0.000987988144142 – That is our packaging error rate for the month of November 2013. Less than 1 screen out of 1000 screens packed was not according to order.


We take great pride in such low error rate – it is better than machine sorting, and it’s outright amazing compared to other e-tailers world-wide. Especially, considering that LCD screens are very similar to each other – rectangular pieces of glass and metal framing. As the numbers show: our packers in both of our facilities in USA and Canada are very intelligent, attentive and reliable.

When a customer notifies us of a shipping mishap, we apologize profusely, provide a free return label, and forward the correct item usually by Express/Overnight shipping method. We understand that getting something not to order can be at first confusing, then infuriating and finally stressful; thus we always take utmost care of customers who have been wronged by a genuine error.

One of the most common negative reviews for our company is “You shipped the wrong screen!”
In 99% of cases these reviews stem from the initial order not being correct. Customer may order for one laptop model, then it turns out that they have a completely different model. Or, sometimes, when multiple options are available for one laptop model, the customer does not verify the Size, Resolution and Backlight against their original (broken) screen.

Such reviews make it look as if we sent a wrong screen in error, while in reality the order was fulfilled as requested. It also lowers our overall customer satisfaction score; something, that we hold dearly.

It is very important to be sure about the model number you need. It will save you the stress and frustration of having to go on without a replacement LCD for an extra couple of days. Our website is tailored to provide all the needed information; our articles go into fine details of ordering the correct screen. Our support department, chat agents and toll-free lines are there to help you to find the exact item you need, and will advise whether any special circumstances need to be considered.

We believe that leaving a negative review about the screen being incorrect for your laptop, but leaving out that it was correct to the order is bad karma.

Check your model number, relay all relevant information, and keep your karma safe!

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  1. pramod

    i have a dell vostro 1440 laptop.
    i want to know that can i change my laptop’s screen with full HD Led screen or not?

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      We do not recommend upgrading or downgrading screen resolution, as it can cause issues with the video card or pin connector cable assembly. Different resolutions require different pin assignments in the connecting cables, if you change resolutions the signal will not come throughout the pin connector correctly and the image will appear pixelated or will have vertical lines throughout.
      Please speak with Dell regarding upgrading your screen as it is likely there are other parts that will need to be upgraded as well.

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