The three most important factors you need to verify prior to ordering an LCD screen:

1) backlight type;
2) size;
3) resolution. 

As you already know from our previous posts, the LCD screens come with different backlight types, and in different sizes. In this article we will focus on finding the screen with the right resolution.

The resolution of the LCD screen refers to the amount of pixels in it. For example, the most common resolution in modern laptops is 1366×768 pixels. This means that there are 1366 pixels in the display horizontally, and 768 pixels vertically. In a nutshell, a pixel is a dot on your screen that changes colors and composes the image. The more pixels you have, the clearer the image will be. Higher resolution displays tend to be more popular amongst gamers, graphic designers, and video enthusiasts.

Most laptop models come with only one size and one resolution; however, some laptops are sold with an optional upgrade to a higher resolution display. The problem is, that even though the cable connecting the LCD to the laptop has the same amount of pins, higher resolution feed contains more data, so dual-channel cable is used during the assembly (vs. a single-channel cable on a lower resolution). As well as that, some video cards are not able to handle the higher resolution; and for these two reasons we do not recommend upgrading or downgrading the resolution.

There are several options to locate the screen resolution.

1. If the original screen is still readable, and there are no external displays plugged in to the laptop:

Step 1: Go to (this will only work if the laptop is set to display the highest resolution).


Step 2: If your computer is running on Windows, right click on the desktop and go to Display Properties. The highest resolution setting in the resolution drop-down menu is the resolution of your laptop screen.

2. If the original screen does not display properly.

Step 1: Check the user’s manual, the box the laptop shipped in, or the laptop itself. Chances are, that at least one of the three will mention the screen resolution.


Step 2: Remove the LCD from the laptop, and locate the model number on the back of the LCD screen. Search for this model on our website.


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  1. m

    “the most common resolution in modern laptops is 1366×768 pixels. This means that there are 1366 pixels in the display vertically, and 768 pixels horizontally.”
    Wrong! V & H should be transposed.


      Thank you for pointing out this error, we will have this article corrected.

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