Laptop LCD upgrades are now live!

Have you ever been unhappy with your laptop’s original screen?
Did you ever think that your laptop would be perfect if only the colors didn’t shift at a slightest angle?
Were you dreaming that your gaming computer could show you more than a mere 60 frames per second?

Did you ever wonder if you can upgrade your lack-luster built-in display on your otherwise awesome laptop?

Now you can!

We have rolled-out “UPGRADE OPTIONS” feature and for select laptops our site will now offer screen upgrades that we know will work directly on your laptop without any additional parts or tools – plug and play!

By upgrading your screen on our site you can enjoy the wide viewing angles, professional color ranges and double the frame rates for smooth motion and gaming! And you will be fully covered by our device life-time warranty that protects your new LCD from manufacturer defects for as long as you own the device that it was purchased for.

Thousands of laptop models can now be upgraded via our site with display options that were never offered by the original manufacturer because they were considered premium, luxury and “high-end segment”.


IPS (In-plane switching) – Better viewing angles because of a different way of constructing the pixels. Colors will no longer shift if you look at your display from the side or from above.

IPS Professional Color – A wider range of physical colors reproducible by the LCD. A must-have for professional photography, print and publishing, available to you at a fraction of the cost.

120Hz – A maximum refresh rate of the display (most commonly 60Hz) dictates how many pictures your display can show per second. With a 120 Hertz upgrade, your new display can deliver double the frames each second for smoother motion and a much more immersive visual experience.

120Hz IPS – All of the advantages of a 120Hertz upgrade combined with wide viewing angles and improved color range.