has been in business for over 10 years, and in this time we have gathered a large database of screens. However as the technology improves to produce better performing screens, this results in older screens no longer being in production. The most recent slew of obsolescence concerned display back-light type becoming solely LED whereas only a couple years ago CCFL panels were available as well. Since LED is now the standard, LCD manufacturers have stopped production of CCFL back lit screens making these extremely rare nowadays or simply no longer available for us to restock.

Following is a breakdown of how we list screens that are currently not in stock.

Out of Stock

Just as the title says, these screens are currently sold out but we should be able to restock in the near future. We have provided these listed screens with a “Notify Me” button that will allow our customers to provide their email address and once the screens are back in stock you will be notified. Restock times can vary depending on the actual screen required, if you are lucky it will be available the next day or in some cases it can take a few months for some of the less common screens. Should you require an estimated restock time due to time constraints you can request this from our technicians here.


Screens listed as clearance are typically screens that recently went out of production and our suppliers no longer carry them, meaning we have no sources to restock this screen. Some listings however are still available as clearance, simply because we have some remaining stock, but are not eligible for discounts.

Not Available

Screens listed as not available are screens we know to exist, however we have no source to obtain them. The reasons can vary as to why they are unobtainable at this time. This does not mean we will never have it, we just don’t know if or when it would be available for us to stock.

Some of the most common unavailable items today are touch screens, as the touch screen / glass digitizers are highly unique and specific to each particular laptop, unlike LCD screens that are often interchangeable between laptop brands, touchscreens are produced in limited manufacturing runs and are much harder to find because of it.  We have been lucky for some models and were able to stock the replacements, but it is rare and they go quickly. If however your laptop is not a touch screen and we list as “not available” you are likely in possession of really old laptop (even older than we are), it’s a unique screen that was only manufactured for that laptop model or is running a resolution higher than 1920×1080 (WUXGA) Full HD.

So why do we list screens that we know we can’t stock or may never stock?

We think it is best to be as informative to our customers as possible. If a customer finds their listed screen and its not available, they no longer need to search. If we remove the listing or not list screens we don’t have yet the customer has no way of knowing why they cannot find their screen on our site. This would have them searching forever trying to find a result, ultimately having to contact us in which we would tell them we can’t stock this screen. So better to provide our customers with a result rather than nothing at all.

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  1. Ron Lefever

    I used your website to identify and order the proper scheen replacement; I got the replacement screen today; 1 day early; went in in about 15 minutes; fired up and no issues.
    Nice transaction

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