Please note! Every screen you buy from us comes with a protective film. This film must be removed before or during the screen installation.

Each package will include the following:

– Double-walled box;
– Commercial-grade bubble wrap / bubble mailing envelopes / both;
– LCD screen;
– Anti-static bag (blue, tinfoil or clear);
– Protective film;


If you are buying screens from us regularly, you are likely used to having an LCD screen protective film to be held by two pieces of tape, one on each side. However, some screens, such as LP156WH3(TL)(A1), or the Apple Macbook A1286 now come with an additional extra-thin protective film layer, that is applied directly to the surface of the screen. In most cases, the failure to remove it will not result in any significant differences (as a matter of fact, the film is hardly noticeable); however, some of them have serial numbers imprinted on the film, so it may appear that they are stamped on the screen surface. This film need to be removed, and the markings will go with it. It is very easy to remove, and it leaves no adhesive residue.

This is what it looks like if the screen was installed in the laptop without removing the film:

stamps 1

This is what the film looks like:

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