCF IDEAPAD 700 80RV006RUS IDEAPAD 700 80RV006TUS IDEAPAD 700-15ISK IDEAPAD 700-17ISK IDEAPAD 710S (13 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 710S 80SW SERIES IDEAPAD 710S 80SW002AUS IDEAPAD 710S 80SW002MUS IDEAPAD 710S 80SW002NUS IDEAPAD 710S 80SW0032US IDEAPAD 710S 80SW0052CF IDEAPAD 710S 80SW0053CF IDEAPAD 710S 80SW0054CF IDEAPAD 710S 80VQ SERIES IDEAPAD 710S 80VQ001VUS IDEAPAD 710S 80VQ003FUS IDEAPAD 710S 80YQ SERIES IDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0002US IDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0003US IDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0005US IDEAPAD 710S 80YQ0009US IDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3 SERIES IDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3000KUS IDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3004MUS IDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W3006QUS IDEAPAD 710S PLUS 80W30074US IDEAPAD 710S PLUS SERIES IDEAPAD 710S PLUS TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD 710S PLUS TOUCH-13IKB IDEAPAD 710S PLUS-13IKB IDEAPAD 710S-13IKB IDEAPAD 710S-13ISK IDEAPAD 720 (15inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 720 81AG SERIES IDEAPAD 720 81AG0002UK IDEAPAD 720 81AG002TUK IDEAPAD 720-15IKB IDEAPAD 720S (13inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 720S (14inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 720S (15inch) SERIES IDEAPAD 720S (15inch) TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 80XC SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 80XC0003US IDEAPAD 720S 80XC0004US IDEAPAD 720S 80XC000PUK IDEAPAD 720S 80XC003QUK IDEAPAD 720S 80XC003WUK IDEAPAD 720S 80XC0047US IDEAPAD 720S 80XC004MCF IDEAPAD 720S 80XC0050US IDEAPAD 720S 81AC SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 81AC0006US IDEAPAD 720S 81AC0008US IDEAPAD 720S 81AC000BCF IDEAPAD 720S 81AC000CUK IDEAPAD 720S 81AC000EUK IDEAPAD 720S 81BD SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 81BD001NUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BD001PUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BD001QUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BD002YUK IDEAPAD 720S 81BD0044UK IDEAPAD 720S 81BR SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 81BR002CUK IDEAPAD 720S 81BR003PUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BR003QUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BR003RUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BR004FCF IDEAPAD 720S 81BV SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 81BV002EUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BV002FUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BV002GUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BV002HUS IDEAPAD 720S 81BV002QCF IDEAPAD 720S 81BV0030UK IDEAPAD 720S 81BV0031UK IDEAPAD 720S 81BV0035UK IDEAPAD 720S 81CR SERIES IDEAPAD 720S 81CR0005US IDEAPAD 720S-13ARR IDEAPAD 720S-13IKB IDEAPAD 720S-14IKB IDEAPAD 720S-15IKB IDEAPAD 80XR0083UK IDEAPAD 80XR0084UK IDEAPAD AIR 13 PRO SERIES IDEAPAD B41-80 80LG SERIES IDEAPAD B41-80 80LG0007IH IDEAPAD B41-80 80LG000PSB IDEAPAD B41-80 SERIES IDEAPAD B470 4315 IDEAPAD B470 4315-23U IDEAPAD B470 4315-24U IDEAPAD B470 4315-25U IDEAPAD B470 4315-26U IDEAPAD B470 SERIES IDEAPAD B470E SERIES IDEAPAD B50 MCA28UK IDEAPAD B50 MCA2WMS IDEAPAD B50 MCA2ZMH IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR SERIES IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0004 IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0004GE IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0004UK IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0006 IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0006UK IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0013 IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0013GE IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0014 IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0014UK IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0016 IDEAPAD B50-10 80QR0016UK IDEAPAD B50-10 SERIES IDEAPAD B50-30 80ES SERIES IDEAPAD B50-30 80ET SERIES IDEAPAD B50-30 SERIES IDEAPAD B50-45 20388 IDEAPAD B50-45 MCD2GGE IDEAPAD B50-45 MCD2GUK IDEAPAD B50-45 SERIES IDEAPAD B50-70 59422966 IDEAPAD B50-70 59422998 IDEAPAD B50-70 59422999 IDEAPAD B50-70 59423000 IDEAPAD B50-70 SERIES IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM SERIES IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000C IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000CUK IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000D IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM000DMX IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0012 IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0012UK IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0153 IDEAPAD B51-80 80LM0153TX IDEAPAD B51-80 SERIES IDEAPAD B570 1068 IDEAPAD B570 1068-5LU IDEAPAD B570 1068-A2U IDEAPAD B570 1068-A3U IDEAPAD B570 1068-A8U IDEAPAD B570 1068-AFU IDEAPAD B570 1068-AGU IDEAPAD B570 1068-AJU IDEAPAD B570 1068-APU IDEAPAD B570 1068-ARU IDEAPAD B570 1068-ASU IDEAPAD B570 1068-B3U IDEAPAD B570 1068-BAU IDEAPAD B570 1068B9U IDEAPAD B570 SERIES IDEAPAD B575 SERIES IDEAPAD E43 SERIES IDEAPAD FLEX 10 20324 IDEAPAD FLEX 10 SERIES IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59393792 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59393809 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59393810 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395493 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395496 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395987 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59395990 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59404709 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59404715 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405148 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405149 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405151 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 59405154 IDEAPAD FLEX 14 SERIES IDEAPAD FLEX 15 20309 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59387570 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393836 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393845 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393853 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393856 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393857 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393862 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59393867 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59399871 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59399876 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59399879 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 59406960 IDEAPAD FLEX 15 SERIES IDEAPAD FLEX 15D 20334 IDEAPAD FLEX 15D 59395753 IDEAPAD FLEX 15D 59405766 IDEAPAD FLEX 15D 59409585 IDEAPAD FLEX 15D SERIES IDEAPAD G460 IDEAPAD G465 SERIES IDEAPAD G470 SERIES IDEAPAD G485 SERIES IDEAPAD G510 SERIES IDEAPAD G550 SERIES IDEAPAD G560 IDEAPAD G565 IDEAPAD K1 1304 IDEAPAD K1 1304-22U TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-25U TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-2DU TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-2FU TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-2HU TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-2LU TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-2QU TABLET IDEAPAD K1 1304-2WU TABLET IDEAPAD K1 TABLET IDEAPAD M30-70 SERIES IDEAPAD N20P 59426641 CHROMEBOOK IDEAPAD N20P 59426642 CHROMEBOOK IDEAPAD N20P CHROMEBOOK SERIES IDEAPAD N580 59343695 IDEAPAD N580 59351030 IDEAPAD N580 59359499 IDEAPAD N580 59371992 IDEAPAD N580 59372604 IDEAPAD N580 59387429 IDEAPAD N580 59387430 IDEAPAD N580 SERIES IDEAPAD N581 SERIES IDEAPAD N585 20179 IDEAPAD N585 59343747 IDEAPAD N585 59343749 IDEAPAD N585 59343757 IDEAPAD N585 59359186 IDEAPAD N585 7510 IDEAPAD N585 SERIES IDEAPAD N586 20180 IDEAPAD N586 SERIES IDEAPAD P1 TABLET IDEAPAD P400 20211 IDEAPAD P400 59RF0176 IDEAPAD P400 59RF0245 IDEAPAD P400 SERIES IDEAPAD P500 20210 IDEAPAD P500 20253 IDEAPAD P500 59345704 IDEAPAD P500 59347559 IDEAPAD P500 59372845 IDEAPAD P500 59374199 IDEAPAD P500 59RF0015 IDEAPAD P500 SERIES IDEAPAD P580 20184 IDEAPAD P580 3087 IDEAPAD P580 308723U IDEAPAD P580 308725U IDEAPAD P580 59370041 IDEAPAD P580 SERIES IDEAPAD P580A SERIES IDEAPAD P585 SERIES IDEAPAD S1 TABLET IDEAPAD S10 4231 IDEAPAD S10 4231-22U IDEAPAD S10 4231-25U IDEAPAD S10 4231-2AU IDEAPAD S10 4231-2BU IDEAPAD S10 4231-2CU IDEAPAD S10 4231-2DU IDEAPAD S10 4231-2TU IDEAPAD S10 4231-2WU IDEAPAD S10 4231-32U IDEAPAD S10 4231-33U IDEAPAD S10 4231-34U IDEAPAD S10 4231-35U IDEAPAD S10 4231-36U IDEAPAD S10 4231-37U IDEAPAD S10 4231-38U IDEAPAD S10 4231-3AU IDEAPAD S10 4231-3CU IDEAPAD S10 4231-3DU IDEAPAD S10 4231-A8U IDEAPAD S10 4231-A9U IDEAPAD S10 4231-AAU IDEAPAD S10 4231-ABU IDEAPAD S10 4231-ACU IDEAPAD S10 4231-ADU IDEAPAD S10 4231-AEU IDEAPAD S10 4231-AFU IDEAPAD S10 4231-AGU IDEAPAD S10 4231-AJU IDEAPAD S10 4333 IDEAPAD S10 4333-22U IDEAPAD S10 4333-25U IDEAPAD S10 4333-2TU IDEAPAD S10 4333-2WU IDEAPAD S10 4333-36U IDEAPAD S10 4333-37U IDEAPAD S10 4333-38U IDEAPAD S10 5901 IDEAPAD S10 59015817 IDEAPAD S10 59015819 IDEAPAD S10 59015864 IDEAPAD S10 59015866 IDEAPAD S10 59015875 IDEAPAD S10 59016410 IDEAPAD S10 59016575 IDEAPAD S10 59016593 IDEAPAD S10 59016604 IDEAPAD S10 59016819 IDEAPAD S10 59017496 IDEAPAD S10 59019947 IDEAPAD S10 59019949 IDEAPAD S10 59019952 IDEAPAD S10 59019954 IDEAPAD S10 59019955 IDEAPAD S10 59019956 IDEAPAD S10 59019958 IDEAPAD S10 SERIES IDEAPAD S10-2 20027 IDEAPAD S10-2 2957 IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-22U IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-23U IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-24U IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-25U IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-29U IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-2AU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-6AU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7CU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7DU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7LU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7MU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7NU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7VU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-7XU IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-L2U IDEAPAD S10-2 2957-L3U IDEAPAD S10-2 SERIES IDEAPAD S10-2C SERIES IDEAPAD S10-3 0647 IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-23U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-29U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-2AU IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-2BU IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-2EU IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-32U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-33U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-35U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-37U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-38U IDEAPAD S10-3 0647-39U IDEAPAD S10-3 SERIES IDEAPAD S10-3C SERIES IDEAPAD S10-3S 0703 IDEAPAD S10-3S 0703-22U IDEAPAD S10-3S 0703-32U IDEAPAD S10-3S SERIES IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651 IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-37U IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-3EU IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-4EU IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-4FU IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-4RG IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-6DU IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-7HU IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-85U IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-86U IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-89J IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-95U IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-99U IDEAPAD S10-3T 0651-9BU IDEAPAD S10-3T SERIES IDEAPAD S100 1067 IDEAPAD S100 1067-22U IDEAPAD S100 1067-94J IDEAPAD S100 1067-J2J IDEAPAD S100 1067-J5J IDEAPAD S100 SERIES IDEAPAD S10e 4068 IDEAPAD S10e 4068-46G IDEAPAD S10e 4068-4WG IDEAPAD S10e 4187 IDEAPAD S10e 4187-2NU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-2PU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-2QU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-2SU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-39U IDEAPAD S10e 4187-3AU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-4KU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-4LU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-4MU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-ERU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-RVU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-RWU IDEAPAD S10e 4187-RXU IDEAPAD S10e SERIES IDEAPAD S10g SERIES IDEAPAD S110 59328519 IDEAPAD S110 59328520 IDEAPAD S110 N2800 IDEAPAD S110 SERIES IDEAPAD S12 2959 IDEAPAD S12 2959-32U IDEAPAD S12 2959-33U IDEAPAD S12 2959-54U IDEAPAD S12 2959-55U IDEAPAD S12 2959-56U IDEAPAD S12 2959-5AU IDEAPAD S12 2959-5BU IDEAPAD S12 2959-5DU IDEAPAD S12 2959-5EU IDEAPAD S12 2959-5FU IDEAPAD S12 2959-5GU IDEAPAD S12 SERIES IDEAPAD S2 TABLET IDEAPAD S200 SERIES IDEAPAD S205 1038 IDEAPAD S205 1038-27U IDEAPAD S205 1038-28U IDEAPAD S205 1038-29U IDEAPAD S205 1038-32U IDEAPAD S205 1038-33U IDEAPAD S205 1038-34U IDEAPAD S205 SERIES IDEAPAD S205s SERIES IDEAPAD S205x SERIES IDEAPAD S206 2638 IDEAPAD S206 263823U IDEAPAD S206 263824U IDEAPAD S206 M894 IDEAPAD S206 M894FGE IDEAPAD S206 M894GGE IDEAPAD S206 M894HGE IDEAPAD S206 M894JGE IDEAPAD S206 M894KGE IDEAPAD S206 M894LGE IDEAPAD S206 M894MGE IDEAPAD S206 SERIES IDEAPAD S210 59410972 IDEAPAD S210 59410973 IDEAPAD S210 SERIES IDEAPAD S215 20258 IDEAPAD S215 59372287 IDEAPAD S215 59376495 IDEAPAD S215 59379393 IDEAPAD S215 59388275 IDEAPAD S215 59388967 IDEAPAD S215 59394760 IDEAPAD S215 59410730 IDEAPAD S215 59410732 IDEAPAD S215 59414509 IDEAPAD S215 59414513 IDEAPAD S215 SERIES IDEAPAD S300 5935 IDEAPAD S300 59359323 IDEAPAD S300 59359324 IDEAPAD S300 59359327 IDEAPAD S300 59359328 IDEAPAD S300 SERIES IDEAPAD S310 SERIES IDEAPAD S400 20195 IDEAPAD S400 20283 IDEAPAD S400 59342932 IDEAPAD S400 59353941 IDEAPAD S400 59359130 IDEAPAD S400 MAY4CGE IDEAPAD S400 MAY4DGE IDEAPAD S400 MAY4GGE IDEAPAD S400 MAY4HGE IDEAPAD S400 MAY4JMH IDEAPAD S400 SERIES IDEAPAD S400 TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD S400U 59363575 IDEAPAD S400U 6312 IDEAPAD S400U SERIES IDEAPAD S405 5934 IDEAPAD S405 59342926 IDEAPAD S405 59342927 IDEAPAD S405 5935 IDEAPAD S405 59351953 IDEAPAD S405 SERIES IDEAPAD S410P SERIES IDEAPAD S410P TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD S415 59385549 IDEAPAD S415 59385555 IDEAPAD S415 59399720 IDEAPAD S415 59405902 IDEAPAD S415 59408229 IDEAPAD S415 59408545 IDEAPAD S415 TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD S500 59392348 IDEAPAD S500 59397130 IDEAPAD S500 SERIES IDEAPAD S510P SERIES IDEAPAD S510P TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD S9 SERIES IDEAPAD S9E 4187 IDEAPAD S9E 4187-32U IDEAPAD S9E 4187-33U IDEAPAD S9E 4187-34U IDEAPAD S9E 4187-DRU IDEAPAD S9E SERIES IDEAPAD U110 SERIES IDEAPAD U130 SERIES IDEAPAD U150 6909 IDEAPAD U150 6909-56U IDEAPAD U150 6909-68U IDEAPAD U150 6909-69U IDEAPAD U150 SERIES IDEAPAD U160 0894 IDEAPAD U160 0894-55U IDEAPAD U160 0894-59U IDEAPAD U160 0894-5JU IDEAPAD U160 0894-5KU IDEAPAD U160 0894-5LU IDEAPAD U160 0894-5MU IDEAPAD U160 SERIES IDEAPAD U165 SERIES IDEAPAD U260 0876 IDEAPAD U260 0876-32U IDEAPAD U260 0876-33U IDEAPAD U260 0876-34U IDEAPAD U260 0876-3AU IDEAPAD U260 0876-3BU IDEAPAD U260 0876-3CU IDEAPAD U260 0876-3DU IDEAPAD U260 0876-XF4 IDEAPAD U260 SERIES IDEAPAD U300E 2692 IDEAPAD U300E 269224U IDEAPAD U300E 269225U IDEAPAD U300E SERIES IDEAPAD U300S 1080 IDEAPAD U300S 108026U IDEAPAD U300S 108027U IDEAPAD U300S 108028U IDEAPAD U300S 108029U IDEAPAD U300S 10802AU IDEAPAD U300S 10802BU IDEAPAD U300S SERIES IDEAPAD U310 4375 IDEAPAD U310 4375-22U IDEAPAD U310 4375-23U IDEAPAD U310 4375-24U IDEAPAD U310 4375-25U IDEAPAD U310 4375-26U IDEAPAD U310 4375-2BU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2CU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2JU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2QU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2TU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2UU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2VU IDEAPAD U310 4375-2WU IDEAPAD U310 4375-3DU IDEAPAD U310 4375-B2U IDEAPAD U310 4375-B8U IDEAPAD U310 4375-B9U IDEAPAD U310 4375-BAU IDEAPAD U310 4375-BFU IDEAPAD U310 4375-BGU IDEAPAD U310 4375-BHU IDEAPAD U310 4375-BJU IDEAPAD U310 59351641 IDEAPAD U310 59351642 IDEAPAD U310 59351644 IDEAPAD U310 59351646 IDEAPAD U310 59351647 IDEAPAD U310 59365018 IDEAPAD U310 59365021 IDEAPAD U310 59365023 IDEAPAD U310 59365025 IDEAPAD U310 59365026 IDEAPAD U310 59365302 IDEAPAD U310 59366627 IDEAPAD U310 59371834 IDEAPAD U310 59371836 IDEAPAD U310 59371840 IDEAPAD U310 59371841 IDEAPAD U310 59371842 IDEAPAD U310 59371844 IDEAPAD U310 59371845 IDEAPAD U310 59371849 IDEAPAD U310 SERIES IDEAPAD U330 2267 IDEAPAD U330 2267-2AU IDEAPAD U330 2267-2BU IDEAPAD U330 2267-2CU IDEAPAD U330 2267-2DU IDEAPAD U330 2267-2EU IDEAPAD U330 2267-2FU IDEAPAD U330 2267-2GU IDEAPAD U330 2267-3AU IDEAPAD U330 2267-58U IDEAPAD U330 2267-64U IDEAPAD U330 2267-65U IDEAPAD U330 5901 IDEAPAD U330 59015270 IDEAPAD U330 59016806 IDEAPAD U330 59016807 IDEAPAD U330 SERIES IDEAPAD U330 TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD U330P SERIES IDEAPAD U350 2963 IDEAPAD U350 2963-23U IDEAPAD U350 2963-25U IDEAPAD U350 2963-26U IDEAPAD U350 2963-27U IDEAPAD U350 2963-2CU IDEAPAD U350 2963-2HU IDEAPAD U350 2963-2JU IDEAPAD U350 2963-2UU IDEAPAD U350 2963-2VU IDEAPAD U350 2963-2XU IDEAPAD U350 2963-2YU IDEAPAD U350 2963-46U IDEAPAD U350 2963-47U IDEAPAD U350 2963-4GU IDEAPAD U350 SERIES IDEAPAD U400 0993 IDEAPAD U400 0993-28U IDEAPAD U400 0993-29U IDEAPAD U400 0993-2AU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2DU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2GU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2HU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2JU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2NU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2PU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2QU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2RU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2SU IDEAPAD U400 0993-2TU IDEAPAD U400 0993-3DU IDEAPAD U400 0993-3FU IDEAPAD U400 0993-3HU IDEAPAD U400 0993-3JU IDEAPAD U400 0993-3LU IDEAPAD U400 SERIES IDEAPAD U410 20223 IDEAPAD U410 4376 IDEAPAD U410 4376-22U IDEAPAD U410 4376-23U IDEAPAD U410 4376-24U IDEAPAD U410 4376-26U IDEAPAD U410 4376-29U IDEAPAD U410 4376-2BU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2CU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2FU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2GU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2HU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2JU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2PU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2UU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2VU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2WU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2YU IDEAPAD U410 4376-2ZU IDEAPAD U410 4376-83U IDEAPAD U410 4376-84U IDEAPAD U410 4376-87U IDEAPAD U410 4376-89U IDEAPAD U410 4376-8AU IDEAPAD U410 4376-8BU IDEAPAD U410 4376-8DU IDEAPAD U410 4376-8EU IDEAPAD U410 4376-8FU IDEAPAD U410 4376-8GU IDEAPAD U410 4376-8HU IDEAPAD U410 59351034 IDEAPAD U410 59351625 IDEAPAD U410 59351627 IDEAPAD U410 59351632 IDEAPAD U410 59351633 IDEAPAD U410 59351634 IDEAPAD U410 59351635 IDEAPAD U410 59351636 IDEAPAD U410 59351637 IDEAPAD U410 59351638 IDEAPAD U410 59359210 IDEAPAD U410 59365161 IDEAPAD U410 59365164 IDEAPAD U410 59365166 IDEAPAD U410 59365169 IDEAPAD U410 59365170 IDEAPAD U410 59365176 IDEAPAD U410 59365177 IDEAPAD U410 59365178 IDEAPAD U410 59365180 IDEAPAD U410 59365831 IDEAPAD U410 59372331 IDEAPAD U410 59372332 IDEAPAD U410 59372333 IDEAPAD U410 59372336 IDEAPAD U410 59372338 IDEAPAD U410 59372339 IDEAPAD U410 59372340 IDEAPAD U410 59372341 IDEAPAD U410 59372342 IDEAPAD U410 59372344 IDEAPAD U410 59372346 IDEAPAD U410 59372987 IDEAPAD U410 59372988 IDEAPAD U410 59372989 IDEAPAD U410 59372990 IDEAPAD U410 59372994 IDEAPAD U410 59372995 IDEAPAD U410 59372996 IDEAPAD U410 59372997 IDEAPAD U410 59372998 IDEAPAD U410 59372999 IDEAPAD U410 59373000 IDEAPAD U410 SERIES IDEAPAD U430 20270 IDEAPAD U430 59436098 IDEAPAD U430 TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD U430P 59393057 IDEAPAD U430P 59393065 IDEAPAD U430P 59393069 IDEAPAD U430P 59393074 IDEAPAD U430P SERIES IDEAPAD U450P 3389 IDEAPAD U450P 3389-26U IDEAPAD U450P 3389-28U IDEAPAD U450P 3389-29U IDEAPAD U450P 3389-2BU IDEAPAD U450P 3389-2DU IDEAPAD U450P 3389-2EU IDEAPAD U450P 3389-2GU IDEAPAD U450P 3389-2HU IDEAPAD U450P 3389-32U IDEAPAD U450P 3389-33U IDEAPAD U450P 3389-B5J IDEAPAD U450P 3389-D5Q IDEAPAD U450P M23L5UK IDEAPAD U450P SERIES IDEAPAD U460 0877 IDEAPAD U460 0877-22U IDEAPAD U460 0877-23U IDEAPAD U460 0877-25U IDEAPAD U460 0877-26U IDEAPAD U460 0877-2AU IDEAPAD U460 0877-2BU IDEAPAD U460 0877-2CU IDEAPAD U460 0877-2DU IDEAPAD U460 0877-2GU IDEAPAD U460 SERIES IDEAPAD U460S 0885 IDEAPAD U460S 0885-25U IDEAPAD U460S 0885-26U IDEAPAD U460S SERIES IDEAPAD U510 4941 IDEAPAD U510 49412LU IDEAPAD U510 49412MU IDEAPAD U510 49412NU IDEAPAD U510 49412PU IDEAPAD U510 49413JU IDEAPAD U510 5934 IDEAPAD U510 59340257 IDEAPAD U510 59347423 IDEAPAD U510 59347424 IDEAPAD U510 59347426 IDEAPAD U510 59347428 IDEAPAD U510 59347624 IDEAPAD U510 5935 IDEAPAD U510 59355296 IDEAPAD U510 59359624 IDEAPAD U510 5936 IDEAPAD U510 59365181 IDEAPAD U510 59365182 IDEAPAD U510 59365437 IDEAPAD U510 5938 IDEAPAD U510 59384265 IDEAPAD U510 59384267 IDEAPAD U510 SERIES IDEAPAD U530 20289 IDEAPAD U530 59385621 IDEAPAD U530 59401453 IDEAPAD U530 59402346 IDEAPAD U530 59402368 IDEAPAD U530 59402369 IDEAPAD U530 59402376 IDEAPAD U530 59412272 IDEAPAD U530 59427841 IDEAPAD U530 59428046 IDEAPAD U530 59428052 IDEAPAD U530 59428053 IDEAPAD U530 59428054 IDEAPAD U530 59428058 IDEAPAD U530 59436103 IDEAPAD U530 59436104 IDEAPAD U530 59440472 IDEAPAD U530 59442473 IDEAPAD U530 59442490 IDEAPAD U530 59PN IDEAPAD U530 SERIES IDEAPAD U550 3749 IDEAPAD U550 3749-54U IDEAPAD U550 3749-55U IDEAPAD U550 3749-59U IDEAPAD U550 3749-5BU IDEAPAD U550 3749-5EU IDEAPAD U550 SERIES IDEAPAD V360 SERIES IDEAPAD V370 SERIES IDEAPAD V450 SERIES IDEAPAD V460 0886 IDEAPAD V460 0886-26U IDEAPAD V460 0886-27U IDEAPAD V460 0886-2MU IDEAPAD V460 0886-2NU IDEAPAD V460 0886-2PU IDEAPAD V460 SERIES IDEAPAD V470 4396 IDEAPAD V470 4396-25U IDEAPAD V470 4396-26U IDEAPAD V470 4396-27U IDEAPAD V470 4396-28U IDEAPAD V470 4396-2BU IDEAPAD V470 4396-2FU IDEAPAD V470 4396-2PU IDEAPAD V470 SERIES IDEAPAD V470C SERIES IDEAPAD V560 SERIES IDEAPAD V570 1066 IDEAPAD V570 1066-AAU IDEAPAD V570 1066-ABU IDEAPAD V570 1066-ACU IDEAPAD V570 1066-ADU IDEAPAD V570 1066-AEU IDEAPAD V570 1066-AJU IDEAPAD V570 1066-ANU IDEAPAD V570 1066-ARU IDEAPAD V570 1066-AXU IDEAPAD V570 1066-AZU IDEAPAD V570 1066-XB2 IDEAPAD V570 SERIES IDEAPAD V570C SERIES IDEAPAD Y330 SERIES IDEAPAD Y400 5936 IDEAPAD Y400 59360114 IDEAPAD Y400 5937 IDEAPAD Y400 59371789 IDEAPAD Y400 59371795 IDEAPAD Y400 59371952 IDEAPAD Y400 59371954 IDEAPAD Y400 59371957 IDEAPAD Y400 59371958 IDEAPAD Y400 9523 IDEAPAD Y400 952324U IDEAPAD Y400 952325U IDEAPAD Y400 952328U IDEAPAD Y400 95232FU IDEAPAD Y400 95232HU IDEAPAD Y400 SERIES IDEAPAD Y410 SERIES IDEAPAD Y410P 59369912 IDEAPAD Y410P 59369914 IDEAPAD Y410P 59369916 IDEAPAD Y410P 59369925 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392473 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392477 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392482 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392484 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392486 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392489 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392571 IDEAPAD Y410P 59392578 IDEAPAD Y410P 59399853 IDEAPAD Y410P 59399860 IDEAPAD Y410P 59405095 IDEAPAD Y410P SERIES IDEAPAD Y430 2781 IDEAPAD Y430 2781-73U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-74U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-7AU IDEAPAD Y430 2781-82U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-83U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-84U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-86U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-87U IDEAPAD Y430 2781-89U IDEAPAD Y430 5901 IDEAPAD Y430 59015954 IDEAPAD Y430 59015967 IDEAPAD Y430 59015974 IDEAPAD Y430 59016011 IDEAPAD Y430 59016751 IDEAPAD Y430 59016785 IDEAPAD Y430 59016838 IDEAPAD Y430 59018213 IDEAPAD Y430 59018214 IDEAPAD Y430 59018216 IDEAPAD Y430 59018800 IDEAPAD Y430 59018801 IDEAPAD Y430 59018804 IDEAPAD Y430 SERIES IDEAPAD Y450 4189 IDEAPAD Y450 4189-2AU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-2BU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-2CU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-2DU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-32U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-34U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-35U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-36U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-38U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-39U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-63U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-64U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-66U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-68U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-69U IDEAPAD Y450 4189-6AU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-6EU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-6FU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-6GU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-6HU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-6LU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-7AU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-7GU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-7HU IDEAPAD Y450 4189-7KU IDEAPAD Y450 5901 IDEAPAD Y450 59019444 IDEAPAD Y450 SERIES IDEAPAD Y450-3M SERIES IDEAPAD Y450A SERIES IDEAPAD Y460 0633 IDEAPAD Y460 0633-23U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-33U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-34U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-35U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-37U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-38U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-42U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-44U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-46U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-47U IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4DU IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4EU IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4FU IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4GU IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4HU IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4JU IDEAPAD Y460 0633-4LU IDEAPAD Y460 SERIES IDEAPAD Y460p 4395 IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-22U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-23U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-24U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-25U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-26U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-27U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-28U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-29U IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2BU IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2CU IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2DU IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2EU IDEAPAD Y460p 4395-2FU IDEAPAD Y460p SERIES IDEAPAD Y470 0855 IDEAPAD Y470 0855-22U IDEAPAD Y470 0855-23U IDEAPAD Y470 0855-24U IDEAPAD Y470 0855-25U IDEAPAD Y470 0855-26U IDEAPAD Y470 0855-28U IDEAPAD Y470 0855-2DU IDEAPAD Y470 0855-2EU IDEAPAD Y470 0855-2GU IDEAPAD Y470 0855-2HU IDEAPAD Y470 0855-2JU IDEAPAD Y470 0855-2KU IDEAPAD Y470 SERIES IDEAPAD Y470P 0855 IDEAPAD Y470P 0855-2KU IDEAPAD Y470P 0855-2LU IDEAPAD Y470P 0855-2NU IDEAPAD Y470P SERIES IDEAPAD Y480 2093 IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4EU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4FU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4QU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4SU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4XU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4YU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-4ZU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-83U IDEAPAD Y480 2093-84U IDEAPAD Y480 2093-86U IDEAPAD Y480 2093-87U IDEAPAD Y480 2093-88U IDEAPAD Y480 2093-8RU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-8TU IDEAPAD Y480 2093-B3U IDEAPAD Y480 2093-B7U IDEAPAD Y480 SERIES IDEAPAD Y500 59356923 IDEAPAD Y500 59359554 IDEAPAD Y500 59359557 IDEAPAD Y500 59359559 IDEAPAD Y500 59359560 IDEAPAD Y500 59360241 IDEAPAD Y500 59360242 IDEAPAD Y500 59360243 IDEAPAD Y500 59360244 IDEAPAD Y500 59371960 IDEAPAD Y500 59371963 IDEAPAD Y500 59371964 IDEAPAD Y500 59371965 IDEAPAD Y500 59371966 IDEAPAD Y500 59371969 IDEAPAD Y500 59371972 IDEAPAD Y500 59371973 IDEAPAD Y500 9541 IDEAPAD Y500 95412SU IDEAPAD Y500 95412UU IDEAPAD Y500 95412VU IDEAPAD Y500 95412ZU IDEAPAD Y500 954135U IDEAPAD Y500 SERIES IDEAPAD Y510 15W 5901 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012693 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012696 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012697 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012698 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012779 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012889 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012891 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59012924 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013046 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013272 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013333 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013478 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013613 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013615 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013678 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013679 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013680 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013765 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013769 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013779 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013782 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013791 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59013885 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014491 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014632 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014633 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014807 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014810 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014834 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014835 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014866 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014867 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014898 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014899 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014900 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59014903 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 59015479 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758 IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2AU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2BU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2CU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2DU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2EU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-2FU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3AU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3BU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3CU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3DU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3EU IDEAPAD Y510 15W 7758-3FU IDEAPAD Y510 SERIES IDEAPAD Y510P 59369997 IDEAPAD Y510P 59369999 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370001 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370003 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370005 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370006 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370007 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370008 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370011 IDEAPAD Y510P 59370012 IDEAPAD Y510P 59390950 IDEAPAD Y510P 59390951 IDEAPAD Y510P 59392602 IDEAPAD Y510P 59392623 IDEAPAD Y510P 59392637 IDEAPAD Y510P 59401487 IDEAPAD Y510P 59401502 IDEAPAD Y510P 59401512 IDEAPAD Y510P 59402100 IDEAPAD Y510P 59405661 IDEAPAD Y510P 59405667 IDEAPAD Y510P 59405668 IDEAPAD Y510P 59405673 IDEAPAD Y510P 59406636 IDEAPAD Y510P 59407122 IDEAPAD Y510P 59410893 IDEAPAD Y510P 59422938 IDEAPAD Y510P SERIES IDEAPAD Y530 4051 IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2AU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2BU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2NU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2PU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2QU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2RU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2SU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2TU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2UU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2WU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2XU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-2YU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-42U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-43U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-53U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-54U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-62U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-63U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-64U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-65U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-66U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-67U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-68U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-69U IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6AU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6BU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6CU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6DU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6EU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6FU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6GU IDEAPAD Y530 4051-6HU IDEAPAD Y530 5901 IDEAPAD Y530 59015788 IDEAPAD Y530 59015870 IDEAPAD Y530 59015873 IDEAPAD Y530 59016229 IDEAPAD Y530 59016233 IDEAPAD Y530 59016235 IDEAPAD Y530 59016809 IDEAPAD Y530 59016832 IDEAPAD Y530 59017794 IDEAPAD Y530 59017827 IDEAPAD Y530 59017841 IDEAPAD Y530 59018468 IDEAPAD Y530 59018471 IDEAPAD Y530 59018472 IDEAPAD Y530 59018480 IDEAPAD Y530 59018773 IDEAPAD Y530 59018790 IDEAPAD Y530 59019777 IDEAPAD Y530 SERIES IDEAPAD Y550 4186 IDEAPAD Y550 4186-42U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-44U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-45U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-46U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-48U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-4AU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-55U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-56U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-58U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-59U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-5BU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-5DU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-5EU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-5FU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-5GU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-5PU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-75U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-79U IDEAPAD Y550 4186-7CU IDEAPAD Y550 4186-CTO IDEAPAD Y550 SERIES IDEAPAD Y550P 3241 IDEAPAD Y550P 3241-56U IDEAPAD Y550P 3241-58U IDEAPAD Y550P 3241-62U IDEAPAD Y550P 3241-64U IDEAPAD Y550P SERIES IDEAPAD Y560 0646 IDEAPAD Y560 0646-22U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-23U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-26U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-27U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-28U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-2AU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-2EU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-2HU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-2MU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-2QU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-2YU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-52U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-53U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-54U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-55U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-56U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-58U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-59U IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5AU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5BU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5CU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5DU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5EU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5GU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5HU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5JU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5KU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5LU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5NU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5RU IDEAPAD Y560 0646-5UU IDEAPAD Y560 SERIES IDEAPAD Y560D 0646 IDEAPAD Y560D 0646-2KU IDEAPAD Y560D 0646-2NU IDEAPAD Y560D 0646-57U IDEAPAD Y560D SERIES IDEAPAD Y560P 4397 IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-22U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-23U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-24U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-25U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-26U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-27U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-28U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-29U IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2DU IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2EU IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2FU IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2GU IDEAPAD Y560P 4397-2HU IDEAPAD Y560P SERIES IDEAPAD Y570 0862 IDEAPAD Y570 0862-24U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-25U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-26U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-27U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-28U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-29U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2JU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2KU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2LU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2MU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2RU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2UU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2VU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2WU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-2ZU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-3TU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-62U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-64U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-68U IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6AU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6FU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6HU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6JU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6KU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6LU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6MU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6PU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6QU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6RU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6SU IDEAPAD Y570 0862-6TU IDEAPAD Y570 SERIES IDEAPAD Y580 20132 IDEAPAD Y580 2099 IDEAPAD Y580 2099-3BU IDEAPAD Y580 2099-3FU IDEAPAD Y580 2099-43U IDEAPAD Y580 2099-46U IDEAPAD Y580 2099-48U IDEAPAD Y580 2099-4CU IDEAPAD Y580 2099-4EU IDEAPAD Y580 2099-4MU IDEAPAD Y580 2099-4RU IDEAPAD Y580 2099-8NU IDEAPAD Y580 209942U IDEAPAD Y580 209945U IDEAPAD Y580 20994BU IDEAPAD Y580 20994HU IDEAPAD Y580 20994NU IDEAPAD Y580 20994PU IDEAPAD Y580 59332488 IDEAPAD Y580 59345715 IDEAPAD Y580 59345717 IDEAPAD Y580 59353259 IDEAPAD Y580 59353260 IDEAPAD Y580 59359510 IDEAPAD Y580 59359513 IDEAPAD Y580 SERIES IDEAPAD Y650 4185 IDEAPAD Y650 4185-34U IDEAPAD Y650 4185-36U IDEAPAD Y650 4185-37U IDEAPAD Y650 4185-55U IDEAPAD Y650 4185-56U IDEAPAD Y650 4185-57U IDEAPAD Y650 4185-75U IDEAPAD Y650 5901 IDEAPAD Y650 59018999 IDEAPAD Y650 59019001 IDEAPAD Y650 SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 (14 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 (17 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 80NU SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 80NU0000US IDEAPAD Y700 80NU0001US IDEAPAD Y700 80NU0004US IDEAPAD Y700 80NU000SUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NU000TUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NU000UUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NU000VUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NU000WUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NU000YCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NU0010CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NU001XCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NU001YCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NU0020CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NU0029US IDEAPAD Y700 80NU002AUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 80NV004PUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005CUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005DUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005EUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005FUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005GUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005JUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005LUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005NUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005SCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005TCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005UCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005VCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005WCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV005XCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV0061CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV0063CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV0064CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00PWUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00Q7US IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00Q8US IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00Q9US IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00QTUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00S3CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00S4CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00S6CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00W4US IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00W5US IDEAPAD Y700 80NV00W6US IDEAPAD Y700 80NV0175US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0004US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW000XUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW000YUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0010US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0013US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0015US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0017US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0019CF IDEAPAD Y700 80NW001ACF IDEAPAD Y700 80NW001DUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW001EUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW001LCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NW002DUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW002RUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW002SUS IDEAPAD Y700 80NW002UCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NW002WCF IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0034US IDEAPAD Y700 80NW0035US IDEAPAD Y700 80NY SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 80NY0007US IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0 SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 80Q00003US IDEAPAD Y700 80Q00010US IDEAPAD Y700 80Q00011US IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001LUS IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001MUS IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001NUS IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0001PUS IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0007ACF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0007BCF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0007CCF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0008VUS IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0008WUS IDEAPAD Y700 80Q0009YCF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q000A0CF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q000A1CF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q000A2CF IDEAPAD Y700 80Q000C0US IDEAPAD Y700 80Q000C1US IDEAPAD Y700 TOUCH (15 inch) SERIES IDEAPAD Y700 TOUCH-15ISK IDEAPAD Y700-14ISK IDEAPAD Y700-15ACZ IDEAPAD Y700-15ISK IDEAPAD Y700-17ISK IDEAPAD Y710 17W IDEAPAD Y710 17W 5901 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59012816 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59012817 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013334 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013620 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013729 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013785 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59013787 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014756 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014832 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014906 IDEAPAD Y710 17W 59014927 IDEAPAD Y710 4054 IDEAPAD Y710 4054-2AU IDEAPAD Y710 4054-2BU IDEAPAD Y710 4054-2CU IDEAPAD Y710 4054-2DU IDEAPAD Y710 SERIES IDEAPAD Y730 4053 IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2AU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2BU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2CU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2DU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2EU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2FU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2GU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2HU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2JU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2LU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2MU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2NU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-2QU IDEAPAD Y730 4053-32U IDEAPAD Y730 4053-33U IDEAPAD Y730 4053-34U IDEAPAD Y730 4053-35U IDEAPAD Y730 5901 IDEAPAD Y730 59016437 IDEAPAD Y730 59016609 IDEAPAD Y730 59016615 IDEAPAD Y730 59016620 IDEAPAD Y730 59016799 IDEAPAD Y730 59016821 IDEAPAD Y730 SERIES IDEAPAD Y900 80Q1 SERIES IDEAPAD Y900 80Q1000DGE IDEAPAD Y900 80Q1000EUS IDEAPAD Y900 80Q1002FHV IDEAPAD Y900 80Q1004HUS IDEAPAD Y900 80Q1004JUS IDEAPAD Y900 SERIES IDEAPAD Y900-17ISK IDEAPAD Y910 80V1 SERIES IDEAPAD Y910 80V1000BUK IDEAPAD Y910 80V10018M IDEAPAD Y910 80V1001UMX IDEAPAD Y910 SERIES IDEAPAD Y910-17ISK IDEAPAD YOGA 11 2696 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 26962BU IDEAPAD YOGA 11 26962CU IDEAPAD YOGA 11 5934 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59342980 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 5937 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59370513 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59370515 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 59370531 IDEAPAD YOGA 11 SERIES IDEAPAD YOGA 11S 5937 IDEAPAD YOGA 11S 59370520 IDEAPAD YOGA 11S 59370526 IDEAPAD YOGA 11S SERIES IDEAPAD YOGA 13 20175 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 2191 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 21912XU IDEAPAD YOGA 13 219133U IDEAPAD YOGA 13 219135U IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59340248 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343896 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343897 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343898 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59343899 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59355467 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359494 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359564 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359567 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59359568 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366347 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366348 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366350 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366353 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366355 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366357 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366358 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366359 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366360 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366361 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366362 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366363 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59366628 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 59367091 IDEAPAD YOGA 13 SERIES IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 20332 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 20428 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416640 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416642 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416644 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416645 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416647 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416652 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416657 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416659 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416663 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416664 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416665 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59416667 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 59417913 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 80CX IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 80GB IDEAPAD YOGA 2 11 SERIES IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 20266 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394168 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394170 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394172 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394173 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394174 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394176 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394178 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394180 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394186 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394187 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59394191 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59409363 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59409374 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59409376 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428026 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428027 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428028 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428029 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428030 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428032 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428033 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428034 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428035 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428036 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428037 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428038 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428039 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428040 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO 59428042 IDEAPAD YOGA 2 PRO SERIES IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 1370 IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE SERIES IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000HUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000KCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000LUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE000NCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0043US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0047US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0048US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE0049US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE004ECF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE004FCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE004GCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00FVUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00FXUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00FYUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G1US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G2US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G4US IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G5CF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G7CF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00G8CF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00GACF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00GBCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE00GDCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010EUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010FUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010GUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010HUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010JUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010KUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010NCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010PCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010QCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010RCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010SCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE010VCF IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO 80HE011XUS IDEAPAD YOGA 3 PRO SERIES IDEAPAD Z360 0912 IDEAPAD Z360 0912-32U IDEAPAD Z360 0912-33U IDEAPAD Z360 0912-34U IDEAPAD Z360 0912-35U IDEAPAD Z360 0912-36U IDEAPAD Z360 0912-37U IDEAPAD Z360 0912-38U IDEAPAD Z360 SERIES IDEAPAD Z370 1025 IDEAPAD Z370 1025-22U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-23U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-24U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-25U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-26U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-27U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-2DU IDEAPAD Z370 1025-2EU IDEAPAD Z370 1025-2UU IDEAPAD Z370 1025-2VU IDEAPAD Z370 1025-78U IDEAPAD Z370 1025-AEU IDEAPAD Z370 SERIES IDEAPAD Z380 2129 IDEAPAD Z380 2129-32U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-33U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-34U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-35U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-38U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-39U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-3BU IDEAPAD Z380 2129-3CU IDEAPAD Z380 2129-3DU IDEAPAD Z380 2129-3HU IDEAPAD Z380 2129-3JU IDEAPAD Z380 2129-44U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-45U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-46U IDEAPAD Z380 2129-48U IDEAPAD Z380 SERIES IDEAPAD Z400 59354520 IDEAPAD Z400 59361316 IDEAPAD Z400 59362573 IDEAPAD Z400 59362575 IDEAPAD Z400 59362578 IDEAPAD Z400 59362583 IDEAPAD Z400 59365072 IDEAPAD Z400 59365073 IDEAPAD Z400 59365075 IDEAPAD Z400 59365076 IDEAPAD Z400 59365077 IDEAPAD Z400 SERIES IDEAPAD Z410 59402591 IDEAPAD Z410 59402592 IDEAPAD Z410 59402595 IDEAPAD Z410 59402601 IDEAPAD Z410 59402602 IDEAPAD Z410 59402603 IDEAPAD Z410 SERIES IDEAPAD Z460 0913 IDEAPAD Z460 0913-32U IDEAPAD Z460 SERIES IDEAPAD Z465 4309 IDEAPAD Z465 SERIES IDEAPAD Z470 1022 IDEAPAD Z470 1022-45U IDEAPAD Z470 1022-46U IDEAPAD Z470 1022-47U IDEAPAD Z470 1022-49U IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4AU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4BU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4LU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4MU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4NU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4QU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4RU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-4SU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-59U IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5BU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5CU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5DU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5EU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5LU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5MU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5QU IDEAPAD Z470 1022-5ZU IDEAPAD Z470 59-069325 IDEAPAD Z470 59-302529 IDEAPAD Z470 59-302552 IDEAPAD Z470 59-304782 IDEAPAD Z470 59-304784 IDEAPAD Z470 59-304785 IDEAPAD Z470 59-306695 IDEAPAD Z470 59-321585 IDEAPAD Z470 59-321587 IDEAPAD Z470 SERIES IDEAPAD Z475 59318429 IDEAPAD Z475 SERIES IDEAPAD Z480 2148 IDEAPAD Z480 2148-35U IDEAPAD Z480 2148-36U IDEAPAD Z480 2148-3BU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-3EU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-3FU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-3HU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-46U IDEAPAD Z480 2148-4AU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-4BU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-4CU IDEAPAD Z480 2148-4NU IDEAPAD Z480 SERIES IDEAPAD Z485 SERIES IDEAPAD Z50-75 80EC SERIES IDEAPAD Z50-75 80EC00GKUS IDEAPAD Z50-75 80EC00KXUS IDEAPAD Z50-75 SERIES IDEAPAD Z500 20202 IDEAPAD Z500 5931 IDEAPAD Z500 593122U IDEAPAD Z500 593124U IDEAPAD Z500 593126U IDEAPAD Z500 593127U IDEAPAD Z500 59361311 IDEAPAD Z500 59361813 IDEAPAD Z500 59361820 IDEAPAD Z500 59372431 IDEAPAD Z500 59372433 IDEAPAD Z500 59372434 IDEAPAD Z500 59372436 IDEAPAD Z500 59372438 IDEAPAD Z500 59372439 IDEAPAD Z500 59377370 IDEAPAD Z500 SERIES IDEAPAD Z510 59400168 IDEAPAD Z510 59400176 IDEAPAD Z510 59400178 IDEAPAD Z510 59400180 IDEAPAD Z510 59400181 IDEAPAD Z510 59400184 IDEAPAD Z510 59400189 IDEAPAD Z510 59400191 IDEAPAD Z510 59400192 IDEAPAD Z510 59400193 IDEAPAD Z510 59400195 IDEAPAD Z510 59400196 IDEAPAD Z510 59400197 IDEAPAD Z510 59400198 IDEAPAD Z510 59400199 IDEAPAD Z510 59421665 IDEAPAD Z510 SERIES IDEAPAD Z510 TOUCH SERIES IDEAPAD Z560 0914 IDEAPAD Z560 0914-32U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-33U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-37U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-38U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-39U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3AU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3BU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3DU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3EU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3HU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3JU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3KU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3LU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3MU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3NU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3PU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3YU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-3ZU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-43U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-46U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-48U IDEAPAD Z560 0914-4DU IDEAPAD Z560 0914-4EU IDEAPAD Z560 SERIES IDEAPAD Z565 4311 IDEAPAD Z565 4311-34U IDEAPAD Z565 4311-35U IDEAPAD Z565 4311-36U IDEAPAD Z565 4311-37U IDEAPAD Z565 4311-3CU IDEAPAD Z565 4311-3DU IDEAPAD Z565 4311-3HU IDEAPAD Z565 4311-3JU IDEAPAD Z565 SERIES IDEAPAD Z570 1024 IDEAPAD Z570 1024-32U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-33U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-34U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-36U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-3JU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-3SU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-3WU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-3ZU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-94U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-95U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-96U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-97U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-98U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9GU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9HU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9JU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9LU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9MU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9QU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9RU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-9UU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-A3U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-A6U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-AFU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-AKU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-ALU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-AMU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-ASU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-AVU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-D9U IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DAU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DCU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DDU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DEU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DHU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DJU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DKU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DNU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-DQU IDEAPAD Z570 1024-E2G IDEAPAD Z570 SERIES IDEAPAD Z575 1299 IDEAPAD Z575 1299-22U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-25U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-27U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-29U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-2DU IDEAPAD Z575 1299-2JU IDEAPAD Z575 1299-2KU IDEAPAD Z575 1299-2QU IDEAPAD Z575 1299-32U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-33U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-34U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-36U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-37U IDEAPAD Z575 1299-92J IDEAPAD Z575 1299-95J IDEAPAD Z575 1299-96J IDEAPAD Z575 1299-XB6 IDEAPAD Z575 1299-XF7 IDEAPAD Z575 M75D5GE IDEAPAD Z575 M75DKUK IDEAPAD Z575 SERIES IDEAPAD Z580 20135 IDEAPAD Z580 2151 IDEAPAD Z580 2151-23U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-24U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-26U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-27U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-28U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-29U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-2MU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-34U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-35U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-37U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-3FU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-3JU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-4AU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-4CU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-4DU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-4EU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-4FU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-4JU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-63U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-64U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-65U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-67U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-68U IDEAPAD Z580 2151-6EU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-6HU IDEAPAD Z580 2151-D2G IDEAPAD Z580 2151-DKG IDEAPAD Z580 2151-DNG IDEAPAD Z580 2151-HKG IDEAPAD Z580 2151-JRG IDEAPAD Z580 2151-KAG IDEAPAD Z580 2151-KHG IDEAPAD Z580 5934 IDEAPAD Z580 59345242 IDEAPAD Z580 59345245 IDEAPAD Z580 59345246 IDEAPAD Z580 59345249 IDEAPAD Z580 59345252 IDEAPAD Z580 59345254 IDEAPAD Z580 59347636 IDEAPAD Z580 5935 IDEAPAD Z580 59350984 IDEAPAD Z580 59352501 IDEAPAD Z580 59358459 IDEAPAD Z580 5936 IDEAPAD Z580 59365428 IDEAPAD Z580 5937 IDEAPAD Z580 59371483 IDEAPAD Z580 59371490 IDEAPAD Z580 59371492 IDEAPAD Z580 59371494 IDEAPAD Z580 M81D2UK IDEAPAD Z580 M81DKMX IDEAPAD Z580 M81FAGE IDEAPAD Z580 SERIES IDEAPAD Z585 2617 IDEAPAD Z585 2617-24U IDEAPAD Z585 2617-28U IDEAPAD Z585 2617-29U IDEAPAD Z585 5934 IDEAPAD Z585 59345305 IDEAPAD Z585 59345307 IDEAPAD Z585 59345759 IDEAPAD Z585 5936 IDEAPAD Z585 59361463 IDEAPAD Z585 SERIES IDEAPAD Z710 20250 IDEAPAD Z710 59387520 IDEAPAD Z710 59387522 IDEAPAD Z710 59392247 IDEAPAD Z710 59400467 IDEAPAD Z710 59400485 IDEAPAD Z710 59400486 IDEAPAD Z710 59400487 IDEAPAD Z710 59400493 IDEAPAD Z710 59421370 IDEAPAD Z710 59434383 IDEAPAD Z710 59434384 IDEAPAD Z710 59436366 IDEAPAD Z710 59436369 IDEAPAD Z710 SERIES

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