It’s no secret: reusing and recycling is better for the environment than dumping and buying brand new.

Over the years of providing easy and affordable LCD repairs, LaptopScreen.com prevented over 170 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions ( 374,785,846 pounds); saved just over 1.5 million kilos of dead toxic weight being deposited in the soil (680,388.55 pounds) or nearly 3 thousand cubic meters of landfill space (792,516.16 gallons).

The environmental impact of LCD replacement cannot be understated!
According to an environmental report released by Apple Inc in 2012 (link), their main portable computer is responsible for 560 kg of CO2 emissions over it’s projected service life of 4 years. The key figure is the production and manufacturing emissions “cost” of the device rated at 280 kg of CO2. So if one were to use the computer for one year, break a screen and re-buy a new one,  the total amount of emissions would equal to 5 years of regular use. If the LCD screen is replaced instead of the computer, the impact is minimized to only +0.5 year.

If we were to get creative and run some projected numbers; assuming that each LCD replacement costs a quarter of the whole manufacturing emissions balance at ~80 kg CO2; prolongs the life of the computer by 2 more years; and prevents a new computer from being purchased; then it is fair to say that  fixing the LCD also ensures that ~300kg of CO2 are spared from our atmosphere (which equals to not burning ~34 gallons of petrol).

Plus, no matter what you may hear on-line or from friends, replacing the LCD screen will typically be cheaper than buying a new computer. Sure, 10 years ago, LCD screens would cost hundreds of dollars, but in this day and age, you’d be hard pressed to pay more than a hundred from reputable suppliers.

On top of it, the mobile technology reached a certain “usability” plateau – meaning all the regular tasks one can expect from a typical laptop computer can now be performed on a 4 year old machine just as well as on a 1 year old machine. And don’t forget replacing your computer for a new one always comes with the time-sink of transferring your files, getting used to the new quirks or even losing data.

Bottom line: we’ve prevented an amount of CO2 emissions that would require 150 thousand trees to absorb, and if you and just two of your friends choose to replace an LCD instead of buying a new computer, you can feel comforted that you’ve almost planted a tree (or at least saved enough CO2 emissions that otherwise would take one full grown tree to absorb over it’s life-span)

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  3. Salmam

    My phone fell from me. First it gave desplay even with crack buy slowly slowly it became blank and now do not gibe display. Now I have to replace panel or only touch

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      If you have lost your displayed images you will need to replace the LCD

    2. Innocent

      Please advise what if the LCD is broken but not the screen?
      May I only replace the lcd to keep my original screen?

      1. LaptopScreen.com


        You can replace the LCD panel alone and re-use your lid and bezel, if that is what you are asking.

  4. elizabeth Carr

    Can’t unlock the screen because it’s severely cracked. What should I replace? Alcatel tablet

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      You would want to replace the LCD and digitizer and you should be back at the full function.

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