The laptop screen model number is found at the back of the LCD panel itself. However, some laptop manufacturers provide an alternative way of finding what LCD is installed in their machine.

Every Dell laptop has a Dell Service Tag, or a Dell Express Service code at the bottom of the case, and using either the Service Tag, or the Express Service Code you can use the tool on Dell’s support page. The beauty of this feature is that Dell enables you to see all the components and peripherals of the laptop without having to tear it apart.

After you enter your Dell Service Tag or the Express Service Code, proceed to “System Configuration”, then to “Components”. You will then see a list of all components installed in this laptop; and the part number of the component will be provided. Usually, the LCD will be marked as “LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY” (use CTRL+F to search the page if you are on a Windows PC, or Command+F on a Mac). Now that you have located the part on the page, you have two options:

1. Copy the part number, and search it on our website [recommended];


2. Copy the part number, and use a search term of your choice to look up the specifications of the part; then use the specifications to reference and locate the correct part on our website;

Resolutions are coded by the following parameters:

HD or HDF = Standart High Definition, WXGA 1366×768
HD+ = High Definition+, WXGA+ 1600×900
FHD = Full HD, 1920×1080


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  1. Teresa

    I would like to add the service tag number to my spreadsheet for my 450 Dell Chromebooks but cannot get my laser scanner to scan them without scanning the restore defaults under Barcode set up after each scan. Can you help me with this?


      I am not certain if this is the correct answer to your question, have you tried using blank paper and cutting out sections to cover the areas you do not want scanned?

  2. Mikewaver

    Another method is if the serial number is combined with the product number then use an equation to grab the serial number. For example only; “0123456789lrt0fn2” is the output from a scan. The serial number is “lrt0fn2”. Then use “=right(a1,7)” which should then output “lrt0fn2”.


      Thank you for the great suggestion Mikewaver.

  3. Barrie Thompson


    I bought a new small dell desktop computer about 18 months ago did not set it up until now whilst some of the functions are working I am unable to get it connected to the internet.

    I have also recently bought a new tablet which connected to the internet without any problems my mobile phone also connects to the internet without any problem, so it is not a problem with the internet

    The Dell device has an Express Service Code 11456169014.

    Can you advise please.

    Barrie Thompson


      Hello, Barrie

      For this we recommend contacting your Internet provider or Dell support for help with this issue.

  4. Paul

    Hi. I have been locked out of my Dell laptop. I tried to enter password,I keep getting a system disabled or service tag #. WHAT can I do to 10.

    1. Corrine Hager

      My laptop won’t work it keeps having a box appear saying service key it wants me to type it in. i have a Dell inspiron 15 laptop computer i bought 1 year ago. Where do i find this information? Or do you have to pay for another service key?


        You should have a sticker on your laptop with the Service tag or express service code. However if it is asking for a service key you will need to contact Dell directly for this issue.

  5. Sgk

    I am searching my dell laptop serial number. I am confusing in service tag, express service code and is express service code same as serial number? Please help me.


      The Dell service tag and Express service code is not the same as the serial number. You will need to look on the laptop for these words and associated numbers. However if the laptop was bought used or refurbished these indicators may have been removed.

      If you cannot locate the service tag or express service code you may need to contact Dell directly or remove the screen from the laptop and search our website using the screen model.

    2. IT

      All you have to do is press F2 to get to the BIOS. It is listed there. The Service Tag is the Serial number. You can input the Service Tag on Dell’s support page and it will give you the specs on the computer.


    I am using Dell inspiration 3558, since 3 years, yesterday my laptop prompted for Dell updates, I have accepted it, system for updated but since then my laptop is not booting, every time it us showing ” undoing some changes made to your computer” and not booting up, service tag is “2R95B82” System BIOS A19, Can you please help me out in fixing this issue,, thanks in advance,

  7. Tang CC

    Can anyone explain to me, why Dell need 2 codes to track our devices’ spec and warranty? 1 code cannot serve the purpose? The term, ‘Express Service Code’ sounds like we could use this code to get express service from Dell, which means faster and more efficient service. But the fact is, the service is just like normal, and in some case, it’s worst than normal. Can anyone explain what is the usage for Express Service Code in particular?


      To put this simply, both Service tag and express service code is the same. The Dell “Express Service Code” is just the base-10 representation of the Alphanumeric Service Tag.

  8. Issa Mahamat Saleh Khalifa

    Hello guys
    Can someone help me out I’m stack
    I just bought new motherboard to my computer dell e6430 bcs the previous one is dead and I replaced with the new one but when I’m starting the laptop there are asking for Service tag and I don’t have this number.
    So when I’m opening the laptop is said I can’t continue without service tag


      We only sell LaptopScreens, unfortunately we do not deal in motherboards so there is not too much we can do to assist in that regard.
      If you call Dell it is likely they’ll be able to assist you with your service tag though.

  9. Rebecca T.

    Help!!! – we are trying to retrieve the service tags (AKA serial numbers) off of Dell Optiplex 7060/7070s and record them in a spreadsheet so we can upload them into our asset mgmt system. However its a QR Code with the numbers that are NOT scannable next to it. We ordered a barcode scanner that read QR codes and it doesn’t work. We cant simply read the numbers off while someone types out that many tags without making mistakes. we received in over 300+ of these so way too many to try and type on our own.

    Apparently no else has this issue as the internet has no answers for me.


      Hello Rebecca,
      For the most part we use Service Tags as a way to identify the LCDs our customers require, unfortunately this issue is not something we are familiar with. We do apologize, if we knew the answer we would certainly help!

  10. Alejandro

    He puesto mal mi etiqueta de servicio y no se como cambiarla pueden ayudarme?


      Can you please clarify what you mean? Do you need assistance with locating the correct item via your service tag? If so please provide it and we will be sure to update you.

  11. Anil T

    I have to everyday keep setting the date and time for my BIOS, its asking me Service Tag but I do not know. I know the Service express code its xx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xx, but service tag is of 11 characters.
    My Serial Number sticker is gone so I cannot get the Tag from the sticker.
    How can I correct the above problem. Please advice.


      It would be best contact Dell for further assistance.

  12. Laminu idris

    I need a battery of Dell laptop Inspiron 15, 5000 series


      Unfortunately we do not sell batteries.

  13. David Howe

    Will the express service code help me find the Recovery Key?


      Hello David,

      Unfortunately we use this primarily to locate the correct screen, we are not familiar with the Recovery Key.

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