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Great company to do business with. Customer is very satisfied !

Jesse Mullins

I just received my new Acer Aspire E1-532-2635 Screen from your site today. I must admit, I have broken screens in the past and every time I did, not ONE person was able to ship a screen as fast as you guys/girls did. Not one person was as cheap as you and never the less, great GREAT quality. Thank you SO much. I was even able to figure out how to replace the screen in seconds without even needing the video.

Christopher Scott

I received my order in record time, evidently you have access to transporter technology. The install was painless with the exception of hunting for dropped really tiny screws and the monitor performs flawlessly. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make a tutorial for youtube, but you can copy and paste this if you so desire.
Purchasing from you saved me several hundred dollars!
The tutorials were easy to follow and were very accurate.
Makes me want to crack my screen just to relive this awesome experience all over again. =)
Thanks again.


I have purchased 2 screens from LaptopScreen.com, and both times I have been very satisfied. Much cheaper to do it myself than to have another party handle the task. The website also has "How To" videos for certain laptop brands and styles, so that you can install the product with ease. The product was also shipped on time. The packaging could be better, but over all very satisfied with my purchases!


thanks again for very well service
fast convience and plesent

eli avisrur


August 28, 2014

IPS vs. TN displays

July 2014 August 2014 September 2014
There are several types of LED screens for some of the newer laptops. A few recent laptops were made with an optional upgrade from a regular TN display to an IPS model. These two types can be interchangeable without having to replace any other parts.

For example, a 15.6" LCD LP156WF4(SP)(B1) can be upgraded to an IPS version.

TN displays suffer from limited viewing angles, especially in the vertical direction. Colours will shift when viewed off-perpendicular. In the vertical direction, colors will shift so much that they will invert past a certain angle. Most TN panels represent colors using only six bits per RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour, or 18 bit in total, and are unable to display the 16.7 million color shades (24-bit truecolor) that are available from graphics cards.

Generally speaking, TN is not better than IPS, or vice-versa. Gamers will generally be happy with TN panels because of the exceptional response time; photographers and graphic designers should buy an IPS monitor instead for they have a higher colour accuracy.

The differences in a nutshell:

TN = Twisted Nematic.
IPS = In-Plane Switching.

IPS panels.

This technology was developed in mid-1996 by Hitachi, and sold to Panasonic in 2010.


  • Provide better viewing angles

  • Generally have a better colour accuracy


  • Have higher response times (the best response time is 5 milliseconds vs. 2 milliseconds for TN panels)

  • Are more expensive than TN panels

TN panels.


  • Lower response times

  • Generally cheaper than IPS


    • Worse colour accuracy

    • Poorer viewing angles



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