Some of the more common inquiries we receive are related to whether a certain item is in-stock and if not, how long will it take for it to become available.

We are a high volume supplier, and we pride ourselves on making a wide assortment of laptop screens available to our customers on-demand, and making sure that we ship these items the same business day. All our inventory is live, and our website is the most current source of information regarding availability of any particular item. But what should the customers do when an item is shown Out of Stock on our website?

Click the Notify me button and input an e-mail to get on the list!

We provide an option to select a particular warehouse, which is useful for customers who wish to avoid cross-border shipping. And for our European customers we provide an option for notifications for item availability at our specific UK warehouse, even when the item is available at our North American locations.

How long does it take to get the notification? Depending on the popularity of the item, most in-demand screens are restocked on a weekly basis. If you put yourself on the Notify me list, you will receive an automatic e-mail as soon as the item is available. One thing to note: the Notify me list is a first-come first-served automated list. Everybody on the list will receive a notification as soon as the item is available, which may result in a quick sell-out of the entire stock if an item was restocked in limited quantity or if the notification list was unusually large.

What do you do with the Notification list e-mails? With an exception of a one-time e-mail notification, we do absolutely nothing with the e-mail addresses entered on the Notify me list. Our site is configured to serve the Notification list automatically: addresses are collected and stored until a notification goes out, then the list for a particular item is purged each time the notifications are served. This ensures that e-mail addresses are kept private, confidential and not used for any marketing purposes by us or any 3rd parties. Unfortunately that means that an e-mail must be entered into the list again in-case the item goes out of stock again after the notifications go out.

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  1. Les Irwin

    Looking for
    Acer aspire v5 571p touch screen
    Didigtizer or compleat screen

  2. saud

    lately you don’t provide screens for Iphone X and later models. are you going to provide the latest iphone model screens?


      Very likely in the future.


    Hi there, Im looking to buy the asus gl731gt laptop screen, but my native laptop screen is 60hz and this one is 120hz, will there be any issues with this? Also, what will come with the package and is there any tutorials for this specific laptop?


      Unfortunately the 60hz screen is not compatible with the 120hz.

  4. Terry Ozal

    Hi, is there any way to view more detailed info about a screen with info like response times and srg ratings?


      Please contact us if you ever require such information and we can provide it if you can provide the laptop or screen model you are interested in.

  5. Sadishkumar

    My Alienware 17R2 top layer cracked and I think Digitizer also cracked. LCD picture display is very good.can we replace the top tempered glass it possible to get it?.if correct size is not available means can we get a bigger tempered glass and cut it by diamond cutter.if we fix tempered glass alone means will there be any gap happen?. Will it lead to breakage of glass again?. If all are not possible means can we get Digitizer for Alienware17R2.Your inputs are highly informative.


      If you are to replace the exterior glass layer you would just require a new touch digitizer.

  6. Jack

    I am looking for a hp 14-dq4003ca replacement screen
    Are you still providing it?

  7. Ricardo

    Hello, I am looking for a new screen for my Toshiba Laptop.

    Model number for the laptop is, Satellite C855-S5214

    I have been having some trouble trying to figure out what the model number for the actual screen is as I have not yet removed the screen. The screen is slowly showing a black stain that stretches linearly. I have touched the screen and it has stretched like ink across the already stained lines. I assume this could only be the screen itself. Would it be possible to order a new screen through your website?


      Hello Ricardo,

      For your model it is not necessary to get the screen model before purchasing, it only has one known compatibility:

      The only difference between the two items listed is the surface/finish type.
      You can order either the matte or the glossy screen. Finish will not affect compatibility, the choice is entirely up to you.

      Glossy screens have a reflective finish with brighter and more vivid colors and are best suited for multimedia such as viewing photos or playing games and videos.

      Matte screens are less reflective, and reduce eye strain. They are best for laptops mainly used in brighter locations such as offices, classrooms or outside.

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