How to submit a support ticket

Creating a support ticket is very simple on our website. You can click Support Tickets at the top right corner on any page of our website and you will be asked to log-in with your existing account or if you had placed your order as a Guest you would enter your e-mail and the order number.

Why use tickets?

While we offer Toll-free telephone support and on-site chat, creating a ticket is by far the most direct and precise method of contacting us that will provide you with timely updates and an ability to send us files like pictures and screenshots and to receive return labels or any additional documentation back from us. Tickets are answered on average with-in 15 minutes during business hours, and every ticket will be addressed with-in 24 hours regardless of the time of day or day of the week it was created.

In what case to submit a support ticket?

We accept any kind of inquiry! Whether you are looking to buy and have questions, trying to see if the issue with your computer is related to the LCD, or if you are troubleshooting a screen you've received from us, we will gladly address your concern.

What information needs to be provided?

For logged-in users we ask that they select the order number from a drop down list if the inquiry is related to a specific order. For guest users the order should be already pre-selected from the previous step. Aside from a brief description of the concern, we do ask the person creating the ticket to include their name so that you can be properly addressed by our agents.

Pictures are always helpful! We provide file upload fields for our customers to send us pictures of their situation, and we always encourage our customers to include pictures of the received item and the previously installed (broken) LCD. This helps us filter out any incorrect parts and take appropriate actions such as providing free return labels or initiating courier claims immediately.

What to expect?

As mentioned previously, most tickets are answered with-in 15 minutes during our very extensive business hours: 12am - 6pm.
If the inquiry is simple and complete, the answer will arrive fast and all the necessary actions will be set-up to proceed. For more difficult or incomplete inquiries we will acknowledge the receipt of the ticket and will provide a timeline for when you can expect an answer. We may ask for clarifications, and a notification of our reply will be sent to your e-mail.

In either case you can expect an answer from us fast, and if all the necessary information is provided actionable inquiries will be addressed first! We do not simply provide 1 reply per day - we are here to address your inquiry, not to avoid it.

Toll-free and Chat

Our support agents will gladly assist with creating your support ticket inquiry, and in some cases they can create the ticket on behalf of the customer. Whichever the case may be, we do caution our customers of a possibility of miscommunication and ask our customers to consider creating a support ticket directly to avoid any potential delays or clarifications.

last updated July 31, 2018