Most people know the difference between the iPhone 3, 4, 5 and 6. However, not many are aware of the fact that there are variations for each iPhone model number. In this blog post we will uncover the mystery of iPhone model numbers.

The model number of your iPhone will be listed on the rear panel (on the back of the phone). It starts with “A” and has 4 numbers following it. The main reason to be aware of the model number is because the mounting tabs for most iPhone models have different mounting points; and while the LCD and the digitizers are the same between the sub-models, they are not cross-compatible.

The model numbers depend on the country the phone is manufactured for. Different countries have different network technologies, so an iPhone 5c bought in Australia may not work in China, and vice-versa.

IPhone 3:

A1303 ——– iPhone 3GS Screen
A1241 ——– iPhone 3G Screen

IPhone 4 and 4S:

A1387 ——– iPhone 4S Screen
A1332 ——– iPhone 4 GSM Screen
A1349 ——– iPhone 4 CDMA Screen

IPhone 5 and 5S:

A1533 ——– iPhone 5s GSM and CDMA Screen
A1530 ——– iPhone 5s Screen
A1453 ——– iPhone 5s CDMA Screen
A1457 ——– iPhone 5s GSM Screen
A1532 ——– iPhone 5c GSM and CDMA Screen
A1529 ——– iPhone 5c Screen
A1507 ——– iPhone 5c GSM Screen
A1456 ——– iPhone 5c CDMA Screen
A1429 ——– iPhone 5 GSM and CDMA Screen
A1428 ——– iPhone 5 GSM Screen

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus:

A1549 ——– iPhone 6 GSM and CDMA Screen
A1586 ——– iPhone 6 GSM and CDMA Screen

A1522 ——– iPhone 6 Plus GSM and CDMA Screen
A1524 ——– iPhone 6 Plus GSM and CDMA Screen

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  1. Edwin

    Hello, I have two iphones XS models with model numbers A1920 and A2097. They are all of the same size and looks very identical. However A1920 have a damaged screen and A2097 have a damaged board. Can i interchange the screen in order to have one working iphone?


      As we have not been able to stock these replacement screens yet, we cannot confirm 100% that both models are interchangeable. The different models are used for the countries they are sold, so the screen component should be the same.

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