hands_no_qm_1_small_1A touchscreen is an electronic input device that the user can control with single or multi-touch gestures. The touchscreen enables the user to interact directly with what is being displayed, rather than using a mouse, touchpad, or any other intermediate device.

Some touchscreens can be controlled by fingers; others may require the use of gloves with a particular type of coating, or the use of a special stylus pen.

The touchscreen prototype was developed in 1977 by Ben Stumpe, a Danish electronics engineer. Multi-touch technology development began in 1982, when the University of Toronto’s Input Research Group introduced the first human-input multi-touch system. It was using a glass panel with a camera placed behind the glass. Later, in 1985, the University of Toronto group including Bill Buxton developed a multi-touch tablet that used capacitance rather than bulky camera-based optical sensing systems.

Nowadays, touchscreen devices have established themselves as an industry standard for most smartphones, tablets and a large fraction of laptops. Most households will have at least one device with a touchscreen, and our customers are no exception.

As a result of the wide popularity, these screens brake on an occasion. What many users fail to take into the consideration, is that the touchscreen and the actual LCD screen are two independent parts.


Touchscreen (AKA digitizer) is the thin transparent layer of plastic, which reads the signal from the touch and transports it to the processing unit. It is the part that you can touch without disassembling the device.

LCD screen is the panel that is inside the device, which displays the image. You can not get to the LCD without taking the device apart first.

When only the touch screen is broken, you should still see what is happening on the screen, and the screen should still function as normal.

When only the LCD is broken, you can still use the touchscreen, but the panel will have dark blobs or spiderweb-looking cracks (or both).

When both LCD and touchscreen are damaged, you may still be able to use portions of the touchscreen, and some parts of the LCD may display the image, but you will incur obvious difficulties in using the device as normal.

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  1. Sam Hicks

    I broke my screen Sunday evening and it is the last week before exams. I received my screen in one day and had it in and my laptop up and running in twenty minutes. I will recommend you guys to everybody! Thanks for the save! Sam I Be

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Thank you Sam! We do appreciate and thank you for your business.

  2. Peter Holeczek

    Got my screen in the mail today. It arrived within 48 hours after ordering. After watching the instruction video on my spare monitor, it took less than 20 minutes to replace and fire up. Excellent service and support. I thought I would need to replace my laptop, so I saved a bundle. I am almost 70 and living on a small pension, so thanks a lot.
    You guys should be proud. You run your business very well.

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Thank you Peter! We are certainly happy to hear the repair was a breeze for you. Hope you won’t need to, but if the laptop breaks again, we hope to be able to help you!

  3. Ronald W Hill

    Excellent service, fast delivery, great product! I used UPS 2 Day Priority mail and received my laptop screen 2 1/2 days after ordering it. Easy replacement in about 20 minutes. I ordered the matte screen to replace the original glossy one after it was cracked in an accident. I love that it is easier to see without distracting reflections. I would recommend LaptopScreen.com to anyone who has a broken screen#

  4. Roger

    Hi! Great information! I have an Asus Zenbook UX31E-XH71. I love the computer, but I tend to use it in odd places like in the car, on the couch, in the bed, etc. Unfortunately, I bought it about a year before they made a touch screen version. I would like to convert the screen to the touch version. Can you tell me what parts I would need? I think I only need a digitizer. The computer has Windows 7 Pro with the Microsoft Pen and Touch feature. Thanks!!

  5. Rick

    I have a new Dell Inspiron i15RVT-6143BLK with cracked touch screen. Is there anything special about ordering a new screen? Is there any difference for a touch screen or is it the same as a non-touch screen replacement? I think it is an LCD display. Thanks

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Rick, the LCD and the touchscreen are two entirely separate pats. Please see this article for more information.


  7. bushra

    My tablet screen is broke and touch system is dead but image is clear whether I change only touch system or LCD

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      If the image is clear, you only need to replace the touchscreen component.


  9. Dennis

    Hi there,

    I’ve got a question about my hp elitebook folio 1040 g3, it came with a Full hd (1080p) display but has no touch. So if i would just buy a LCD digitiser that would make it a touchscreen display or is it much more complicated then that?

    Thanks in advance


  10. Michelle

    Hi! I have a touchscreen laptop and I dropped it on one of the corners. The screen cracked around the surrounding black portion of the screen. One of the cracks extends from the top cracked corner to the bottom corner towards the keyboard on the same side about 1/6 of the screen. Only that portion of the screen seems to be acting up. The touch screen does not respond under and around the cracked area. The picture is not distorted at all, but at times if I move the laptop, the screen will select/touch on its own as if I was selecting using my fingers (on the cracked side). I was reading wonderful reviews of your site while searching for answers and wondered if you could help me find a solution. I am a college student and cannot afford to replace my computer for several years. Can the screen be replaced? What all needs to be replaced? I was reading your article about touchscreen vs LCD screen. What do I need to replace? What is the cost? Can I do that, or can you replace it for me? Please tell me there is a solution other than replacing my laptop.
    Thank you so very much,

  11. John Davenport

    My lapotp digitizer screen has a small crack at the top so it does not work. Possible to remove the digitizer screen and still use the laptop? Maybe they are fused together? Not having touch is okay with me, I just want to use my laptop with my mouse or trackpad.



  12. Nella

    My daughter dropped her laptop. The touch screen (the actual digitizer screen) cracked, for the first couple days, it seemed fine. The touch feature just would not work around the cracked areas. However, after those first couple of days, her screen started going wonky and jumping around everywhere.
    So we replaced the screen itself. But now that we have a clear picture, the display is still jumping all over the place, sometimes it’s like phantom clicks, but yet, if you use the touchscreen, it doesn’t register and does nothing. Also, the color has a blue tint all over it. If I press down in a certain area, it goes to normal. Other then the touch not working, color and jumping around, the display is clear.

    Does she need a new LED screen?

  13. Rohan

    hey plz help me…my phones screen is broken…touch is OK..but my display have lines and some part of my display has become whie…whether i can repair my display at home or not

  14. ji

    my phone got wet and the touch screen wont work but its display is still good. what do you thing is damaged?

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Water can damage anything and everything. That is why the official repair channels for Apple and Samsung don’t accept water damaged phones for repair.
      Your best bet would be to find an independent shop and have them clean up / restore your phone.
      You can start throwing parts at it now – but there is no guarantee that anything will work as intended until the phone can been fully cleaned out from the water damage.

  15. Mona

    hello. i just got a new refurbished laptop. unfortunately being as daft as i am, i sprayed lens cleaner directly on the screen in attempt to clean it. as a result of this, the sensitivity is on and off. it works fine when i restart my laptop. but when i become inactive, it stops working. what do you recommend i do to fix this issue?

    1. Mona

      PS: its a touch screen laptop

  16. LaptopScreen.com

    Hi Mona,
    You could replace the screen altogether, I am not sure if this is something you can fix.
    What is the laptop model you have?

  17. Beth

    My labtop Toshiba Satellite C55t-B5230 I dont wat hppened to it but I think its screen problem the screen keept becoming black in some places others hv black lines but the touch is okay can I onlybreplace the lcd screen ? Thx

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Hello Beth!
      You might find this article helpful in your case to determine if it’s an actual physical damage: https://www.laptopscreen.com/English/section/Articles/1241654055/Examples+of+physically+damaged+laptop+screens/

      If you’re still uncertain – please feel free to contact our support team using the link below, they will be happy to assist you with any questions you have 🙂

  18. Shadrack Mubanga

    if the screen has cracks but can see everything on the display and can use only a small portion of the touch screen, does it mean the LCD has cracked too? please help!

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      If the full image of the LCD is viewable and you only have what appears to be cracks on the front glass, this means you have only damaged the touch digitizer, your LCD should be fine.

  19. Marlin cuummings

    I have Kyocera phone and the screen is broken how can I get it fix no and how much. Will cost me

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Hello, Marlin

      Sorry we do not have any replacement screens available for your Kyocera phone. You will need to try other online sources.

  20. harry davis

    I am looking for a replacement screen for a edge programmer. Its about 2.75″ long its not touchscreen but is color. It is to upgrade diesel performance.

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Sorry we only sell replacement screens for Laptops and some models of phones and tablets. For this type of screen you will need to contact the vehicle manufacturer or device manufacturer. As well you can try other online sources for people who may be selling these individually.

  21. Suvajit Majumder

    Hello there,
    My laptop screen have developed some issues and I could see so many horizontal lines on it, which makes the images look horrible.
    My existing is not a touch screen but while replacing the damaged screen I’m planning to go with a touch screen, so will it make any difference if I install touch screen, is the connecting pin configuration same for both touch screen same or different. Please help.

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      There are 2 types of touchscreen laptops made today, they will either have a front glass digitizer which is common for Cell phones and tablets, or they have embedded touch which do not require the glass. Either case you will not be able to convert your non touch laptop to be a touchscreen without making major modifications to fit one, depending on the type you are trying to achieve. The embedded touch would be by far the easiest however you will need to check other online forums for anyone who has done this before with the same laptop model as yourself and what was needed. Or you may contact your laptop manufacturer to ask if there is any recommended method.

      1. Suvajit Majumder

        Thank for the suggestion.

  22. Dinesh

    Honor play is one month new. Dropped while driving.. Everything working fine with no issues but display is fully crack…. I need to change only screen or full display parts?

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      IF only the front glass is cracked and you have no issues with displayed images, you need to replace the digitizer glass. If you have issues with displayed images however you will need to replace the LCD. Depending on what replacement parts you find for you phone you may need to replace it as the screen assembly. This is the LCD and digitixer glass all in one.

  23. Imma

    My Asus F102B laptop lcd display damaged
    Can i change the display or and touchscreen

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      IF you have broken front glass or the touch is not working properly, you will need to replace the digitzer glass. If you have issues with displayed images, you will have to replace the LCD. It will depend on the severity of the damage for what you need to replace. In cases where both the LCD and front glass are damaged, it is recommended you replace it as the screen assembly (LCD+digitizer glass) or the top case assembly (entire top half of the laptop)

  24. Solar

    My Oukitel U7plus is completely broken, how & where do I get a new LCD screen and Touch screen?

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Depending on your area, you may find local repair shops that deal specifically with tablets and phones. Using Google search for example you can try searching for Cell phone repair centers in your area. At this time we do not have a replacement screen available on our website for your phone.

      IF all else fails you can contact the manufacturer directly for replacement options.

  25. Kells

    Hello, only lcd panel is broken. Can I replace it with a standard non touch lcd panel and still get the touchscreen working?

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      The LCD and the touch glass are separate components and your LCD is already the standard type. So yes you can separate your touch glass from the LCD and have it installed to a new LCD and still have the touch functionality.

  26. vanessa

    my tablet got broken , thats why the repair man changed the screen into a new one, but i dont know what happen to the front camera it becomes not clear anymore ,not same as before the screen was changed.
    is it possible the when a new screen was placed the camera lens can be affected?

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      There can be a number of reasons why the camera is not the same. If the screen was not properly installed/aligned, or the camera slightly moved can be one reason. Other is the quality of the screen may not be the same or not as transparent as the original.

  27. Rathi

    I’ve xiomi touch phone. After 3 years of usage, touch is not working. Image is displayed though. Will the phone work if I replace only the touch screen? Or do I need to replace LCD screen as well.

  28. Chelsea

    So I didn’t crack the phone’s screen at all..it works fine and doesn’t give me any touch issues. However, there is a thin white horizontal line running through it and I don’t know if I need to replace the LCD or the screen. Please help.

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      It sounds like you would need to replace the LCD specifically, but if it is an iPhone screen they are already assembled so it is most likely that the replacements you find will be the LCD and digitizer.

  29. Sadishkumar

    Dear team,My Dell Alienware 17R2 laptop glass is having cracks.Image display is very good.If the glass pieces start falling off means will it affect the LCD picture display.Instead of adding the Digitizer can we add tempered glass alone?. If we do so any gap will happen between LCD and tempered glass,will it lead to its breakage?.Is it possible to get tempered glass alone for this requirement?.Can we get a bigger tempered glass and cut it by diamond cutter?.If not glass will not be available separately means can we get Digitizer unit without LCD.Your inputs are excellent for people like me.

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      We deal in compatible replacements, unfortunately we have never dealt in replacing digitizers with custom cut tempered glass.

  30. Lamarica Crawford

    My nephew has a rca voyager pro 7″ tablet. The screen is not broken, but when you turn it on the screen is black and white. I believe it has something to do with a part inside the tablet. If anyone can tell me if so and if I am able to buy the part separately.
    Thank you

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Unfortunately we do not have screens these.

  31. Carlo

    Hi.. my phone has no backlight I bought new LCD Display Touchscreen Digitizer but still the issue persist.. whenever i put flashlight on the screen i saw the screen still functioning.. just that i has no backlight.. what should I do??

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Hello Carlo,

      The issue is likely unrelated to the screen and an issue such as a blown fuse. It would be best to bring it in to a repair shop to assess the issue.


    What are operation of lcd to display images

    1. LaptopScreen.com

      Hello Erick,

      Unfortunately we do not have an article about this. We would recommend checking Wikipedia or YouTube for a video that explains it.

  33. Francisco

    Hi there, my screen is showing several vertical pink lines, and the whole screen looks like it has a mesh over it, but the touchscreen is working though, do I need to buy the LCD Screen and the touch digitizer? Can I replace only the LCD screen and keep the touchscreen working without a new touch digitizer?

    1. LaptopScreen.com


      If the digitizer is not damaged you can reuse it. It’s a bit more difficult but it can be transferred to a new LCD.

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