In the past recent years, Visa/Master Card-enabled debit cards have become more and more popular. In essence, a Visa or a Master Card debit card is a regular debit card, which allows you to make purchases directly through your bank account with US and International retailers either online, over the phone, or with mail orders; granted that these retailers accept Visa / Master Card.

The quick answer to this question would be: Yes, we do accept debit cards at

To pay with your debit card, select one of the four options at the checkout as applicable:

– VISA DEBIT issued by a bank in USA

– VISA DEBIT issued by a bank outside of USA

– Master Card DEBIT issued by a bank in USA

– Master Card DEBIT issued by a bank outside of USA

So, why is your debit card order may not be going through?

1. You may not have sufficient funds to proceed with the order. Before you call your bank or ourselves, please check your balance.

2. You may have a browser-related issue. If the page seems to be loading, but it has been doing that for a long time, do not try to stop, and reload. This may result in a duplicate payment. Instead, close the page, open in a new tab, and click Orders tab. If you do not observe any recent orders, the order did not complete. Please try placing the order again, or call us (1-855-630-1111 continental US/Canada or 206-299-0699 outside of continental US/Canada) to quickly pay via phone.

3. If you have enough balance, but your card is still getting declined, it is possible that you are getting an international restriction error. As you know, we have two locations: in USA (Seattle, WA) and in Canada (Vancouver, BC). As a rule, all US orders are processed via the US, and all Canadian orders get processed via Canada. However, very rarely, when the US server is busy, the US orders may be attempted to be processed via the Canadian server to avoid further delays. And some US debit cards may have an international restriction block applied to them by default; which means all payments outside of the USA will be blocked for security reasons. If that happens to you, we ask that you try placing your order at a later time, or contact your bank and ask them to remove the restriction – this should only take a few minutes.

if you have any other problems getting your order processed, or any concerns whatsoever  – please make sure to contact us. We will be happy to help with any inquiries or questions that may arise.


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