Although touchscreen laptops have been around for many years, they have only recently became popular again and more widely available from different brands due to the introduction of smart phone and tablets. You can even purchase a laptop that allows the screen to be flipped over or removed to be used like a tablet. However as these laptops have become more available to the general public and even favored by those who want to have a 2-in-1 laptop (also known as hybrids), there has been an increase in demand for a replacement screen due to accidental damage. Unfortunately these replacements can make it difficult to understand what is damaged, what needs to be replaced and how to repair.

To start it is best to determine the type of touchscreen your laptop is. There are currently 2 types of touchscreen laptops. Ones that use a standard LCD to display an image and a separate front digitizer glass to respond to your touch and the other type have the touch embedded into the LCD during its manufacturing.

Laptop models like the Lenovo Yoga 710, or the HP Spectre 360 can flip the screen all the way to the back to allow the laptop to be used like a tablet. These laptop models will have a standard LCD and have a separate digitizer glass to respond to your touch. This keeps it familiar to those who use smart phones or tablets that have display with a very thin bezel. Therefore if your laptop is a touchscreen that has glass that goes to the very edge of the screen, you have this type.

Laptop models like the HP 15Z or Dell E6520 allow customer to custom choose if they want their laptop to have a touchscreen or not, as these models use the embedded touchscreen. Since the physical fit of the screens are the same, the design of laptop can remain the same as well. These laptops will have a thick surrounding bezel, usually about an inch thick, bordering around your screen.

Our listings should also indicate the type you have even if you are unsure, we would not list a screen your laptop did not come with. Therefore if you pull up a laptop model on our site and it states it has embedded touch and you see no other option to suggest otherwise, you should be safe. As well removing the screen and using the screen model number will indicate if it has embedded touch or not.

How to determine what part of the screen needs to be replaced, and understanding the different types available.

Having a laptop with a broken screen is no fun, and having a touchscreen laptop does not make it any easier. It is important you understand what it is you need to order and that you are ordering the correct type so you can complete your repair without having to worry about any exchanges.

We can start off with touch embedded screens, as these are the easiest replacement types to deal with. If you damage the screen, or it stops working, it needs to be replaced. Replacing an LCD with embedded touch is no different than replacing a standard LCD. Once you have located the screws that hold your bezel together and are able to remove it to gain access to your screen  you have just complete the most difficult part of the job. At this point you can remove your screen and install the replacement and close everything back up. Simple. Done.

However if you have a laptop that does not have an embedded touchscreen, you need to be prepared, and you may want to sit down for this one.

To start we have to be clear on this. If your laptop is a touchscreen with glass that goes to the very edges of the screen like a smart phone or tablet, you are likely in possession of a laptop that uses a standard LCD to display the image which has a separate component called a glass digitizer “touchscreen” and is usually glued to the surface of the LCD.

First off you need to determine what needs to be replaced. You either need to replace the LCD, the glass digitizer or in some cases both. Think of it like a picture in a picture frame. If you have issues with displayed images, you need to replace the LCD. If you only have damaged front glass/faulty touch functionality, you need to replace the digitizer. “see pictures below for examples”

If you are only needing to replace the LCD because the front glass is not damaged, we recommend you remove your broken LCD first from the glass before ordering. The reason for this is you may end up accidentally damage the glass or you may find doing the repair to be to difficult and its best to have that figured out beforehand.

If you only have damaged front glass the same rule applies, however the are additional reasons why. Some laptop models use 2 or even 3 types of touch glass replacements, and these are not interchangeable. Laptop models such as the Asus TP500L series or HP X360 use 2 types of digitizers that look identical from the front. You have to remove the touchscreen from the LCD and the bezel until you have just the bare glass in your hand so you can look and identify the connection type. In some cases the difference between type 1 and type 2 are indistinguishable unless you look very closely. Some examples can be different colourings, different product codes, or even slight physical difference in cable design. We post on the website the difference between the 2 types and what to look for to help you confirm what you need to order. We post warnings as well if there are more than one type and which type it is. If you are unsure of which type you have it is best you contact us directly and we will gladly assist.

Typically there is a third component involved with these replacement, which is a bezel or skeleton from that the LCD and digitizer are glued into, to hold everything in place. If this portion is also damage we do not sell it separately, unless you see a listing that states the bezel is included, or it is listed as an assembly (Assemblies will include LCD, Digizer and bezel) and are the easiest type to replace for these styles of laptops.

Can I replace my touchscreen to use a regular LCD instead? Or vice versa?

The quick answer to this is no, and the reason being is that you are getting into complicated territory. This is not to say it can’t be done but we’ll try to explain the problems with this question.

If you laptop has embedded touch and you would rather just have a regular LCD instead, you may be able to replace it. However we do not recommend you purchase a standard LCD for your laptop until you have contacted your laptop manufacturer first or look for online forums of someone who has done this before. The connector between the 2 types could be different on a technical level and you may need to replace your flat ribbon cable at minimum to be able to use it.

If you laptop has the separate digitizer glass that responds to touch, than you already have a regular LCD, and you can’t really make this laptop to be a non touchscreen as the front glass is what holds everything together.

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  1. Dr Mujib Rahman

    I have an HP Envy M/N 13-d061na (non touch screen). Can it be replaced with an embedded touch screen? When buying it a year ago, I thought I didn’t need a touch laptop, though I think HP Envy touch laptops were available. I shall appreciate you response. Thank you.

  2. John

    A laptop LCD screen will work with the digitizer removed, it just won’t be a touchscreen. If you are looking for a cheap fix, simply remove the digitizer glass. If you are worried about ascetics, you could replace the digitizer with a thin piece of perspec.


      A laptop with a standard LCD cannot be directly replaced with an embedded touch type. The two screens may not be the exact physical fitting and the cable connector will be different. At most the cable connecting to the screen would need to be replaced with the proper type for pin assignment and size. In the end you would have to make multiple modifications to your laptop to fit and recognize the embedded touch screen, you will not be able to simply purchase one and hope it will work.

  3. BCBP Allan Bogo

    I have HP Envy(‘15 or ‘16model) and had a recent lap tap screen replaced (due to crack), but After 3-4 days when i first used the touch screen, it didnt work. I am not sure if it was working then, and i cant recall if we tested it before picking it up. I texted the technician and he claimed thru txt that it was a software problem and ask for another charge to fixed it. I was not convinced that it was a software problem since My laptop is always updated. A Computer savvy friend of mine is not convinced either, since he saw the touch screen works prior to repair. Any second thoughts? Thanks


      It is possible that if the touch glass was replaced before, whoever did the repair did not seat the flat ribbon cable properly and it may have come loose. This can happen from opening and closing the laptop lid. This is a general first step in troubleshooting a screen that is failing to work but has no physical damage.

  4. Yeamim

    i have hp envy 15ae132tx touch.
    Can i replacemy touch screen with nontouc?


      The LCD is what displays the images. The front glass is what responds to your touch. They are 2 separate components that are glued together. Therefore removing the glass would technically make your laptop a nontouch, but your screen will now be exposed and you will not have a front bezel.

  5. Akhil

    I have hp envy360 it has a seperate digitizer, lcd and bezel, as the screen is damaged can I replace whole screen with a non touch lcd screen


      Due to the way the screen is constructed I do strongly recommend continuing with an LCD + digitizer screen type.

  6. Frank

    Good day to you.

    Re. Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK
    I have just replaced the cable to my screen as the old screen was flickering. Now the screen operates fine visually in both laptop and tablet form, with the exception of it not reacting to touch in any way. I have double checked the connections but to no joy. Could you please advise which of the four sockets works the touch aspect of a screen and suggest what the issue may be? I think the top one is the camera, the larger one the screen, not sure about the other two.
    Many thanks

  7. Sreevalli Chivukula

    i had a hp envy 17 laptop. mother board crashed. how can i convert the touch screen into a tablet?


      Unfortunately this is not a process we are familiar with. Please contact a local repair shop for assistance.

  8. Monir

    Hello, I have a HP Pavilion Notebook – 15t-ab100 CTO with touchscreen. From the information you have provided, I can assume it has an embedded touch screen which needs replacement. I cannot find a store selling the screen. I would just like to know if you know where I can find it or have a link to a site. (I bought it in 2016).

    Thank you.

  9. Kir

    Hi I have an HP envy x360 that dropped and got cracked on the screen. The touchscreen now goes crazy with “ghost touches” and it gets very difficult to use unless I turn off the driver. I’d like to use the touch screen again, so will replacing the full LCD set fix this? Thank you!


      You ideally would want to change the digitizer but many HP Envy’s it is recommended to change the full assembly.

  10. JM

    I have an asus S550CM that has a broken digitizer. Im planning on not replacing the digitizer and just go with a notmal non touch screen laptop. Will my laptop still work without the digitizer?


      The LCD could be installed and the image output would be functional, the main concern is that the lack of digitizer causes the screen to be physically different than it would be originally.

  11. steve

    I have an HP laptop 17z-C100. The touchscreen became damaged and no longer works. The laptop will however work through an HDMI cable to digital TV. Can I replace the touch screen with a non touch screen? Thank you.


      You can technically install the LCD alone but it would be physically different depending on the type of digitizer your laptop has. We recommend researching if the digitizer being absent would affect the structural integrity of your lid.

      1. Mike

        I have a hp17ca1007gy touchscreen laptop. The screen is cracked and I was wondering if I can install a non touch screen to replace it? In my manual the broken screen model number is HD Brightview,sva,touch on panel(tcp)L22733-001.Thank you for any help you can provide.



          You can install and LCD alone and it will have image output. Keep in mind the lid was designed to hold both the LCD and the digitizer, so depending on how yours is constructed it is likely you will require both.

  12. Noor Mohammed

    I have Acer Laptop V5-572P-6858, for which my touch screen is cracked. I would like to change my new screen with normal screen. Please advise the solution.


      Hello Noor,

      For your model we do strongly recommend continuing to use the LCD + digitizer type, it is physically necessary.

  13. Samson

    Can Acer Spin 713 CP713-2W LCD panel be replaced, I found NE135FBM-N41 to be the right panel in use, but I am not sure if the digitizer can be easily separated or if it is glued into the bezel?


      Hello Samson,

      In general digitizers will be adhered to LCD and bezel, it does vary from model to model so it would be best to check the service manual for your laptop to see if it is in this case.

  14. Lucero

    can I replace non-touchscreen with touchscreen? I want the screen work not the touch, both have 40 pin connection.



      They are not interchangeable, unfortunately.

  15. Jake

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5575 and my screen recently crack. Can i replace this with a non touch screen?

  16. Kushagra

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad 3 with paper touchscreen display and it runs with a touch type EDP connector is it possible to replace the whole screen with a standard lcd which runs on a normal EDP connector but of the same specifications as that of the touch EDP one. Physical fitting doesn’t matter



      We recommend using the same screen type you had originally.

  17. Walter

    Hi, i have a HP Pavilion 15-eg2053cl, with this screen: BOE NV156FHM-T0E
    The screen is On-Cell touch screen, I reached out a seller to recommend me a screen that is fully compatible, he asked me my S/N which is SN# 5CD2226ZVW, and he says that this screen model is compatible: COMPAQ HP SPS L47876-LD2
    But this screen is In-Cell touch technology, so im doubting. But what do you recommend?

    Thank you

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