In the current market, there is far more than one screen manufacturer, and, as such, there is far more than one model number of the LCD screen. All manufacturers have a different structure for the model number, and with this post we will explain the meaning of the LG Phillips-made LCD model numbers.

Manufacturers codes for the most common LCD makers:

AU Optronics – B
ChiMei Innolux – N
Chunghwa – CLAA
HannStar – HSD
Hitachi – TX
LG Philips – LP
Lucom – F2
Quanta – QD
Samsung – LTN
Sharp – LQ or LM

After the manufacturer’s code follow 3 numbers, which identify the screen size. For example, LP156WH1(TL)(A1) indicates that the LCD is 15.6″ wide (diagonally). The most common screens sizes are: 10.1″, 11.6″, 12.5″, 13.3″, 14.0″ 15.6″ and 17.3″.

Besides the manufacturer and the size, it is also possible to tell the pin assignment configuration by knowing the LCD model number. These parameters depend on the manufacturer.

LG Phillips.

Example of a model number: LP156WH1(TL)(A1);

For LG Phillips-made displays, the second two letters after the screen size represent the resolution of the display:

WH = 1366×768
WD = 1600×900
WF = 1920×1090

The first letter in the first set of brackets identifies the panel type (TN vs. IPS):

(Tx)(xx) = TN screen
(Sx)(xx) = IPS screen

The second letter in the first set of brackets tells us how many pins the LCD socket has:

(xP)(xx) = 30pins
(xL)(xx) = 40pins

The second bracket identifies what laptop the LCD was initially manufactured for. This is not very important, because, as you know from our previous posts, a lot of LCD screens are cross-compatible, and, as such, can be used in different models of laptops.


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  2. customer

    still is missing information about what is 1 in WH1 in the code, but very useful information, thanx


      The number after the WH in this example is the screen sequence. This will indicates a different style of screen, where all other details match but they are not cross compatible in most cases. The differences can be the location of the pin connector or mounting brackets.

      1. rolls

        i want to replace my lp156wh2 with lp156wh4 is it compatible



          We would require the parenthesis following your original model. i.e, (SP)(A1), etc.

          Please provide this so we may look into it further.

  3. Shawna

    Can you tell me what laptop this lcd panel was originally made for? LP150X08(A3)


      LP150X08(A3), like most LCDs, is compatible with several thousands individual laptop models, because despite the internal nature of the LCDs, the relationship between an LCD and its host laptop can be surmised as a relationship between a DVD player and a TV. Both are made by various manufacturers, both are made according to standards that make the two devices interoperable with each other. It is unlikely that LP150X08(A3) was made for a specific unique laptop just like most TVs aren’t made with a particular DVD player in-mind.
      According to our records LP150X08(A3), which was first manufactured in 2003 can work in various contemporary Compaq, HP, Acer, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Asus, IBM, Rover Book, Packard Bell, Fujitsu, MSI, Clevo, Sager, Averatec, Advent, Medion, NEC, Gygabyte and ABOOK laptops. Some of the notables ones include the 15″ version of ThinkPad T40 and R60 series.

      Very few laptops are made with unique LCDs, most notably Apple ones, however such bespoke arrangements usually result in astronimically inflated part costs and extremely limited (and controllable) availability.

  4. Alexis

    What does “(TJ)” mean? Thank you very much.


      It usually refers to form factor. The only (TJ) LG screen that we’ve carried was the frame-less, back-light-less, bare matrix for the 11″ MacBook Air.

  5. jim muller

    i ordered laptop screen with model no. LP156WF4 (SP)(L2) and they sent me this model no. LP156WFC (SP)(R1) !! can you please tell me the differences between WF4 & WFC AND L2 & R1 . thank you.


      Hello Jim,
      They are the same compatibility and in terms of specs would be identical as well. They are both from LG, the models just happen to be slightly different in name.

  6. EP

    I have a LP156WH4(TL)(Q1) screen and what does the (Q1) mean?


      We are not sure the (Q1) specifically what means, but we do recommend purchasing by the model you have on the back of the LCD.

  7. James

    My laptop have LP156WHU (TP)(A1) Display, Does LP156WHB (TP)(A2) will be compatible for it?



      They are interchangeable.

  8. Kissyfur

    i have a N156BGA screen that broke in my hp15 …. am getting a N156WXGA screen … will it work?? i understand WXGA but what is BGA??



      Please provide the full model, there should be a few additional characters following the N156BGA.

  9. Suren

    My HP Eliteone 800 G3 screen broke. Its display MPN is LM238WF2 (SS)(K1). What other display panels are compatible with it? Which of the following would work?
    LM238WF2 (SL)(K1)
    LM238WF1 (SL)(K1)
    LM238WF2 (SS)(K3)



      We do not sell for All in Ones, I would recommend purchasing based off the exact model.

  10. Ingemar Fransson

    I have a LP141WX3 (TL)(R1) LCD display that has some flickering horisontal lines of different colours that I want to replace. From what I have found out it is a LG Philips 14.1 inch TN type LCD display with 1200×800 WXGA resolution and with both a 30 pin and a 2 pin (1-bulb) CCFL connector. So as long as a replacement matches the same type (TN), size (14.1″), resoluion (WXGA) and connectors (30 + 2) as the original I assume I can replace it.

    The only mismatch I found in your explanation is the letter L in TL part which you wrote means a 40 pin CCFL connector and I have a 30 pin CCFL connector.



      There would be other models with the same specifications you could use, we would still recommend using your actual screen model as the keyword when purchasing a replacement.

  11. Anonymous

    Hello, could you help interpret RB5LM215WF3? Seems not match pattern.

    Also why I see sometimes LM215WF3-SJT1 or LM215WF3-SLC1? What part after – mean?

    Thank you



      These screens actually seem to be for All in One desktops, although the information here is likely applicable it does seem to have certain definitions which we do not have listed here. I would recommend researching All in One definitions to understand those models.

  12. Jimmy

    What is meaning “LQ173M1JW08” from sharp? what exactly M1,JW,08 refer to


      We unfortunately do not have an article for the Sharp definitions yet. We would recommend contacting Sharp directly for further details.

  13. Alexander

    Could you please advice for acompatible screen for F2133WH4 , or LP133WH4-TJA1 (for HP Folio 13) , – even if you ignore the particularities of the frame for fixing the screen ( I could improvise with the frame)? It is 13.3 – 11,3 x 7.1 size.
    Thank you.


      Hello Alexander,

      Unfortunately we do not have anything compatible that we could offer at this time.

  14. Corey

    In the LP156WFC(SP)(Y1) the last two (Y1) there are different Numbers and letters in all part numbers, what exactly do they all mean, is there a chart somewhere that describes the differences or is it more of a bin number and doesn’t matter?


      It appears to be similar to a series, for example if you have (D1) and (D2) for the LP156WFC(SP) they are the same but (Y1) is not the same. Unfortunately we are not aware of a chart which explains it more in depth.

  15. eduardo lavratti

    do you know this display code. can you explain?



      Unfortunately we do not recognize this.

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