How to place an order provides replacement LCDs for cracked and malfunctioning laptop displays, we guarantee a working replacement or your money back!

If your screen is cracked we can help by quickly providing an LCD that will either be exactly the same or an equivalent spec compatible LCD panel that we guarantee will work in your computer. If your laptop screen is not physically damaged, or you are unsure what the problem is, you can read our quick tips for simple screen issues which may help you determine the cause of the issue.

Ordering from us is easy, just like with all major on-line shopping: Find the items on our site, add them to cart and go to the check-out to select your shipping method, pay for the order and done!

Finding your item:

You can locate the replacement on our site by either the LCD screen model number or by the Laptop model number.
Our laptop model number listings provide all the various display options that may have shipped with your laptop series, which for some laptops like this Dell Latitude E6540 can be numerous, while our LCD model number listing will narrow down the possible options to your exact specifications. Therefore using an LCD model search will provide the exact item you need.

Using search:

Our site provides a central search field for quickly locating your exact listing. It is best to use just the model of your device and exclude any brand-names or series names i.e. if looking for HP Pavilion G71-340US screen use only G71-340US. And when searching by an LCD model number it is always best to select the full model number including any Revisions - "N156HGA-EAL Rev.C1", Versions - "B156HW01 V.4" or Hardware Variations "B156HW01 V.4 HW1A" from the search results.

Using site provided navigation:

Our site also provides a click-path to the correct model of your laptop from the manufacturer Brands sidebar on our home page. Certain laptop brands produce various series of products i.e. Acer Aspire, Dell Latitude, HP Pavilion. Select the appropriate series of your laptop and proceed to selecting the model number.

Understanding our listings:

If you have searched by the LCD model number, you will likely have just two options of the replacement LCDs: Matte and Gloss - and those are perfectly interchangeable - you can pick whichever suits your needs and tastes most. If you have searched by a laptop model i.e. Dell Latitude E6540, you may be faced with a variety of options which are not interchangeable.
Please use the screen selection tool above the listings to narrow down the options by your laptop's specifications:

— Answering all questions from the screen selection tool can narrow down your selection to just one option.
— Answering all questions from the screen selection tool can narrow down your selection to just one option.
Here are the most common factors that affect compatibility of the possible options:

Size - some laptop model numbers released with size variations. Incorrect size of the replacement LCD is not likely to work in-place of a different size.
Resolution - very important - we recommend to always replace your broken screen with a new screen of the same resolution. Upgrading the resolution may be possible, but we cannot guarantee your results.
Connector - some laptops come with various screen connector standards to provide for additional Touch functionality or ultra high resolution options. And some laptop models were released over the periods of technology transitions and may feature several non-interchangeable standards under one model moniker. The connector and the signalling technology of the replacement LCD must exactly match the original's.

We provide all the potential options that have been used in any particular laptop, it is the buyers responsibility to select the option that is suitable for their laptop by matching the specifications of their original LCD. Please consider removing your cracked LCD and searching our site by the LCD model number if you are unsure of your specific options.

Proceeding to check-out:

Once you have your item, you would simply Add it to Cart and continue onto the check-out. At this point our site will offer to Login as a returning customer (for those who already have an account and would like to use a repeat purchaser discount), or to create a new customer account or proceed as guest. Guest accounts do not receive repeat purchaser discounts.


Next our site will offer all the possible delivery options to the address you provided for your order in the previous step. Our shipping rates are provided live, and use your specific location information to provide the exact quote and the delivery time estimate. Options may be limited depending on the availability of the inventory at any of our particular origination facilities.


We accept VISA & Mastercard credit and debit cards, PayPal, Wire & Interac Online (with-in Canada). Options may vary by your geographical location. Our credit card processing practices follow the Payment Card Industry standards (PCI DSS). Our site is regularly monitored and scanned by 3rd party PCI compliance assessors, and our organization addresses any potential inconsistencies with the industry published standards as soon as they are discovered.

Fraud Prevention:

Internet fraud is unfortunately a continuingly growing industry. Fraud and identity theft has cost consumers more than $16,000,000,000.00 (16 billion dollars) in 2017 just in the USA!!! As an on-line store, we are very well aware of methods and practices of internet fraud.

In-order to prevent fraud and to protect the innocent Credit Card holders, orders that are being shipped to an address other than the billing address may be declined or put on-hold for further verification.

We understand that some customers may be travelling out of State and even over-seas, and we are prepared to work with our customers to ensure the timely delivery of their replacement LCD, and we appreciate the cooperation our customers extend to us in ensuring that every transaction is authorized.


Every order we ship comes with a tracking number. We provide a tracking number for the order at the end of the shipping day via an e-mail. Tracking number arrives after the order confirmation e-mail. Tracking numbers for each shipment can also be found in our Orders section.

What to expect:

When your order arrives it will be shipped in a brown box appropriately sized to your item. The boxes we use are ultra heavy grade cardboard. While cost effective, they provide beyond adequate level of protection for our fragile items. When the order arrives it should be inspected for damage right away - courier damage claims are accepted with-in 10 days of shipment.

Whats next?

Once you have your replacement screen, and some time and patience, take a quick look through the typical LCD installation procedure. While majority of laptops provide a very simple way to replace their screen, some laptops may be more difficult than others. Please take a look in our Video Tutorial Library for your specific laptop instructions if you are not sure on how to proceed.
Hopefully you'll have a wonderful experience getting your laptop repaired, but if anything goes wrong contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

Exact models:

If you require an exact model LCD panel, we ask that you get in-touch with us via our on-line chat (bottom right corner) and make an inquiry before placing an order, even if you have already found a listing on our site for the model number you must have. We'll gladly disclose if we have that specific model and at which of our locations. You would then place an order regularly, but include "EXACT MODEL" in the order note. It will also help us to serve your request better, if you give us a heads-up about the custom request by providing the order number from your order confirmation e-mail as soon as you receive it.

, last updated July 13, 2018