Replacing Laptop Screens is easier than ever.

There is a lot that can be said about fixing a display an a typical laptop in 2024. It is still easy to replace a cracked laptop screen, and its even easier on some of the newest laptops. With thinner bezels, lots of pliable adhesive, and the lack of screws, some LCDs are replaced with just a plastic pick as the only tool.

The past few years saw a resurgence of laptop use with work from home and school work requiring mobility and portability, with full sized keyboards and large screens. With such use cases, occasional display damage is inevitable as LCD screens continue to be fragile. Some of the most common ways the laptop displays can become cracked are via physical damage when traveling, followed by objects such as earbuds, pens and pencils being left on the keyboard when a laptop is closed.

LCD screen is a device that is built around two planes of glass thinner than 1 millimeter, fused along the perimeter to form a matrix of pixels with liquid crystals solution sandwiched in between. The liquid crystals act as a light shutter and remain opaque and closed when not electrified, only becoming transparent when power is applied. The light is provided by the LED back-lighting structure, consisting of a strip of LEDs and light-guides collecting the light and redirecting it onto the pixel matrix. When power is applied to a pixel, the liquid crystals reorient themselves to become transparent which results in pixel becoming bright. The light is then passed through a color filter and shown to the user.

A cracked LCD screen cannot be repaired, just like a broken glass window it needs to be replaced. Majority of run of the mill laptops that can be found in Best Buy, Micro Center, Walmart continue to use standard LCD modules that are self-contained – meaning the whole device is on a single module, including the pixel matrix, the backlight and the circuitry needed to drive it. Most laptop screens feature only a single connector and swapping an LCD can be a matter of 15 minutes.

We guarantee a working replacement LCD or your money back! Our company has been offering affordable and reliable LCD replacement for laptops for over 15 years. Your purchase is protected by our device-lifetime warranty that covers the new LCD you receive from us against any possible manufacturer defects for as long as it is installed in the device it was bought for. With easy 45 day returns and no-cost replacement guarantee, we are invested in providing you with a replacement laptop screen that you will use and keep for a long time.

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