RSI_illustration_1 At the checkout, you are asked to add optional Return Shipping Insurance (abbr. RSI) to your order. Currently, the RSI is available for $5.50 per screen. If within 30 days for any reason you will need to ship your screen back we will electronically send you shipping label at no other cost.
The label will be generated by our support staff at your request, so do not get alarmed when you don’t get a return slip with your shipment. Here at we are passionate about being environmentally friendly, and, as such, we try to use less paper and non-biodegrabeable and non-recyclable materials whenever possible.

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Why do I need the return shipping Insurance, if I already am paying for the regular insurance at the checkout?

The insurance, that is included in the shipping cost only covers the parcel against the damage that may occur during the shipping. This post explains and underlines the likelihood of your parcel to be damaged in the delivery process.

The RSI is different.

While it does not protect you against shipping damage (that’s what the regular insurance is for), it will give you an option to return the screen with no other fees. In the event the wrong screen was ordered, or if the new screen did not fix the issue (e.g. if your laptop has a blown fuse, or a defective video cable), you will not have to pay to ship the screen back to us. Simply submit us a support ticket, and one of our customer support representatives will provide a prepaid shipping label to send the screen back to us.

If you are unsure to whether the LCD screen is the main reason for the laptop not to run as intended, if you realize you prefer the screen with a different finish type, or if you are considering sending the screen back for a refund or exchange for whatever reason, please consider adding the Return Shipping Insurance to your order.

Remember, at we guarantee a working replacement or your money back!


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