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Step-by-step LCD Installation Instructions for HP DV6000

1 Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery prior to disassembling the laptop.

2 Remove 6 rubber screw covers.

3 Remove 6 bezel screws. Note that there are 2 longer screws at the bottom and 4 shorter ones at the top.

4 Now you can remove the bezel. Pry open the plastic away from the screen on one side, then move to the top towards the other side and finally to the bottom. Don't apply too much force, since you can break the plastic.

5 Loosen 4 bottom screws to get better access to frame screws.

6 Remove 2 frame screws on each side of the screen. As you reach the last screw secure the LCD with your hand in order to prevent the screen from falling.

7 Place the screen on the keyboard. Disconnect power cable from inverter board.

8 Lift tape that secures video connector and disconnect video cable.
Discard the old LCD.

9 Take out new LCD. Place a paper tower or a cloth on the keyboard to protect the new screen against scratches first, then place the screen on top.

10 Reattach the power cable to the inverter.

11 Reconnect the video cable and secure the video connector with its tape. Be very careful and don't apply too much force while reconnecting the video cable since it is very fragile.

12 Lift the LCD up, line it up with the frame and replace the 4 frame screws holding the screen.

13 Remove protective film from the LCD.

14 Fasten the 4 bottom screws.

15 Test the new screen. Connect the power and turn on the laptop. If the start up graphics appear the screen is installed correctly. Turn off the laptop and disconnect the power again.

16 Replace the bezel. Start at the bottom and move up to the top gently snapping the plastic around the perimeter.

17 Replace the 6 bezel screws according to their length.

18 Finally, replace the rubber screw covers. And you're done!