An important thing to note about the severe weather delay – couriers don’t regard severe weather as their fault and will not be granting any compensation requests for missed deliveries even for the guaranteed time-frame shipments in the affected areas.

The new year brings some serious cold weather, storms and snows to North America, especially the east coast; and the couriers are preparing their customers for the inevitable delays due to the adverse weather conditions. While different ares are affected differently we’d like you to know that we are working hard to ship and deliver your order to you. Our staff are mitigating the potential delays by dynamically assigning your orders to the best available shipping facility to ensure that all parcels reach their destinations as soon as possible.

We provide timely delivery estimates for all of our shipping methods and in most cases customers can expect a very precise indicator of when to expect their parcel. Majority of the unexpected delays will come in areas that are directly experiencing the severe weather. Customers can expect additional delays of their orders if their specific city or town is covered in snow and its roads are a mess.

Customers in unaffected areas can rest assured that their order will be dispatched from the shipping facility that is operational – we will attempt to ship every single order the same day, as per usual, provided that it is submitted before our standard shipping cut-off time of 4:30 pm EST. Customers do not need to worry about any additional costs due to the rerouting of the originating facility and the majority of express and expedited (guaranteed delivery time-frame) orders will be arriving at the promised date regardless of the shipping location.

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  1. Gil Drees

    Hi Folks,
    Re: My IPS screen replacement for MSI GL62M 7RDX

    I didn’t realize the MSI factory TN screen was so damn ugly.
    As for the replacement screen … Wow!
    No dead / stuck pixels, excellent viewing angles, no glare and good color – I love it.
    Excellent service – I had the screen in 2 days.

    The only small issue I had was that one of the 4 metal locating tabs (top right) was completely bent over.
    Fixed quickly with a pair of pliers – Not a big deal in the end and you STILL get 5 Stars!

    Many thanks,


      Thanks for your review, Gil! We’re glad it resolved the problem and you are happy with the product 🙂

  2. Dan Topham

    I received my replacement screen 2 days after I ordered it . It installed in a breeze and works as expected . Thank You for a great screen and good experience . I would recommend Your products and services to anyone . All the best , Dan .


      Glad we could help! Enjoy your new screen, Dan 🙂

      1. William Bevan

        Hi, Could you help please I`m looking for a 7 inch touch screen for a Joying car head unit, It`s not an original in car unit, It`s an after market one, only the very top of the touch screen works, it`s a 7″ 40 pin 6 pin unit with two extra wires 1B 1W coming from the side, the No on the back is ya070b4027-a0. Thank you.


          Hello William,
          Unfortunately we do not carry screen replacements for these types of parts.

  3. Ziyad

    Thank you for the laptop screen it is really good quality

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