/ entered TCB 2014 Pirelli World Challenge Championsip as an underdog one-driver-team and finished the season as a major podium-contender two-cars wicked racing squad. And what a season it was! 7 podiums: 1 first place, 4 seconds and 2 third place finishes in the highly competetive TCB class that saw eight different race winners in the fourteen races. Those are remarkable numbers by any standard.

The team’s crew chief Ramsay Trew had the following to say:

“Being new to the Pirelli World Challenge Championship, I feel the season was extremely progressive and gained strength each race, continuing until our strong season’s finish.TCB is different in the way that every little change and 10th counts. It’s difficult to gain ground as both a crew chief and a driver. The racing is so close, that finding an advantage is basically non-exsistant. It’s great racing! That being said, I think we were able to pull it together quite well. We managed to work well with our make and chassis and this started to show with our times and standings. To me, after our crash in Mosport (CTMP), things really started to gain momentum. Immediately Andrei came back a stronger driver, and Glenn came on board no longer as crew, but as a veteran driver. This in my eyes was a positive and strong turning point for the team.”

“Coming back with a podium is a feat on its own. With podiums, comes rivals and competition. And for the latter part of the year, we had both. I do feel that even though we as a team allow quite a bit of healthy competition and racing, we were targeted in the final Races, with 2 controversial contacts.”

“But as a team, we quickly and effectively found solutions to maintain our podium streak. This time Andrei Kisel, team principle, stepped up to the plate with a 3rd place finish in race one and 2nd place finish in race two.”

“This to me shows our dexterity and commitment as a team, especailly the commitment and focus from our drivers in unexpected situations.”

“Our Final in Miller holds a special place with me because it showed ourselves, and our competition, that no matter what is thrown at us, we are here to play and finish the best we possibly can.”

“7 podiums out of 14 races is a great feat in my eyes, one we all feel great about!

“As crew chief, just like a driver, there are lots of emotions related to each race. To me, I know I will be trading in awards ceremonies for waiting in tech lines. Easy nights, with new setups and last minute repairs, smiles, laughs and dedication.”

“And for myself, that’s what it is all about. This season has treated me with more than my fair share of surprises, late nights and waiting in line! I can’t wait for next year to repeat and continue our tradition.”

Glenn Nixon short and to the point as usual:

“2014 was a great opportunity for me from / to come in halfway through the season, and get 5 podium finishes. It was great to see teammate , Andrei Kisel improve this season and end the year with 2 podium finishes. Looking forward to running a full championship in 2015!”

Andrei Kisel taking the stage:

“Both as a team owner and as a driver I feel that this season was a major success for the / effort. Coming to a new racing series with a new setup is always a challenge but we knew exactly in which direction we needed to go to, we had clear goals and we focused on our weak points too; we methodically worked on every little aspect of the big picture and the good results came as a reward for all our efforts.”

“For me, the most memorable weekend was at Road America when Glenn Nixon brilliantly drove the Mini Cooper to score first ever win for our team – that just felt amazing, and that moment will always have a special place in my heart!”

“After that we never looked back really. I am confident that the new 2015 season will be just as good!”

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