As an on-line business, shipping is an integral part of our day. Customers expect the items to be delivered fast and undamaged, and we expect to live up to these aspirations 100%. Over the years as we evolved and moved forward, so did our packaging.

All LCD screens are proverbial square pieces of glass and plastic, and as our guess goes, are the most fragile part of a typical mobile computer. That simple fact has guided us in selecting our packaging methods. What we found is that screens have to be shipped in a box.
An obvious statement, however one would be surprised by how many customers do ship their screens in a soft envelope, please don’t be silly – never ship an LCD screen with-out putting it in a strong cardboard box.

As an LCD screen supplier we are now comfortable stating that we have found the pinnacle of sturdy and cost effective packaging, and only steel armored boxes will have an advantage over our current practices.
Today we use only double-walled heavy gauge cardboard boxes for the outside, and a large grade bubble-wrap to secure the screen on the inside.
The screen itself is always shipped in an anti-static silver bag and placed inside a smaller grade bubble-wrap envelope. This level of protection provides defense against mishandling accidents and industrial grade conveyor jams that happen in courier sorting houses from time to time.

On the picture below, you can see an exact type of boxes we are using for the most fragile models of LCD screens.

standing on a double-walled shipping box

standing on a double-walled shipping box

As it stands now, our shipping damage rate is a low low 0.02%, 1 in 5000 screens may arrive broken out of the box, and at the same time our shipping is tremendously cost effective, benefit which is directly transferred onto customers in form of cheaper shipping charges.

And we will continue searching for even more cost effective and sturdier packaging methods.

As always guarantees a working replacement or full money back, so if the screen you receive appears to be damaged through shipping – no worries – just let our support department know – and we will take care of the mishap as swift and prompt as humanly possible.

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