qp_3If you found our site via a search engine, or visited our site directly, you must have noticed the advertisement saying “Screens from $39”. It is true: we have screens starting at $39 (and sometimes cheaper with the discount) but, unfortunately, we do not have every single model of the laptop screen at this price. The reason: some screens cost more to manufacture than the others; which is reasonable, as the larger screens require more material, and the smaller ones require more precision.

We have been in business for many years, and have always maintained an exemplary track record with our suppliers. Having a great standing allows us first picks and the best negotiating position to forward the saving onto our beloved customers.

We supply only high quality LCD screens from brand name manufacturers, leaders in the screen manufacturing like Samsung, AUO, LG, Chi-Mei, IVO etc., and according to many reviews, customers report to have received a better quality screen that what was originally installed.

Are the screen you sell aftermarket of “fake”?

The LCD screens for laptops sold by our company are identical to the ones used by laptop manufacturer’s during the laptop assembly.

LCD laptop screen is not something that is easy to manufacture, and, as a result, there aren’t any types of fake, after-market screens available on the market. A few years ago laptop screens were quite expensive due to high production costs. However, the things have changed, and the production cost for LCD displays has been significantly reduced. Compatibility information has been collected and put together by third-party companies. Ultimately, this resulted in the availability of laptop screens from sources other than laptop manufacturers.

So, why do laptop manufacturers charge so much?

Well, the technical information about laptop screens compatibility is not publicly available. As a result, it is very complicated to derive which screen models are compatible with any given notebook model. Laptop manufacturers are the only ones who initially possess this information, and they try to conceal this data as hard as they can. As a result, they can charge people as much as they want.

For all the LCD- and order-related questions please do not hesitate contacting us toll-free at +1-855-630-1111, via this form, or via Live Chat from the main page.

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