Here at, a better half of our customers are repeat purchasers.
With reliable North American based shipping and prices among the lowest in the world we continue to be on the short list of reputable and reliable LCD suppliers.

From the inception we’ve offered sizable quantity discounts on some of the most popular LCD models. What separates us from the rest, is that our bulk prices are highly competitive with over-seas suppliers, while all of our orders are prepared, packaged and sent from North American distribution centers. Since we ship from Seattle, WA and Vancouver, Canada, all orders, no matter the size, will reach our customers in record time.

As well we extend our 3 year warranty onto your customers!
In-fact our warranty has always been 100% transferable – a receipt and an order number is all that is needed. At this point it is up to the installer to decide whether to handle any warranty claims in the future, or simply provide an invoice and let us take care of it.

Stocking parts is a smart business decision!
LCD’s are one of the most common parts to break, and most manufacturers do not cover them for physical damage. It’s no wonder that a steady stream of LCD replacement jobs is pouring into the repair shops everyday. Keep in-mind that today’s customer insists on getting things done quickly, and when we’re talking about their personal portal into the world (their laptop or a tablet) the speed of service will play key role in their buying decision. If your quote is for 3 days, and the shop next block can do the job in 3 hours – it’s a no-brainer for the customer – they need to check their e-mail ASAP. A smart shop will always have an assortment of most common new LCD replacements on-hand – that way they can offer immediate service, some even offer repairs “while you wait”.

Our LCD techs and customer service reps can make recommendations for repair shops as to which screens to keep in their professional arsenal. Most popular LCD screens have great discounts when purchased in quantity of 2 or more, and free shipping is offered with-in continental USA and Canada for orders with over 10 items.

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  1. Nick Gooding

    Hi guys, What’s the discount structure for 1 /10 /50 /100 panels for N156B6 or similar? Many thanks.

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