One of the main reasons people visit our site is because they have a laptop with a broken screen and it needs to be replaced. Usually people know what happened to their laptop to cause the screen to break, and other times it’s a mystery. As well a “broken” screen is not always a broken screen as they might think. The most obvious evidence of a broken screen is cracked glass or clear signs of physical damage to your screen, but what if the screen is not working properly or doesn’t display at all, is it broken?

Broken vs defective


A broken screen should only be referred to as broken when there are signs of physical damage. A screen with physical damage will have broken glass or black splotches on the display, like ink. There have even been times where customers stated that they opened their laptop one day and the screen just appeared this way, so its not damaged. However this is not true. A screen can be damaged if the laptop had an impact to the lid while it was closed or by the simple mistake of opening/closing the lid from one corner.

Older laptops had a locking mechanism that helped enforce you to open the lid from the center, however with today’s laptops manufacturers focus on fashion over function, giving you slimmer sleeker designs which in turn are making these devices more susceptible to accidental damage. Nowadays customers are in the habit of opening and closing their laptops from one corner, but what they don’t realize is that this can cause stress or bend the screen just enough to crack the glass, even if they do it slowly and carefully. The best and the recommended way to open and close a laptop is from the center with one hand, while holding the palm rest down with the other hand.

A defective screen is one that is not working properly or not at all, without any clear signs of physical damage to the screen. Some examples can be distorted images or coloring, pixelization, resolution lines, backlight issues or a blank screen. However just because a screen appears to be defective it may not actually be the fault of the LCD panel itself. One simple test most people can do at home is to connect their laptop to an external monitor or display like a T.V. using a VGA or HDMI cable or even wirelessly. If the external display shows the same problem as your laptops screen, then your issue is with the laptops hardware, graphics card failure/processor failure, or in some cases software.

However if the external display is fine and only the laptop has the issues, then we can narrow down the problem to the screen or its video cable. The screen is connected to your motherboard via a multi-lane data cable, this is how the video is received and displayed as images. Should this cable become damaged or loose from the connections this will cause an interruption in the signal and present the aforementioned examples. There is no easy way for most customers to troubleshoot whether they have a screen problem or cable problem, as they will need to have another known working part to test with.  We discuss this in our article in more detail here: Quick Fix Tips for Simple Screen Issues

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  1. Bradley Johnson

    I thank you for your great service. The correct screen, a day early,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DONE!

  2. PK

    I have a DELL Inspiron 5558. I have been dealing with a blank screen since last week. It started out a defective screen (horizontal lines) and now completely blank. It makes 8 beeps which according to various articles on the internet it could be a LCD failure. I’m not sure if it is just a screen failure or TOUCH Screen + LCD failure or just a cable. How would I know what part to order to fix this issue? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Job

    Hello Sir,

    I have a doubt regarding physical damage on LCD screens. If there is any mark there on screen when u power off the monitor. then that means it is due to pressure on that lcd screen it appears.. Am i right?

  4. kayden biggin

    so when i turn my screen off it still shows the image i wan on by the way my little brother put it on the floor and put clothes over it and i accedentally stepped on it any ideas on what is broken on the inside

  5. Aleshire Mueller

    It sure was informative how you said that opening the laptop from one side brings stress to the glass or bend the screen and can actually cause it to crack. I guess that is the reason why there is a large crack on the topmost portion of the laptop. My brother usually opens it by pulling it from the left side. I will get a professional to give a check and see if the glass can still be repaired or replaced, then I will see to it that it does not happen again.


      Hopefully you will be able to repair your laptop, and your brother will practice opening the laptop from the center from now on.

    2. DIva

      did u manage to replace the screen of your laptop?

  6. Ayaan

    I have a lenovo laptop .I once dissconected the cable which connected the screen panel to the rest of the hardware when i pushed it back in ,the laptop screen being on turned black.It went totally blank.
    I want to know if i have to replace the screen panel or it can be repaired.

  7. Dave

    Hi there
    I have an Lenovo ideapad 305, when turned on it displays ok then it starts flashing white from the edges, it also flashes if you tap the lid or open and shut the lid.
    I have attached external monitor and it displays ok even when laptop screen is being erratic. I removed screen turned on laptop and wiggled the lead where it goes through hinge and it had no effect on screen. So is a new screen required or is there anymore testing I can do, I do have multimeters .


      Hello, this could be a failure with flat ribbon cable, either being loose or damaged, or the connector on the screen. You may want to carefully check both for any minor damages to the cable or the connector leads. If you cannot spot any indicators of where the fault is, the only options for you is to take the laptop to a repair center to diagnose, or take the chance of replacing the part you think is at fault and hope that it resolves your issue. If you decide to replace the screen and you are still having the same problems, than it is likely the cable needs to be replaced. We can accept a return for refund for the screen purchase within 45 days should you not need it.

  8. Salifu Adam

    Please i have an acer laptop and one day i was using it and i realise that the screen is becoming “deem” that is seing red colour to be black, i was surprise and didn’t know what to do all of the suden it started changing colours from red, blue, white, black and green. Up till now i could not use it again and i dont know what is the problem.


      We recommend you connect your laptop to an external monitor to see if the same defect is displayed. If this problem occurs on the external monitor, this means the issue is with your laptop, typically the graphics card or processor is failing.
      However if the external monitors does not display this defect, your screen or the flat ribbon cable that connects to the screen is failing.

  9. Diva

    I have a lenovo ideapad 320, the first time i noticed my screen was cracked when there was a tiny crack on the bottom of the screen. There were black splotches but i thought that those black splotches would not spread to the other parts of the screen. Though i noticed the crack got wider and wider and so the splotches spread drastically as well. It was a small crack at first. I have never remembered a time where the screen of my laptop was physically damaged, but another crack appeared. The crack went all the way from the bottom middle to the upper right hand corner of the computer. The black splotches again spread wider. I have read that a condition like this isn’t repairable, but should I replace the screen instead of getting it fixed? Or is the screen irreplacable?


      Once the LCD has been damaged and leaking the black liquid crystal, it is not repairable. The simple fix to this is to replace the screen with a new one.

  10. ImaginaryFriend523

    I have been searching for a problem similar to mine all over the Internet but have had no luck. Hopefully you can help. I have a Lenovo laptop that is less than six months old. When I opened it up five days ago and used it, it was in full working order. But now today there is a horizontal band that runs evenly along the bottom of the screen and is about 3 cm wide. It is pinkish in colour and distorts the screen image behind it but, with concentration, you can still see what is happening underneath this band. There is also a ghost image/double image between what is seen in the band and what is seen beneath it, just slightly offset, like a shadow. The rest of the screen from this band upwards still works fine. This laptop is used in an office by several people. Is this something that could be caused by someone putting pressure or placing something heavy on a closed laptop? Or possibly spilling something on it? Or allowing it to get too cold when left overnight in a car? No one seems to know what could have happened to a perfectly working, very new laptop so trying to figure it out. Thanks for your help.


      The issue you are having can be 3 types of problems. Either the LCD is faulty and needs to be replaced, or the cable connecting to the screen is either A: loose and needs to be reseated or B: Damaged and needs to be replaced.
      You will not really know which of the 3 the problem will be unless you have your laptop taken to a repair center to be diagnosed or by replacing the screen or cable to see if this resolves the issue. You can however try removing the screen and re-install it to check if this was simply a loose connection.

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