Its very obvious from our name that we sell screens for laptops. We also sell some tablet and smartphone LCDs and touch-screens (digitizers), mostly for iPhones, iPads & some Galaxy Tablets & Phones. But it really isn’t the sole value that our company provides to the potential buyers. While laptop and portable electronics screens are our niche, we believe that the distinguishing value in our offer is the service, support and the guarantee which goes into delivering the correct fine quality working LCD replacement on time, every-time!

Over the years laptop screens have become a widely-available commodity. They are manufactured by some of the largest multinational conglomerates and are released to a variety of open and closed markets regularly. This means affordable LCD replacement can be had from many different companies, big and small. It also means that no company gets a monopoly on certain types and makes of screens and any company can provide similar products at similar prices. Therefore, when it comes to having a positive LCD replacement experience the quality of the company itself will play a bigger role in the ultimate shopping experience.

For a company that has been successfully in-business for over a decade, it is obvious that delivering sub-par products to customers will negatively affect the future and the bottom line. We don’t base our purchasing decisions on lowest prices. Unlike some fly-by-night marketplace sellers we are heavily invested in our reputation, process and policies. Almost half of our everyday orders come from our returning customers – and we are very interested in and are very thankful for the return business! That is why we will always attempt to source the best possible parts from our upstream suppliers.

As a company which is intimately involved with replacing laptop LCD screens, we are well aware which LCDs go into which computer, and what alternative parts would work instead. But that doesn’t mean that we will purchase the cheapest working options by default. We drill down further into details and give preference to important technical characteristics that affect how the image appears to our customers. We consider viewing angles, brightness, contrast ratio and color representation, and several other factors in our purchasing decisions.

And while we try to provide a working replacement LCD the first time, we also back our offer with live North American support. From 12am to 6pm Pacific (3am-9pm Eastern) our toll-free number is answered by real people, and you don’t have to navigate any telephone menus or speak to a computer. We also answer the majority of support tickets with-in 15 minutes during business hours and we keep our on-line chat open during the above hours for inquiry.

We guarantee a working replacement or your money back!

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