B156XW02 V.1 Replacement LCD screen from $119.99

Make sure new screen has same size, resolution, connector type as your old one!
B156XW02 V.1
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Make sure new screen has same size, resolution, connector type as your old one!
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B156XW02 V.1 Laptop LCD Screens Quality Review

Our company distributes genuine laptop screens of the unsurpassed quality. The LCD screens that we sell are made by reputable manufacturers. We sell only genuine original laptop screens - no generic or fake. The quality of these screens is exceptional because they are the same as the ones that laptop manufacturers use in their current laptop models. The production of laptop LCD screen is a complex task that is why there are no generic or fake screens available on the market.

Our huge stock of notebook LCD screens have been manufactured solely by large corporations like AUO, Chi-Mei, Toshiba, Hannstar, Chunghwa, Samsung, LG Phillips, Sharp, etc. They are globally recognized suppliers of electronic components. They manufacture an array of products, ranging from laptop internal cables, motherboards, LCD screens, hard drives, and DVD drives to keyboards. These manufacturers strive hard to maintain the highest quality of the LCD screens. Their LCD laptop screens are able to work in the most demanding environment.

To learn more about these manufacturers, please check the official websites:

Chi Mei Optoelectronics
LG Philips
Hydis Hundai

Please see our FAQ AND ARTICLES section for installation guides or for any questions related to Payment, Shipping, Warranty Policy etc.
When ordering a screen for your laptop, it is very important to review all key specifications for your screen.
Quite often popular computer models are released over a prolonged period of time, which results in different screens being shipped under the same model of the laptop. You can consult with your manufacturer, or review your owners manual for the correct laptop screen you require.
Key specifications which you should make sure to match are: Size, Resolution and the back light technology.
Size is measured diagonally, only the viewable area is considered in the size of the screen - no frames or bezels.
Resolution should be matched to your original LCD native resolution, as there are differences in cabling needed to support higher resolutions.
Back lighting technology is very important for you to review with careful consideration: LED and CCFL screens are not interchangeable,
and ordering an incorrect back light will result in a completely different screen being delivered.

The screen you are purchasing, may be 100% compatible with an iteration of a laptop model, but it may not be the correct screen for your particular computer. Please review all laptop screens listed for your model, prior to placing an order. Unlike some competitors we do not list same screens multiple times to fill up the page and to confuse the customer. All screens listed for any particular model, have been carefully reviewed by us to be a proper fit for a general model; so all the screens you see have at some point been shipped with your model of the laptop. If you are unsure on any of the three key specifications for your LCD panel, please submit a support query here, and we will review your particular model and advise on all possible options.

The last specification for the screen is the surface finish, and this one is actually up to your personal preference. We try to provide the most options for our buyers, and encounter a considerable amount of customers who would like to change their glossy screen to matte and vice-versa. Quite often you might be looking at a laptop review, which praises every other feature except the screen finish - that is a personal opinion of the reviewer and there is no final answer to which one is better, glossy or matte. To clarify some confusion, most fancy names from manufacturers like CrystalBrite or CineCrystal or SuperBright in relation to LCD screens mean that those laptops shipped with a glossy (mirror-like finish). Most typical matte screens are called anti-glare. High gloss screens are great for dark rooms, use in the evening, and arguably produce better image for pictures and videos; but are almost completely unusable in direct sunlight, or with a bright source of light (or a window) behind the user. Matte screens are usually reserved for higher end business oriented computers, which typically see most use in board rooms, or in the field meeting with clients or performing presentations during business hours. So matte screens are typically better for documents, e-mail and instant messaging in well lit (or excessively lit) environments. You should review your personal habits, as to what screen finish you should get, and we will always try to cater the most options to you.

Please make sure to review your order prior to submitting it; because selecting an incorrect screen, will result in you having to return the screen back to us for exchange, and it will definitely delay the repair time for your computer.