One of the main reasons people visit our site is because they have a laptop with a broken screen and it needs to be replaced. Usually people know what happened to their laptop to cause the screen to break, and other times it’s a mystery. As well a “broken” screen is not always a broken screen as they might think. The most obvious evidence of a broken screen is cracked glass or clear signs of physical damage to your screen, but what if the screen is not working properly or doesn’t display at all, is it broken?

Broken vs defective


A broken screen should only be referred to as broken when there are signs of physical damage. A screen with physical damage will have broken glass or black splotches on the display, like ink. There have even been times where customers stated that they opened their laptop one day and the screen just appeared this way, so its not damaged. However this is not true. A screen can be damaged if the laptop had an impact to the lid while it was closed or by the simple mistake of opening/closing the lid from one corner.

Older laptops had a locking mechanism that helped enforce you to open the lid from the center, however with today’s laptops manufacturers focus on fashion over function, giving you slimmer sleeker designs which in turn are making these devices more susceptible to accidental damage. Nowadays customers are in the habit of opening and closing their laptops from one corner, but what they don’t realize is that this can cause stress or bend the screen just enough to crack the glass, even if they do it slowly and carefully. The best and the recommended way to open and close a laptop is from the center with one hand, while holding the palm rest down with the other hand.

A defective screen is one that is not working properly or not at all, without any clear signs of physical damage to the screen. Some examples can be distorted images or coloring, pixelization, resolution lines, backlight issues or a blank screen. However just because a screen appears to be defective it may not actually be the fault of the LCD panel itself. One simple test most people can do at home is to connect their laptop to an external monitor or display like a T.V. using a VGA or HDMI cable or even wirelessly. If the external display shows the same problem as your laptops screen, then your issue is with the laptops hardware, graphics card failure/processor failure, or in some cases software.

However if the external display is fine and only the laptop has the issues, then we can narrow down the problem to the screen or its video cable. The screen is connected to your motherboard via a multi-lane data cable, this is how the video is received and displayed as images. Should this cable become damaged or loose from the connections this will cause an interruption in the signal and present the aforementioned examples. There is no easy way for most customers to troubleshoot whether they have a screen problem or cable problem, as they will need to have another known working part to test with.  We discuss this in our article in more detail here: Quick Fix Tips for Simple Screen Issues

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  1. Bradley Johnson

    I thank you for your great service. The correct screen, a day early,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DONE!

  2. PK

    I have a DELL Inspiron 5558. I have been dealing with a blank screen since last week. It started out a defective screen (horizontal lines) and now completely blank. It makes 8 beeps which according to various articles on the internet it could be a LCD failure. I’m not sure if it is just a screen failure or TOUCH Screen + LCD failure or just a cable. How would I know what part to order to fix this issue? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

  3. Job

    Hello Sir,

    I have a doubt regarding physical damage on LCD screens. If there is any mark there on screen when u power off the monitor. then that means it is due to pressure on that lcd screen it appears.. Am i right?

  4. kayden biggin

    so when i turn my screen off it still shows the image i wan on by the way my little brother put it on the floor and put clothes over it and i accedentally stepped on it any ideas on what is broken on the inside

    1. AlphaWolf826436

      You could have broken as little as the screen, and/or the lcd behind it. Worst case scenario, you could have damaged critical internal components such as the motherboard, or the ram processor thing.


        We would agree with this assessment.

  5. Aleshire Mueller

    It sure was informative how you said that opening the laptop from one side brings stress to the glass or bend the screen and can actually cause it to crack. I guess that is the reason why there is a large crack on the topmost portion of the laptop. My brother usually opens it by pulling it from the left side. I will get a professional to give a check and see if the glass can still be repaired or replaced, then I will see to it that it does not happen again.


      Hopefully you will be able to repair your laptop, and your brother will practice opening the laptop from the center from now on.

    2. DIva

      did u manage to replace the screen of your laptop?

  6. Ayaan

    I have a lenovo laptop .I once dissconected the cable which connected the screen panel to the rest of the hardware when i pushed it back in ,the laptop screen being on turned black.It went totally blank.
    I want to know if i have to replace the screen panel or it can be repaired.

      1. emm BORI

        my kids bought me a lenovo for 2019 xmas – so 1 yr warranty is just over
        funny thing is this is my thrid lenovo – the first two were thinkpads and each of them had faulty screen issues which i was sure was virus but could find no proof
        today shut my lid went downstairs came back up opened lid began to search for ink and noticed a dead leaf on the screen – tried to wipe it off and then it was an inkblot the top left corner is fairly wrecked
        Now i know that nothing happened from close to open that the laptop has been safely snug and no where near hard object or the floor for sometime
        so i tried to restore system to earlier point in time and the thing just hung in system restore
        eventually had to turn it off
        also notice that when i open apps everything seems to be super slow
        all of which screams virus – but apparently there is no such virus and as before no anti virus program is finding an issue

        had just cancelled my subscription to Total AV – possibly a coincidence
        reinstalled the free version but Total AV still went ahead and took funds out of my PayPal Account which I am struggling to resolved
        All of these things have to admit brought out the paranoia tentacles to frantically scan the horizons
        Am now checking my home insurance to see if I am covered
        Swore i would never buy a lenovo again – screen and faulty key errors have driven me insane over the past and cost me a fortune in trying to resolve


          Please let us know if you require a screen replacement.

          1. Ryan

            Hey there

            I was reading these comments and wanted to say how helpful you have been to so many people so thank you for being amazing!

            I also have a MSI GE75 raider with a black screen. I wanted to replace the chassis of the laptop as the plastic was all broken due to how hot it gets even with all the fans on the O cooling. when I was re attaching the screen I may have done something to a wire or slightly bent the LCD as when I turned it back on after the replacement It had about 2 inches across of verticle lines where the screen was not working. A few weeks later a tiny bit of water was on the case, I turned it upside down and wiped it off but the screen fizzled out, started flickering then went dead a few minutes later.

            Everything works fine, it starts up and I can use it with an external monitor connected via HDMI, the gpu and cpu are functioning as they should. What would you suggest could be wrong with it? Before I fork out another few hundred to have the screen replaced. I think it would be LCD damage due to clumsy repairs on my behalf and possibly a blown fuse for the LCD screen caused by the water?

            Any insight would be much appreciated!


            Hello Ryan,

            It does sound quite likely that you have an issue with the panel and possibly the video cable at this point.

    1. Mia

      Hello! My Chromebook screen just appeared to be green and purple one day. I haven’t done anything like the above mentioned. It doesn’t look or feel like it’s been cracked. I just got this Chromebook a few month’s ago. Any help?


        Hi Mia! If the LCD is not damaged, it’s possible that reconnecting the video cable at the back of the LCD will help to resolve the issue. If the screen reacts to the lid being moved by changing colors or flickering, then you may need to replace your video cable as it got worn down at the hinges. And finally it is still possible that the LCD is physically damaged, but not entirely obvious at first glance, in which case an LCD replacement would be the fix.

  7. Dave

    Hi there
    I have an Lenovo ideapad 305, when turned on it displays ok then it starts flashing white from the edges, it also flashes if you tap the lid or open and shut the lid.
    I have attached external monitor and it displays ok even when laptop screen is being erratic. I removed screen turned on laptop and wiggled the lead where it goes through hinge and it had no effect on screen. So is a new screen required or is there anymore testing I can do, I do have multimeters .


      Hello, this could be a failure with flat ribbon cable, either being loose or damaged, or the connector on the screen. You may want to carefully check both for any minor damages to the cable or the connector leads. If you cannot spot any indicators of where the fault is, the only options for you is to take the laptop to a repair center to diagnose, or take the chance of replacing the part you think is at fault and hope that it resolves your issue. If you decide to replace the screen and you are still having the same problems, than it is likely the cable needs to be replaced. We can accept a return for refund for the screen purchase within 45 days should you not need it.

      1. Martha

        Hie how do l know if it’s the screen or the cable…my laptop is showing vertical lines and some pink concentrates …and sometimes it sticks on the middle when its playing …but if you operates it a a certain angle it will be working


          This issue can be the result of a loose or faulty cable, or the screen itself is becoming defective. If you have not tried yet, please remove the screen. Inspect the cable for damage, including the pins and the port side on the LCD. If everything appears to be normal, try reseating the connection insuring it is held tightly in place. If the defects appear when powering the laptop back on, you will need to try replacing the LCD or the cable, unless you have tools/methods to test both to see where the fault is.

  8. Salifu Adam

    Please i have an acer laptop and one day i was using it and i realise that the screen is becoming “deem” that is seing red colour to be black, i was surprise and didn’t know what to do all of the suden it started changing colours from red, blue, white, black and green. Up till now i could not use it again and i dont know what is the problem.


      We recommend you connect your laptop to an external monitor to see if the same defect is displayed. If this problem occurs on the external monitor, this means the issue is with your laptop, typically the graphics card or processor is failing.
      However if the external monitors does not display this defect, your screen or the flat ribbon cable that connects to the screen is failing.

  9. Diva

    I have a lenovo ideapad 320, the first time i noticed my screen was cracked when there was a tiny crack on the bottom of the screen. There were black splotches but i thought that those black splotches would not spread to the other parts of the screen. Though i noticed the crack got wider and wider and so the splotches spread drastically as well. It was a small crack at first. I have never remembered a time where the screen of my laptop was physically damaged, but another crack appeared. The crack went all the way from the bottom middle to the upper right hand corner of the computer. The black splotches again spread wider. I have read that a condition like this isn’t repairable, but should I replace the screen instead of getting it fixed? Or is the screen irreplacable?


      Once the LCD has been damaged and leaking the black liquid crystal, it is not repairable. The simple fix to this is to replace the screen with a new one.

  10. ImaginaryFriend523

    I have been searching for a problem similar to mine all over the Internet but have had no luck. Hopefully you can help. I have a Lenovo laptop that is less than six months old. When I opened it up five days ago and used it, it was in full working order. But now today there is a horizontal band that runs evenly along the bottom of the screen and is about 3 cm wide. It is pinkish in colour and distorts the screen image behind it but, with concentration, you can still see what is happening underneath this band. There is also a ghost image/double image between what is seen in the band and what is seen beneath it, just slightly offset, like a shadow. The rest of the screen from this band upwards still works fine. This laptop is used in an office by several people. Is this something that could be caused by someone putting pressure or placing something heavy on a closed laptop? Or possibly spilling something on it? Or allowing it to get too cold when left overnight in a car? No one seems to know what could have happened to a perfectly working, very new laptop so trying to figure it out. Thanks for your help.


      The issue you are having can be 3 types of problems. Either the LCD is faulty and needs to be replaced, or the cable connecting to the screen is either A: loose and needs to be reseated or B: Damaged and needs to be replaced.
      You will not really know which of the 3 the problem will be unless you have your laptop taken to a repair center to be diagnosed or by replacing the screen or cable to see if this resolves the issue. You can however try removing the screen and re-install it to check if this was simply a loose connection.

  11. kishore

    first i had a hindge problem yesterday I was broken on left side while I managed to open it today and my half screen is white half screen is normal as my hinge is broken I can’t flip my laptop fully so I can’t see my screen has a crack or not what to do .


      Are you able to provide a link to post an image of your laptop powered on with all 4 corners of your screen visible?

  12. Rick

    I have 2 monitors. One, a Dell, has tiny pinpoints of white light on the Windows screen. There are several dozen. The pinpoints are flashing, i.e., blinking, not in unison, but randomly.
    Is there a problem? Is the monitor malfunctioning?


      For this problem, you could be having hardware failure with your processor or graphics card. One way to test is to connect your laptop to an external monitor. If you have flashing pixels on the external monitor as well, this confirms your LCD is not the problem.

  13. megan

    hi ,i have laptop inspiron dell 1420 display lcd but 1400 mobo without graphics nvidea.., my display started as single vertical lines and little flickering horizontal lines but later it increased and one day the display got blanked, with external monitor the display is fine and good.
    i switched off the lights and in dark room when i turned my laptop on,i see dim light start …then after sometime after post i guess i get to see the box on the screen inside which vertical lines are present ,when i switch the room lights on ,i cant see those vertical lines ,its not visible..the display looks blank so i can understand the bulb in lcd display is worn out and anything else about inverter etc..i will be glad to know if i could diy mine,thanks


      This does sound like your screen has become defective, likely an inverter problem. These types of screens your laptop uses however have long been discontinued in production due to using outdated technology. Screens made today are LED backlit and do not require inverters. Should you want to try replacing the screen it is recommend you search online using the screen model and hope someone has this screen available for sale.

  14. Isaac

    Hey, I’ve got a Hp Pavilion. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I might’ve opened it from the corner because the corner is pretty messed up (but it’s mostly broken on the border between the screen and the edge). The main thing I’m worried about is that there are a few cracks that are pretty long. So far there’s been no image problem, just the cracked glass look. Should I stop worrying? Will it get worse? Replacement? Super-glue? What should I do?


      If this is touchscreen laptop it sounds like you have only damage the digitizer glass, this will not affect the displayed images, however you could lose touch functionality later. IF this is just a normal LCD, the cracks will spread until all cracks have reached an edge of your screen. There is no proper way to repair this, only replacing the LCD. You can prevent the cracks from spreading by not moving the laptop, since each time you do move the lid this will cause the crack to continue to spread.

  15. Richmond

    I have a dell laptop when you connect the charge into it the indicator light will brink then after go off again.the screen too doesn’t light.what might be the problem/


      If the laptop does not stay on when powered up you may have a Hardware problem, this is generally something you need to bring to a repair center to directly diagnose the issue. You can also contact Dell support and they may be able to provide you with troubleshooting steps as these laptops have audio beep codes to indicate errors.

      1. Sv

        I have a dell latitude 7400.
        The display is broken from inside and now the screen has blacked out. Also the light keeps blinking when I put that on charge.
        Could you help me with why the light keeps blinking.


          The light blinking on Dell charger has little to do with the screen itself. Its probably an indicator that the battery isn’t charging due to its age and needs replacement.

  16. Holly

    I have an HP Stream a dthe screen doesn’t work at all. The only way I can see what I’m doing is to plug up the HDMI to the TV. What could be the problem?


      There could be a few factors at play here. We know your laptop works as you can use it when connected to an external monitor. A very common and quick fix is to reconnect the video cable to the back of the LCD, you’d need to take the screen out (we have a tutorial for HP stream). And if that doesn’t fix the issue you can order a replacement screen here.

      We guarantee a working replacement LCD or your money back! Returns are free with-in continental US and Canada and refunds are offered up to 45 days after the purchase.

  17. Jen

    Hi there,
    I have a fairly new Acer Aspire and the screen occasionally goes black and then comes on again. Originally, it would go black and revert to the login screen. But I changed the settings to ‘what happens when you close the lid’ to ‘do nothing’ and that seems to have stopped it going to the login screen. Instead, it flickers black and on again really quickly.
    This usually happpens when I’m typing – as if movement is affecting it.If it’s still, it’s fine.
    I’ve tried using the HDMI cable to connect to a projector and the same thing happens – if there’s any slight movement the screen will go off and on.
    Could this be an issue with the cable connection to the screen, how can I narrow down what the issue is? As it seems odd that changing the settings for ‘closing the lid’ has stopped it restarting (or going to lock screen).
    Also, occasionally when I first switch it on the screen is slightly dimmer and when I hit the adjustment slider it automatically gets to full brightness again.
    I’m a little confused as if it’s something to do witht he way the screen is connected to the motherboard?

    Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks!


      This does seem to relate to a cable issue. They can become loose or slight damage to the pins over time. Have you tried to remove the screen and re-install it, making sure the cable is fully seated?

  18. Mary Beth Banning

    Hello, A few days ago I was shocked to open my Lenovo Thinkpad x1 carbon and see a damage area at the top of the lcd screen. I think I damaged it by carrying it with one hand. The current size of the problem rectangle is 3 inches wide and 3/4 inches long at the top of the screen, near the middle. A couple friends told me not to close the lid, touch or move the screen. I did this. A computer guy visiting said the screen was cracked. After observing (and praying) for a few days, the black patch at the top center of my screen has not enlarged. It seems settled. All black. I am able to do all my laptop work, being creative with information under the black area. So, do I need to replace the screen? Will the black rectangular area get larger? Thank you for any information you can give.


      The black area of the screen is spilled liquid crystal there is no way to repair it, you would have to replace the LCD. Over time the black area may grow larger as you move the laptop or apply any pressure to that portion of the screen.

  19. Kaylee

    ok so i have a dell computer i dont know the brand or anything but my computer works fine. when i press on the middle it makes cracking noises, and its easy to open it! ive gotten it repaired for many things, like computer gliching and a broken screen but the normal screens ok but im a little worried


      Are you able to confirm the laptop model or the Dell service tag/express service code. Basic laptops can easily have their screens replaced, however if this is touchscreen laptop or thinly glued bezel it could make the repair more difficult but not impossible.

  20. Michael

    Hey my HP Pavilion g6 doesn’t arrange the display on the laptop but it take left to right middle to left but it displays well on external display


      If you are unable to see full images on the screen but you can see with an external monitor. You either have a physically damaged screen or loose/damaged cable. If your screen appears like our posted image at the top left, it will be damaged.

  21. Judizky

    My HP laptop was working fine, after three days of not using it I opened there was a pink color at d background which affects d quality of the image displayed, it made it blur. Any help pls.


      If there is no physical damage to the screen, it is recommended you remove the screen and re-install it. You can also inspect the flat ribbon cable for any possible damage. If this does not resolve the issue, connect to an external monitor to see if you have proper images there. Images displayed on an external monitor should be correct, if the problem is the same as on your laptop screen, then the issue is your laptop not the screen. Should either of these troubleshooting steps not work, you may have to replace the LCD.

  22. Jim Kahn

    Without going into a lot of detail, I have a standard, run-of-the-mill Samsung TV computer screen…nothing outstanding…just a regular screen…no laptop…just a screen that sits on my desk.

    Within the last week, I’ve noticed a thin red vertical line appearing to run down my screen…not all the time but it started on my on-line side and now it’s on both my word document side and my on-line side. It’s about the size of a piece of thread…but bright enough to see the red color. It came and went…and now, there’s a very faint powder blue transparent line…more like a 2” column, appearing alongside the thin red line…they both run vertical on the screen

    Oh…and if I try to use my “snipping tool” to copy a picture or any type of image on line, these lines show up on that copied item when I copy and paste the item to a blank white document page.

    I’ve had this screen for at least 6 years and haven’t had a single issue with it. Any suggestions?

    Thank you…I will appreciate any answer you might have. I’m just getting started at looking into this whole issue, so I’m still at Square One!


    PS: I don’t care if you DO publish my question…it, along with your answer might help someone else.


      The problem you have seems to be a loose or damaged cable. which can happen over time depending on use of screen and environment temperatures and so forth.

      However the only interesting fact that you state your snipping tool shows these lines does not make sense, as they way these work, they do not know these lines are present. Do these lines also appear if you connect the computer to a different monitor or TV. If the answer is yes, your problem is the laptop itself and possibly a virus that is simulating a screen defect.

      1. Jim Kahn

        We’re working on the cables to see if that’s the problem…and I’ll double-check the snipping tool issue. We’re gonna hook the screen up to another computer…so…we’ll see! Thanks for your quick response…it’s helped a lot to figure out this crazy mess. Jim

      2. Jim Kahn

        Again…thanks for your site, your help and your quick response. We did all the check points, removing the screen, checking the cables…everything you mentioned and it turns out that I do need a new screen. That’s fine…I can deal with it!
        I just wanted to thank you again for your help. Let’s hope I don’t need it again, but it’s nice to know that you’re out there if I do!
        Thanks again…I shall recommend your site to all my friends…count on it!
        Jim Kahn

  23. Alfredo

    I have an Acer aspire V5. Today when i opened the laptop I noticed today that there is a 4 centimeter black vertical line on the right side of the screen. I connected the laptop to an external monitor and black band does not show up on the monitor, i can see the whole computer screen on the external monitor but not on the laptop i can only see about 80%. Since it is a touchscreen i noticed that the screen still registers my inputs.


      Vertical parallel lines usually mean an LCD defect – the flex cables going from the LCD driver to the glass substrate have separated on the inside. Its not repairable and the LCD would have to be replaced.

  24. Baileyxx

    Hey! I’m hoping you can help me‍♀️okay well I have an Asus Q535u.
    It’s a touchscreen, or should I say was? Not too long ago, my laptop was charging on my desk, due to my negligence & lack of awareness for my surroundings my laptop was knocked onto the ground. I don’t believe the LCD is damaged. The image is perfectly clear. There’s no black spots or anything like that. From what I can see it looks as if the glass is cracked, despite the cracked glass, it still has a clear image. Oh I almost forgot too add the breezy part, the touch screen doesn’t work now. please help me?

  25. Nobukhosi Tshabalala

    Good day

    I trust you are well. Yesterday laptop fell floor. I doubt I have a problem dark LCD screen laptop. I don’t even know what should I do. Am I must repairs screen or what?


      Best to connect it to an external monitor or TV to check that its still alive.

  26. Philip Adebayo

    I have a Hp Probook 6540b. Whenever I on the laptop the screen is not showing anything or coming up, not even a blank light even though all led lights are up. I have tried various troubleshooting techniques but still no response. I don’t know what to do again. Please help me.

  27. natthew

    im getting a mac book


      Please let us know if you require a screen replacement for it.

  28. Dhruti Dechamma

    I just opened my dell laptop , and I was able to see a small black horizjntal line in the middle of the screen. Is anything damaged, how can I make the black mark go ??


      It is quite likely that it is physically damaged, you will need to replace it. Please provide your Dell service tag or your original screens model number. There will be a sticker on the back of your LCD screen panel that will look similar to the following: B156xxxx, LTN173xxxx, N140xxxx, CLAA116xxxx, LP156xxx(XY)(XY), etc..

  29. Shreyash

    My lenwvo laptop screen has started to crack from down so I just want to know what would be a average price to repair it


      Please provide the laptop model and we can provide a quote for the screen price.

  30. Brice

    When I was gonna get up from bed, I accidentally stepped on my laptop because I put it down near my bed before I went to sleep the night before. I have a HP x360 13 inch. I immediately opened my laptop after I realized that I stepped on it. When I opened it, I realized a black vertical line. When I open a webpage I can see behind the black vertical line a little white part . All function of my touchscreen is ok only that black line.Please this is the link of screenshot of my laptoq :
    Please what is the issue on my laptop screen? Thanks

  31. Olascott

    I have a dell latitude e6430 …i noticed my screen brings out differentail unsuitable colours with blur text.. But this doesn’t happen occasionally.. It happens like once in 7 days.. It the screen light goes off and on back.. Then it disappears and goes back to the main color
    Could this be screen damage?


      It is quite likely the LCD has become defective over time. It could potentially be a cable issue as well.

  32. Divya

    August month have purchased hp15sdu209tu laptop. Suddenly from today morning I could find some lines in display like both horizontal and vertical. Even a small spot too on the screen. What could be the cause of it and what is the solution for the same?


      It is likely a defective LCD. Please double check the model and we will see if we have a replacement.

  33. Singh

    My laptop is dell inspiron 3000 series, and its screen shows horizontal or vertical lines or sometimes may be fully blurred…..


      It sounds like you require an LCD replacement. Would you please provide me with your Dell service tag? It’s located on the bottom of your laptop.

  34. Alyssa Panes

    Hello, I have HP elitebook 9470m, and last two weeks, when I open the pc, it turns white screen and sometimes, it flickers. Last week, there’s a blue line appeared vertically in the screen and now the line is increasing. Is the LCD damage?


      Hello Alyssa,
      It does sound likely the LCD or video cable is having some issues.

  35. Riddhima

    Recently I purchased HP pavilion laptop. After one month laptop screen 1/4 off and half defective and 1/4 screen is ok. On screen straight horizontal lines.
    When this situation come .me working on it. Laptop start properly and work properly. Suddenly start screen problem. There is no physical damage.
    How I proof. This is not physical damage.
    HP warranty said it’s a physical damage. How can I proof.


      Unfortunately if HP’s assessment has lead to that conclusion it is quite likely that it is an internal fracture which they are not willing to cover. If you do require a replacement please let us know the model and we can see if we have replacements.

  36. anonymous

    Hi , I have dell latitude 3410 . It was all working fine and suddenly it started showing horizontal and vertical lines with blotch. The support team is not accepting that there has been no physical damage incurred.


      A picture would help identifying the issue. Although when it comes to “lines with blotch” it’s 99% physically damaged. The thing is, you don’t need to punch an LCD screen in anger to break it. LCDs are extremely fragile and even a slight bump in a carrying case can cause a crack. Other common ways to crack an LCD is to lift the laptop by the lid or leave something under the lid like a pen or head phones when closing the lid. Non-physical damage defects do not usually leave blotches, as the LCD itself isn’t cracked and liquid crystals aren’t leaking (blotches are liquid crystals).

  37. Rish

    I have a dell inspiron 15 laptop. After 10 to 15 min of using the laptop, the screen goes white. Then i have to swith it off then on. I have connected and external screen and that works fine. Do i need to replace the lcd?


      If you are connected to an external monitor is the output affected there as well?

  38. Hussain

    i have not opened my Hp elitebook 745 G3 laptop since a week after that when i open it there is blinking vertical black and white lines appears and when i push the thumb near the connector on the screen lid it becomes right after 3 to 4 hours it agains becomes start if i not push that connector from the one 3rd of screen where there is blinking becomes black what is the issue kindly reply as this press heavily on my mind


      Hello Hussain,

      I would recommend opening your upper lid and reconnecting your video cable to start. If this does not resolve the issue I would recommend replacing the LCD at that point.

  39. Nicholas Tunje

    Hi I have a HP laptop but it is broken at one side hinge but I was able to do with everything and yesterday was watching a movie and wanted to twist it at a certain angle but when I tried to do that immediately the screen went blank while the movie is going on till I exit. Now when I switch it on it just blank screen displayed but it works. What could be the problem?


      It sounds like the LCD may now be defective. We would recommend purchasing a replacement.

  40. Fishlegs

    Hi, i have a Asus Laptop so i realized there was a weird, um i dont know how to explain it but lets say a screen distortion like a broken screen, but i do place my headphones always in the top left of my laptop do u think that could be the main reason causing this distortion cause of the Headphones always being there, i checked for screen crack but i dont see any


      That is a common cause of damaging your LCD. In the event you accidentally close the lid while the headphones are still there can cause visual issues.

  41. Matteo Gouker

    Hello, I was wondering if you could answer my question today. There is a black splotch of ink like liquid on my screen, and when I push on it, it looks like there is a root or virus like line that spreads further throughout the screen. When the liquid has fully succumbed, it seems that a black and blue mark is on my screen. The screen is not cracked, or has been damaged at all to my knowledge, and I just wanted o know what it was and how I could fix it. Thank you! (by the way, the computer i not touchscreen either.)


      Hello Matteo,
      This would be a screen that has unfortunately been physically damaged. LCDs will not appear cracked as if they were glass but more so have black blotches and streaks as you have described. To fix this issue you will need to replace your screen.

  42. Chimmy

    Hello. I recently bought a dell laptop generation 11, dell vostro care I 3. Within 3 weeks, when I opened the laptop, it had a tiny black line like a line drawn by a pencil tip and then the black spot increased day by day. Now the horizontal black line increases its sizes. The black line still appears after I put off the monitor. The laptop neither have crack nor it didn’t fall from anywhere. Can you tell me, what’s the main problem here?


      Hello Chimmy,
      When screens are damaged it is generally going to be internal bleeding that appears as black blotches and lines. You will be able to see these when the laptop is not powered on. We recommend replacing your laptop screen.

  43. Mario Gonzalez

    Hi, have a Lenovo thinkpad twist s230u, need it to replace the CMOS battery, did that, it worked fine for a couple of hours, left it overnight running windows updates, next day it started to show a vertical line, could it be the screen, motherboard or loose cable?


      Hello Mario,
      It would likely be the LCD or possibly a loose cable.

  44. SnehaPatil

    Hello sir, I have acer laptop on which I accidentally stepped with knee and the screen cracked internally. Now when I turn it on I am only able to see cracks and nothing else. Can this be fixed without going to any repair place. How do I fix it at home? And how much it would cost me for repair at home or at repair place approximately.



      It is possible to replace this yourself without going to a repair shop.

      What is your laptop model?

  45. Ayanda Dlomo

    Hi, please help my laptops’ screen is partially black from the bottom until halfway the screen i think it is the charger i am using but m not sure please help


      Hello Ayanda,

      You will need to replace your LCD, please let us know if you need help confirming the correct replacement.

  46. MALIK

    My laptop screen shows something like ink when it’s about to enter windows and later disappear. It does this like once in a while not everytime

    What do you suggest please?


      Hello Malik,

      We would recommend replacing your LCD.

  47. Ralph

    Carbon X1 14 inch screen. roughly how much to replace??

  48. Naresh

    Thanks for sharing informative article, I reallly like this post.


      Our pleasure! Have a great day.

  49. Marvellous

    Hello, my zinox laptop suddenly went on sleep mode after leaving it on while watching a movie. When I tried to wake up by touching the mouse, what I got was a blank screen. I then turned it off using the power button.
    But when I on back, it was running but didn’t display. Though it sometimes flickers to show a bit of the desktop but it doesn’t last a sec. Please help me, what do you think is wrong.



      We would first recommend reconnecting the video cable to your LCD, it may be loose. If that does not work it’s best to replace your LCD or possibly video cable.

  50. Omar Maryam

    I have a laptop that suddenly showed a crack then started showing weird colored lines and now it is completely blank pls can I know what the problem might be


      Hello Omar,

      Unfortunately this is due to physical damage. The only solution is to replace the LCD.

  51. ISRAEL

    My kid brother was using my laptop and it fell from the table to the ground . Since then when I on it it just shutdowns and the screen is blank



      I would recommend testing the output through an external monitor. If it is still functioning I would recommend replacing the LCD.

  52. Alex

    Okay so I have an HP Pavilion. One day the screen was black and no happily every after just yet. It boots to external monitor fine and was working for quite some time with new ssd and memory upgrade (a year possibly).

    Hardware steps taken: I took bios battery out, removed the ram; replaced with new battery since it was pretty much no bueno and well past it’s cycles. I have also replaced the lcd flex cable to spec and don’t want to buy anything else like an expensive LCD screen if there is no way to know if that’s indeed the problem.

    Software steps taken: I checked if possibly a conflict with driver and LCD but my laptop says everything is peachy. Ran a virus check, it found one and quarantined it. After that I decided to do clean and fresh reinstall with no data. All software updates have been ran.

    Recommendations? Should I have done a clean install from within safe mode? Also how can I be sure it’s not the LCD screen itself? Any steps and tools you recommend to test the lcd board? If the motherboard may be the issue, where do you think I could find a schematic for my laptop? There is so many resistors and capictors and what have you, that I’m just too uncertain to know what is the proper and correct way to troubleshoot this method. I’d imagine reinstalling things from scratch and having all power including bios battery removed, would surely be able to override any saved settings gone bad.

    I guess the fuse but what’s your thoughts on it and suggestions on what I may need to repair something like a fuse or how to test the LCD board for issues (if that’s even pliable). Thank you for your time on this long winded email. I really appreciate you putting this blog together.


      Hello Alex,

      Just to clarify is this with a new LCD or are you currently just troubleshooting your original?

  53. Guerthie

    Hi my laptop is bloken


      Hello, what is your laptop model?

  54. Andy Bignell

    I have an HP touchscreen laptop which has suddenly got a thick white stripe up the screen just left of centre and there is a black semi circular blob at the bottom of the stripe. Any ideas? I am thinking it is a faulty screen but hoping that some software adjustments may fix it.


      Hello Andy,

      It does sound like it has been damaged internally. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to replace it.

  55. Ahmed S. Aadli

    my laptop display flashes many times fast when starting the device, whoever the display is not broken or cracked, is it the display issue or card issue?



      Does this also happen on the external monitor?

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