A lot of people regard “compatible” as a moniker for 3rd party, low quality, cheaply made and an overall bad sign. And while this maybe true in some cases for such items as plastic car parts or cheap replacement projector bulbs, when it comes to the modern LCD replacement, compatible parts bought today will likely be better quality and specs than your factory original!

There are several factors to consider, but generally speaking the majority of our customers report receiving a better LCD than what they had before:

1. LCDs are tough to make.

The process requires large dust-free clean rooms, high cost equipment and complex proprietary technology. Because of that all modern laptop screens are manufactured by large international conglomerates such as LG, Samsung, Innolux, AU Optronics, BoeHydis, Toshiba. LCD manufacturing is expensive because of the demand for high quality, so it takes the full benefit of a mass production facility scale in-order to make enough good items to make them actually affordable.

There are no low tech non-name sweatshops fabricating “compatible” imitations – it is pointless because even if they could make one that would function remotely similar to what the big guys are producing – it would take too long and would cost so much to make – the resulting inferior product would have to be several times more expensive than any of the commercially available offers.

All laptop replacement LCDs available on the market today are state of the art, amazing and complex technological marvels!

2. LCD manufacturing is improving day after day, year after year.

A lot of our customers are looking to replace a screen in their older machines, that are still functioning well and could be given to kids or relatives to be happily used for several more years. And because LCD screen manufacturers are constantly improving their process, screens that are sold today will be lighter, cheaper, more power efficient and have better technical specifications than screens that were manufactured 5-7 years ago.

3. Options that were not originally offered by the manufacturer are available through us.

We have lots of customers thanking us for stocking a Matte and Glossy version of screens for laptops that originally shipped with only one choice. For example a professional office worker, working in daylight, may not enjoy the picturesque glossy screen because it might be just too reflective and distracting. And conversely an artist/photographer that invested good money into a business-grade Matte screen laptop, would actually benefit from the sharp contrasty lines and vivid colors of Glossy screens.

With time, incredible options such as IPS panels – a newer method of aligning Liquid Crystals open up a whole new world of possibilities for all kinds of older mediocre screen laptops. The biggest benefit of the IPS technology are the absolutely beautiful viewing angles: 85/85/85/85 compared to 40/40/40/40 of an older TN panel. What that means is – the colors, the brightness and the consistency of picture across the screen will be marvellous on an IPS panel, simply incomparable to the TN panels. Customers that made a switch to an IPS panel are blown away by what they have been missing. What an advent of SSD storage has done to speed up the loading times on desktops and laptops, making it an all-time most effective computer upgrade, an IPS panel upgrade has achieved the same high bar in terms of colors and view-ability for laptop screens.

Resolution upgrades is another commonly praised possibility you can get with a compatible LCD replacement, and while it does require some additional research, more and more laptops allow for straight swapping a 1366 x 768 panel to a FullHD 1920 x 1080 (1080p) panel.

So when it comes to compatible LCD replacement – compatible means exactly what it says – it will be compatible with your laptop.
You will be able to put it in, turn your laptop on and get working!

We guarantee a working LCD replacement or your money back!

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  1. Brandi

    Hi. I need the lcd (I think). It’s the one behind the glass. It’s broken and will not respond to touch but the actual screen isn’t. It’s an i1040qw. Do I need a heat gun for this? And can you help me find the part I need? Please help. I’m getting behind on school work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Stay safe

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Hello Brandi,
      Based off the issue described it sounds like you would need to replace your digitizer which is the exterior glass layer that allows for touch capbilities. It is possible to separate this from the LCD with a heat gun and just replace one or the other.

      Stay safe! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Our pleasure! Have a great day.

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