Do you have a fear of disassembling your laptop? Don’t worry it’s not irrational, for most people the prospect of taking a screwdriver to their laptop is unthinkable. And to be fair laptops really don’t feel like the kind of devices that are meant for taking apart.

However, when one has the misfortune of breaking their LCD and considering that new laptops are still pricey, one may consider fixing their device on their own. And that is where we come in, by not only offering you a really affordable replacement LCDs for your laptop, tablet or smartphone, but by also showing you how to replace it at home on your own:

The truth behind LCD replacement – with the exception of a few rare devices – its easy! The majority of consumer devices on the market today have a modular LCD and all you would need to do is to carefully pull it out and replace it with the new one that we will send to you. A few screws and maybe some plastic pieces separate you from a working computer, will that be enough to stop you?

It certainly did not stop some of our customers, and whats more, they decided to show their LCD replacement procedure for the world to see! A while back we started a YouTube tutorial promotion that provides a discount against your purchase for filming your LCD replacement and turning it into a tutorial. The promotion has been a overwhelming success, with over 1,900 videos posted by our customers over the years. We thank all of our contributors for their works and we continue to look forward to seeing new tutorials being added by our customers every day!

Today we’d like to feature the highest viewed customer tutorials of all time:

1. First place, with over 360 thousand views:

King Koopa and their very well made tutorial on how to replace an LCD screen on an HP Pavilion dv7 series laptops:

2. Second place, with over 160 thousand views:

David Deprospero and the replacement of an LCD on a Dell XPS10 tablet:

3. Third place, with over 140 thousand views:

Thanos Hunt and the upgrade of a TN panel to a Full HD 1080p IPS screen on a Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop:

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  1. urcomputertechnics

    I am looking for a screen for my dell inspire 3521. this is a very informative blog for me. thank you.


      Our pleasure, please let us know if you need assistance confirming which LCD you require.

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