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Replacement Part Types

There are several parts relating to the screen of any particular device that work together to provide an image, touch capability and cosmetic looks.

Our Replacement Part Types are:

1. LCD screen only - a typical LCD panel of a typical laptop.
Most standard laptops only require an LCD panel to fix their screen.

2. Touch digitizer + LCD screen - LCD panel and a touch-digitizer combo.
Some laptops, tablets and smartphones use an LCD/Digitizer sandwich combo which may not always be easily separable and may be recommended to be replaced as a whole.

3. Touch digitizer Only - touch-screen function only.
Since touch-screen digitizer lays on-top of the display it may get physically damaged, while the display itself is still OK.

4. Glass protector - cosmetic in nature.
Some computers (i.e. 2008-2012 MacBook pro) have a cosmetic glass overlay that neither serve touch functions or display functions. It simply sits on-top of the display and adds to the laptop's look.

5. Frameless LCD matrix - part of an LCD display whole.
Some computers (i.e. MacBook Air, MacBook Retina) have such a thin display assembly that you may only be able to replace the part of the LCD module that produces the image itself - and other parts such as the back-light diodes, light guides and diffusers remain part of the display assembly and are reused during repair.

6. Complete display assembly - entire top half of the laptop.
Also referred to as top shell and display assembly, parts of this type provide an easier installation alternative on some of the ultra-thin devices.

7. Embedded Touch Panel - just like a standard LCD module, but with touch functionality built-in.
This option has the touch functionality/hardware embedded onto the LCD module. Not to be confused with a "Touch digitizer + LCD" combo, this new parts category goes a step further and incorporates the touch sensor layer directly onto the LCD substrate.
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